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8 Of The Most Absurd, Weirdest Contract Clauses in Football



Transfer rumours are here and there, with some are already done deals.

With that, football clubs would do anything to sign the right player. And that’s regardless of how absurd their requests may get.

This is not about the basic wages and bonuses of the football players. Instead, these are actual, out-of-this-world requests that somehow made their way through the contracts.

Here are some weirdest demands of football players in their contracts.

Disclaimer: These are the demands of the football players themselves, not the requests of the football clubs (which can be equally risible, but that’s another story).

1) Access to a private jet

In 2011, when Samuel Eto’o was transferring from Inter Milan to Anzhi Makhachkala, his contract has a clause about his preferred mode of transportation mode so to speak. 

He asked for a private jet no less, in addition to earning £20 million for a year. This is justified, however, because he lives in Moscow.

2) Flying friends every two months

In 2013, Neymar transferred from Santos to Barcelona. This was one of the most controversial contracts in football because of tax fraud accusations.

But it’s not the only ridiculous thing about it. The Brazilian legend demanded that the club fly his Barcelona-based friends to Brazil. The club shall pay for all the expenses.

In some reports, Neymar demanded his club Paris Saint-Germain for a private jet and a chain of hotels under his name.

3) Cooking class for the wife

In 1999, Rolf-Christel Guie-Mien demanded Eintracht Frankfurt to include cooking classes for his wife. He did not sign the contract until the club arranged his wife’s cooking class.

It was the first, and perhaps the only one strange demand that the German club has encountered. 

4) A new house every year

Giuseppe Reina asked Arminia Bielefeld to build him a new home and pay for the mortgage each year he was with the German club. It was his first contract. He played for four seasons with them. 

It backfired, however, due to lack of specificity. His club handed him houses made from Lego. Reina’s dream houses turned into a nightmare for sure.

5) Sheep’s gonads

Yes, you read that right. Spencer Prior specifically asked for “a physical liaison with a sheep and eat sheep’s testicles and brains.” That’s written on his contract.

Nonetheless, he sometimes wants his food with lemon, salt, and parsley. Sometimes.

6) No flying

Dennis Bergkamp is known as the “The Non-Flying Dutchman” because that’s what he is. He blatantly refused to travel on planes because of fear of heights. 

The acrophobic football player was a logistical nightmare, more so when Arsenal needed to move from city to city in Europe. Still, he emerged as a club legend with his 87 goals.

7) Four butlers

Ronaldhino is not your typical football player. His demands are just like that.

He asked for a house with a swimming pool, a football pitch, and a beach football pitch which may be understandable. However, he also demanded a club to provide him with four butlers before playing for Queretaro.

8) A mansion

Before a botched agreement with Lyon, Emmanuel Adebayor required a mansion overlooking Corsica. He also wanted a helicopter and private jet.

On top of that, he also requested for Alexandre Lacazette’s number 10.

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