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5 Most Prestigious Tennis Tournaments



From the ATP World Tour to WTA Tour, there are about over a hundred tennis tournaments worldwide. However, some tours are more distinguished than others because they award most ranking points and prize money, among other factors.

Here are five of the reputable tennis tournaments today.

1) Wimbledon

Tennis analysts would claim that the Wimbledon, a Grand Slam event, is the most estimable tennis tournament. Well, it is. The competition itself receives plenty of media attention. The tournament was already considered a major event before the Grand Slam tournaments were created in 1924-25.

Wimbledon has a certain allure that is not present in other tournaments despite being steeped with tradition. This is true for both the tennis players and spectators. Perhaps, it’s the prestige that comes with playing or watching the tennis games at a Wimbledon. The fact that it is played on grass that makes it all the more challenging.

2) US Open

Another major, the US Open, which is formerly known as the US National Championship first played in 1881. The atmosphere at the National Tennis Center makes the tournament different but in an exuberant way. Above all, the match occurs in New York.

Other than the numbers of celebrities in attendance, the US Open is well-loved by the fans also. It rakes in record-high attendance year after year. One reason is its more laid-back appeal compared with the Wimbledon wherein attendees usually sip champagne. The New York-based tournament is like a festival, bursting into life with vibrancy.

3) French Open

The only Grand Slam event that is played on clay courts, the French Open is a respected tournament having been the first to welcome international players. The competition also the first to allow amateur tennis players to be seeded against professional players. Since it is played on clay, it can be the most physically demanding tennis court to tackle. Any knowing tennis player would appreciate the challenge.

The tournament happens in Roland Garros in Paris, during the spring season. This presents an opportunity to explore the best city in the world after watching the game. The Paris in the French Open figures into allowing the players to be as creative as they can when it comes to fashion-forward tennis outfits.

4) Australian Open

Played first among the four Grand Slam events, the Australian Open is the biggest sporting event in the South. It is one of the highest-attended tennis events as well despite some players skipping the tournament altogether. Remoteness, inconvenient dates, and low prize money are three of the commonly cited reasons for this.

Roger Federer called it the “Happy Slam” for a reason. And that is, as the US Open, has a more relaxed atmosphere. For one, the tournament officials listen to and heed the needs of the players whenever they voice their concerns. They cannot always do this at Wimbledon.

5) ATP/WTA Finals

These two non-Grand Slam tournaments occupy the second-highest positions in tennis tournaments. The best tennis players in the men’s and women’s divisions met here at the ATP and WTA Finals, respectively. Indeed, these finals are the culmination of a player’s tennis performance throughout the year.

Although these are not Grand Slam events, the prestige of winning any of the two cannot be denied. Both offer the highest ranking points as well as the biggest prize money. The ATP Finals prize money in 2018 was $8.5 million while the WTA Finals’ 2019 prize money is $14 million.

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