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7 of the Greatest Football Movies Ever Made



Football will always be sensational. Hollywood capitalizes on this by producing some of the most emotionally-charged football films of all time that run back to your heart.

Below are some of the most memorable football flicks ever made.

1) Remember the Titans

History is written by the winners.

Set in a small town in Virginia in the 1970s, there is nothing more important for the locals than football. It is the lifeblood of the town, so when the football team is forced to integrate, the entire town was left reeling. Now, it’s up to an African-American football coach played by Denzel Washington to address his struggles by building the community through the sport.

2) Leatherheads

In the beginning, the rules were simple. There weren’t any.

Set in the 1920s, when football was not as popular today, a football captain (George Clooney) started a journey. His goal is to make football an exciting sport to watch. He looked for probable players and ended up with a famous war hero (John Krasinski), who was more than capable of bringing attention to football. The coach and the player wound up fighting for the love of the local newswoman (Renee Zellweger).

3) The Longest Yard

If you can’t get out, get even

The help of a dethroned football star (Adam Sandler) was commissioned to lead the football league inside the prison. An ex-NFL coach (Burt Reynolds) and fellow inmate (Chris Rock) completed a team. They played against the unscrupulous correctional officers.

4) Friday Night Lights

Hope comes alive

When unsettled social issues are disputed field, chaos may ensue. This is what happened to a Texas town that found refuge on its high school football team. However, during the first game of the season, its star player got injured, forcing the coach (Billy Bob Thornton) to keep the team as well as the town together. The highest point of the movie is it shows the thrill of the sport despite the body blows, which also make the experience complete and worth it.

5) The Replacements

Pros on strike. Everyday guys get to play.

A ragtag group of football wannabes replaced the pro football team when they went on strike. The management, stakeholders, and fans’ spirits are low, doubting the Keanu Reeves-led team could do it. But they did. The movie created Shane Falco, the greatest QB in a fictional movie.

6) Rudy

When people say dreams don’t come true, tell them about [Rudy]

Rudy is a little man who has big dreams. He always dreamed of playing football in college, especially in Notre Dame. He pursued his goal no matter what but, of course, with the help of his well-meaning friends.

7) Varsity Blues

Make your own rules.

An underdog movie, an all-star QB must be replaced in one of the games, and the only choice was a benchwarmer, Jonathan “Mox” Moxon, played by James Van Der Beek. He stepped up, backing the team carrying the whole town on its shoulders. The football coach (Jon Voight) was not helping matters, at least in the eyes of the new team’s star player. He had to make difficult decisions in the process. 

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