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10 of the Most Underrated Football Players Today



Sad to say, but some of the football players – superstars do not deserve the recognition. They are overhyped, and that’s it.

Then, there are football players who equally deserve such acknowledgement and yet not given enough credit. 

Underrated players are not seen as bankable that’s why. However, if performances – how they ensure the club’s success – is the standard, they are superstars in their own right.

These are football’s most underrated players.

1) Aaron Ramsey

Ramsey is one of the most consistent scorers, in addition to being a clinical attacker.

He is known for creating chances for Arsenal for others to shine.

It was a heroic act that no one seems to notice.

2) Cesar Azpilicueta

Azpilicueta is one of the most reliable defenders in the league. He is also versatile, directing the team when he has to. 

As such, Chelsea’s defence would fall without him, but not even the players would recognize this for a fact.

3) Kyle Walker

He is a complete defender who contributed to the City’s 14 clean sheets.

Walker, however, will be forever criticized and mocked for playing for Manchester City.

4) Roberto Firmino

Firmino is a scorer who can also provide reliable assistance. He has 60 tackles under his belt, which is definitely odd since he’s a striker.

He has a passionate display of play that astonishes the Liverpool fans.

Unfortunately, he was often overshadowed by other players including Mohamed Salah.

5) Son Heung-Min

He has proven himself at the attacking position.

There is one thing impressive about Son: his eye for goal. Other than that, he is known to trick the defenders into getting past them.

Too bad the spotlight always focuses on either Christian Eriksen or Harry Kane.

6) Casemiro

If there is one constant factor about Real Madrid’s success that would be Casemiro. As a defensive midfielder, he is no stranger to doing the dirty work.

He can also change the dynamics of his entire club after playing for a few minutes on the pitch.

However, the applause is always dedicated to who scored the goal. 

7) Miralem Pjanic

Juventus obtained Pjanic because of immense talent. He may not be a scorer, but he is one of the prolific assist providers in football right now, and there aren’t too many of them.

Belonging to a star-studded club, therefore, is a bane for Pjanic since he has to compete with others for recognition.

8) Edinson Cavani

Other than his loyalty to Paris Saint-Germain, Cavani has shown leadership time and again.

He still delivers scoring expectations from him. Every season, Cavani would end up with a good number of goals.

But he was always sidestepped because of other more important players such as Kylian Mbappe and Neymar.

9) Pedro

Chelsea performed great partly because of the ever-reliable Pedro.

He recognizes the need to score goals for Blues most crucial matches. Pedro delivers, scoring in the finals match.

But he didn’t get to shine like the other football players such as Eden Hazard.

10) Bernardo Silva

Pep Guardiola himself asserts Silva as a valuable player in Manchester City because of his consistency. Although he did not directly make the points, he was instrumental in accumulating that many points for the Citizens.

Football analysts said that Silva, Joao Felix, and Cristiano Ronaldo could form a trio that may threaten other national teams.

Yet the fans ignore him. 

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If you are asked to add more names to the list, who would you include? Please let us know.