9 of the Most Outrageous Tennis Outfits in Recent Times

Did you know Andre Agassi refused to play at Wimbledon from 1988 to 1990 because of its all-white – not off-white, not cream – dress code

Roger Federer was also reprimanded in 2013 for wearing orange-soled white shoes. Martina Navratilova, on her part, reacted when the officials called her attention for the blue-striped she wore was not up to the code.

This is as far as the tennis outfits under discussion go.

While the article will not even discuss why women tennis players receive the ire of the tournament officials, the rivals, and fans when it comes to tennis outfits more often than their counterpart, the situation is just it. 

In some absurd claims, some fans only watch women’s tennis games to see what they are wearing during the match— looking at you Maria Sharapova!

Time and again, these players–men and women–treat us to some of the most shocking tennis outfits like these.

Aravane Rezai’s black and gold tennis outfit easily landed her in the worst dressed tennis players list. There were too much going on with her outfit. And it was a bit too bold for a tennis match.

Ana Ivanovic created a controversy with her camouflage dress. It has a zebra stripes-like design that eye blogged her opponent. 

Venus Williams wore what people claimed to be ‘risque’ tennis outfit. The bright yellow outfit was partnered with skin-coloured undergarments. This made her very uncomfortable in the court as well as the audience who were already making howling sounds.

Venus struck again the following year, in 2011, with her white and gold jumpsuit. It was unique and brave for her, but it was still newsworthy for all the wrong reasons. The outfit was the matter of joke even among the fashion specialists, saying that it was too revealing for a tennis match.

Her list of outrageous tennis outfits of 2011 also included this golden lattice dress that eventually became the subject of apple pie memes.

But nothing beats her 2010 black and red corset number. The laced frill with skin-coloured shorts was nothing short of cringe-worthy.

In 2017, Venus brought her A-game with an all-white tennis outfit. However, when the straps of her pink bra showed, the officials took notice. She was asked to change her undergarment during a mid-match rain delay.

Venus is not the only Williams on our list. Serena too has had tennis outfit faux pas

And this black catsuit with a red band had been the most controversial. She said that the Wakanda-inspired outfit made her feel like a female warrior. The French Tennis Federation, on the other hand, noted how disrespectful the outfit was, banning wearing catsuits in the tournament entirely.

And the male tennis players have their fair share of their flashy outfits

Federer once walked in with a white and gold ensemble that did not sit well with the spectators. The golden outfit looked (and was) inappropriate for a tennis match. People were quick to say that his bag with a shimmering golden base was a show-off. It did not serve its purpose as well.


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