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5 Talking Points of the Premier League



The 2019-20 Premier League season just started barely a month ago, and it is already a hotbed of talking points for the spectators to mull over. Early on in the season, the spectators have already an inclination of how the entire season would go.

Here are some things to know about what happened to the league.

1) Arsenal still struggles defensively

Arsenal has done well over the summer in terms of transfers and signings. Nicolas Pepe, the marquee signing, joined David Luiz and Kieran Tierney to strengthen The Gunners defence. And yet, the club is still considered as the weakest. 

It shows with their game against Tottenham Spurs wherein they cannot stop the Spurs from scoring. Countering their attacks proved to be fruitless. They also struggled to keep hold of a point when they should’ve already made the goal.

Not to mention, the errors of Bernd Leno and Granit Xhaka committed in their last matches are not helping Arsenal.

2) Liverpool and Manchester City dominate the season

Four games into the season and two clubs have already been showing how strong contenders they are to win the title. This means Liverpool and Manchester City stay ahead of the Big Six, the rest of which—Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester United, and Tottenham—have been slow this season thus far.

The strong start would be more encouraging for Liverpool, which hasn’t won a title since 1990. The club takes pride in its first clean sheet of the season, though—the same with the Citizens.

3) Manchester United’s stumbling away performance

The Red Devils started their campaign solidly. Hope floats, giving the club a new shot at the title from their sixth finish during the last season. 

However, the story is different when the club’s away performance is discussed. It appears that when they are not playing in Old Trafford Stadium, they limp at breaking down resilient defences. That’s despite bringing in prominent defenders such as Harry Maguire.

Nothing’s been proven. For one, the players made only two points during their last three matches. Second, it has not won a Premier League game since February.

4) Leicester City gatecrashing the Big Six

Although it is still too early to say, the Foxes are already displaying their football prowess. The club is unbeaten to date.

Now the fans can set aside their fears when Maguire left Leicester for Manchester United. The rest of the club members are determined to show that they can do without him.

Kasper Schmeichel, Yourie Tielemens, James Maddison, and Jamie Vardy display good plays throughout the games. It’s safe to assume there’s more to expect from these Foxes.

5) Sheffield United put up a good fight

From the looks of it, Sheffield would be relegated this season. They lack the quality, but the club and especially the players have shown deep commitment on the field.

They are still fighting to extend their stay, combining the best of the players’ grit and quality. The display of athleticism is undeniable, putting up the fight as they should.

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