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5 Football Players with the Most Red Cards



David Luiz’s red card puts Arsenal in a challenging position. Luiz himself was disappointed with referee Stuart Attwell’s decision to give him one. It was his second red card from the Premier League.

Football fans particularly that of Arsenal and Chelsea are divided over the ruling, saying that Luiz could have handed a yellow card at most.

However, what Luiz did was against the double jeopardy rule. It was not an accidental challenge, as everyone thought the poor back pass was. Luiz deliberately knew what he has done.

All the more, the issuance of the red card exposed how frail the defence of Arsenal now. Stopping Tammy Abraham from scoring was a tell-tale sign of weak defence.

In retrospect, a red card is a penalty card indicating a serious offence that results in a game suspension or removal. Luiz, for instance, was sent off after being given a red card 25 minutes into the game and disallowed to play for the rest of the game.

Luiz is far when it comes to the footballers, with the most red cards.

#5 – Paolo Montero (21)

The Uruguayan has a do-anything-to-win attitude. Because of this, he was sent off the game for 21 times.

He has the most red cards in Serie A history. He never regretted any of his red cards. For him, he had to commit those fouls so his team can achieve victory.

#4 – Alexis Delgado (22)

Delgado is as hot-headed as he could get. His extremely aggressive behaviour while playing often characterizes the Spanish player.

One time, he punched Mario Mandzukic after claiming a foul, and this was just one of the centreback’s 22 red cards.

#3 – Sergio Ramos (24)

Ramos has a total of 24 red cards. The Spanish footballer holds the record for having the highest red card count at La Liga and El Clasico with 19 and five, respectively.

He could have been one of the best defenders in football history if not for his unwelcome stunts on the field. He is aggressive, combative, verbally abusive, and physically manipulative. Indeed, Ramos is known for his lack of control of his fouls.

#2 – Cyril Rool (27)

Rool has a reputation for starting brawls. He was considered one of those players who ruined the sports. He has the skills and talent and the incessant fouls, however. 

His fouls are both constant and criminal in nature. Rool’s fouls often led to striking his opponents. He once karate kicked another player during a game. 

#1 – Gerardo Bedoya (46)

Bedoya is regarded as the dirtiest football player to ever step inside the pitch. Everyone else around him knew what he could do. That’s why no striker would want to pass in front of him while holding the ball. They feared ending up with an injury because that’s 100% sure to happen.

The Colombian defensive midfielder was sent off right on his first game. He has the legacy of deliberate fouls mainly attributed to his anger control problems.

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