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10 YouTube Channels Every Die Hard NBA Fan Must Subscribe To



Did you miss a game because of an important meeting or occasion? You can watch replays, or you can turn to your favourite YouTube channels to know what happened exactly wherever you are and while on-the-go.

Every die-hard fan knows a YouTube channel or two to get satiate their NBA fix. One great thing about these channels is they provide insights and contexts to what had transpired during a game.

These are the YouTube channels you should subscribe to.

NBA Highlights

With 12.4 million subscribers, this should be on top of your choices. The channel features full game highlights as well as top performances, plays of the night, best plays, fantastic finishes, duels and rivalries, playmakers, and career top 10s. 

NBA Highlights also features its most popular uploads including highlights from more than 10 years ago.


This channel has already garnered 4.48 million subscribers. While the channel generally discussed basketball culture and highlight mixes, it also includes a series and tutorial videos.

Professor Live has two series called The Professor Reacts and Spiderman Basketball that earned the channel millions of views thanks to the half reality, half scripted approach.


I Love Basketball TV mostly feature basketball training videos, copying signature moves of prominent NBA players. The channel specializes in vertical jump training videos. It has 1.87 million subscribers.

Mike Korzemba

Mike Korzemba is a YouTube channel that claims to feature all things basketball-related. Nonetheless, it focuses on NBA conspiracies and what if’s including videos on why Michael Jordan is not human or what happens if he was playing today.

The channel also publishes videos on historical moments in NBA history. 

MLG Highlights

MLG Highlights purely focuses on game highlights for its 212K subscribers.


JxmyHighroller aims to bring content about the freshest stories in the world of basketball. The channel has 1.14 million subscribers.

THINCPRO Basketball

THINCPRO is a basketball moves tutorial channel targeting real basketball players. It has how-to videos on jumping higher to dunk, developing ball-on-a-string crossovers, and scoring more points.

The channel also teaches its 547K subscribers to build confidence in playing basketball.

NBA Got Game TV

Started two years ago, NBA Got Game TV channel has 204K subscribers. It features list content such as basketball players who were bigger than basketball, underrated NBA legends, most hated NBA players of all time.

The channel uploads up to six videos per month.

World of Basketball

There are two World of Basketball channels. The first one focuses on international basketball while World of Basketball 2 on NBA. It has 84K combined subscribers.

Both have not been updated since a year ago, but have quality content about the 2017-18 NBA season.


With a tagline “No: Overtime,” KOT4Q means King of the 4th Quarter. The channel has 587K subscribers and more than 1,000 videos. 

Its most unique video content is the games like NBA Pictionary, Spin the Wheel, Wheel of Top 100, etc.

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