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2020’s Top Richest Football Clubs in the World, According to DFML



With fans scattered in all parts of the globe, for bettors, football is where the money’s at. Corporate businesses take to the sport to increase their brand awareness and to appeal to its massive audience. Because of this, a lot of revenue is generated by the most popular football clubs around the world. 

When it comes to indicating a football club’s financial success, the Deloitte Football Money League (DFML) is the one who totals all the revenue gained by each club. For 2020, these are the top 6 richest football clubs:


This is a Spanish football club that was established in 1899 by a group of football players led by Joan Gamper. It ranks in fourth of the most valuable sports teams in the world, but it currently ranks number one for being the richest football club in terms of revenue. This is the first time that the Catalans topped the list, and it is also the first to ever generate annual revenue of €800 million, specifically €840.8 million, according to DFML. It had a 10% increase in revenue, which made it finally prevail over Real Madrid.    

2.Real Madrid

Not to be messed with or forgotten, Real Madrid ranks second place in the list with €757.3 million. It is one of the most widely supported teams. It was founded on 6 March 1902, and in 1920 King Alfonso XIII bestowed upon the club the Spanish word “real,” which means royal in English. It has always been considered as one of the wealthiest clubs and was, in fact, previously number one. But last year, it had only increased its revenue by 0.99%. 

3.Manchester United

Also known as the Red Devil’s club, Manchester United was the richest football club in 2018, but now it holds the record for third with a generated revenue of €711.5 million. Despite this, it indeed had an increase of €51.5 million. The football club was established in 1878 and was previously called Newton Heath LYR Football Club, but in 1902, it was changed to its current name now.  

4.Bayern Munich

It is considered as the best football club in Bundesliga. It was established in 1900 by football players led by Franz John. The Bavarian giants had an increased revenue of €31 million, which helped them rank fourth with €660.1 million. They are said to be Germany’s richest club, and they have even won their 7th consecutive Bundesliga title. 

5.Paris St. Germain 

This Parisian football club is considered as the most successful one in French history. It was established in 1970 and has become a dominating force in both France and Europe. The Qatari State Investment group has financed it for the past eight years. It also won 40 titles, and 39 of them have been top-flight trophies. It’s generated revenue is €635.9 million, which still ranks it as one of the top 6 richest football clubs. 

6.Manchester City

Manchester City was established back in 1880, and it was previously known as St. Mark’s. In 1887 it became Ardwick Association Football Club until it finally got its current name in 1894. It is considered as England’s second richest football club. It generated a revenue of €610.6 million. Since 2008, the Abu Dhabi United Group has owned the club. Last year, they also won all four domestic trophies, which makes them the first team ever to do so.   

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