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EPL Predictions: What You Need To Know

The Premier League is a fan favourite that delivers year after year of excitement to football lovers all around the world. The Premier League is home to world-class players like Kevin de Bruyne, Harry Kane, and Virgil van Dijk, as well as world-class coaches like Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp.

Manchester City beat Manchester United by 12 points in the English Premier League last season. The title has now been awarded to the Etihad Trophy Room for the third time in the last four seasons. Will they be able to defend their championship in the 2021/22 season? Manchester United will be a formidable opponent. Chelsea will be looking to defend their domestic championship, while Liverpool will be looking to defend the trophy they won in the 2019/20 season. It’s shaping up to be an exciting season.

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EPL Predictions

Goals are made one after another in the English Premier League. An average of 2.69 goals per game was made last season. This is slightly lower than 2.72 in the previous season. The average is also noticeably lower in other major leagues. For example, Serie A (3.06), German Bundesliga (3.03), Ligue 1 (2.76) and Dutch Eredivisie (3.01). Moreover, it was higher than La Liga (2.51) and Portugal’s NOS (2.42) and way higher than in the English Championship (2.31). Last season, teams near the bottom of the table didn’t score many goals, which lowered the average.

It’s usually a smart idea to bet on the under/over goals market. Over 2.5 goals were scored in 50% of English Premier League matches last season. In 24 of their 38 league meetings, both Leicester City and West Ham United scored more than 2.5 goals. Over 3.5 goals were scored in 27% of matches, with 17 out of 38 Manchester United games having that statistic. Last season’s English Premier League top scorers were Manchester City, who hit 83 goals, 19 fewer than the season before when they placed second.

Football Tips and Predictions

Manchester City is expected to win the English Premier League once again, according to the betting odds. They are 5/1 favourites to win the championship, making them greater favourites than the previous season. This season, the bookmakers feel it will be a four-horse race, with Tottenham as the fifth favourites at 40/1. When it comes to relegation, the three promoted teams are the favourites to return to the Championship as soon as possible. Two of the three clubs demoted last season were promoted teams from the season prior.

Allow us to offer you a few easy guidelines and suggestions to implement for betting success.  The first factor to examine is the current form of both teams, as well as the important players on each side. Keep an eye on the statistics to discover which teams are functioning well. Look to examine who they’ve been beating to acquire those victories if they’re getting a lot of them. When facing Liverpool or Manchester City, a series of victories over teams in the lower half of the standings may not be enough.

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What’s next for Lionel Messi after leaving Barcelona?

In an emotional departure press conference, Lionel Messi stated that he did not want to leave Barcelona; Messi already received a formal contract offer from PSG. However, he stated that “nothing is confirmed.” After leaving Barcelona, two alternative options are in place for Messi. Moreover, PSG remains the frontrunner to sign him.

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Following Messi’s exit to Barcelona, Paris Saint-Germain already made a formal two-year contract offer to Lionel Messi. The French club offered Messi a two-year contract for £25 million per year after taxes, which the six-time Ballon d’Or winner and his representatives are now evaluating and discussing.

Barcelona stated that Messi will leave the club owing to “financial and structural obstacles” in fulfilling a new deal with the player.

What’s next for Lionel Messi?

The Argentina international recently met with PSG head coach Mauricio Pochettino to discuss a deal with the French capital. PSG immediately became the front-runners to recruit him, bringing him back together with former Barcelona teammate Neymar. A reporter asked Messi if PSG would be his next move. “That is one possibility, to reach those heights. I’ve got nothing confirmed with anybody. I had a lot of calls, a lot of interested clubs. At the moment, nothing is closed, but we are talking about a lot of things, he responded.

In a press conference, PSG coach Mauricio Pochettino addressed the subject:

“A player of Messi’s calibre, that is what is interesting to me. The club is working on several options, but we must focus on the game with Troyes. We know about what happened yesterday. The club is working on the transfer window and on the elements that could come in to improve the team and allow us to achieve our goals.”

“I didn’t want to leave Barcelona.” – Messi

The 34-year-old has been at Barcelona for 21 years and became its all-time top goalscorer with 682 [Albert Gea/Reuters]
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An emotional Messi got a standing ovation during his farewell press conference for Barcelona, which marked the end of his 21-year association with the club.

“I could not have imagined this goodbye, wanted it with fans in the stadium, to hear one more ovation from them, one more show of love. Leaving after 18 months without fans signing my name, being close to them, I couldn’t imagine it. But it has happened like this.”

“I am still not realising that I am leaving this club, this place, my life-changing completely. Now I must start from zero, a big change, tough for my family too to leave this city. But we are going to be fine, a difficult change, but must be taken on and start again.”

Messi travelled to Barcelona hoping to finalize the specifics of his new five-year contract, and he revealed that he offered to decrease his earnings by half.

“This year, my family and I were convinced we were going to stay at home, that’s what we all wanted more than anything. We’d always made this our own, we were at home. We thought we would be staying here in Barcelona. But today, we have to say goodbye to all of this,” Messi said.

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Covid Passport for fans in Premier League

According to current government proposals, football fans who are not yet completely vaccinated against Covid-19 would not be allowed to attend the Premier League matches and other major events. If any controls are implemented, the football officials and clubs want to ensure that crowd attendance runs smoothly and efficiently, therefore a trial procedure will begin soon.

The trials will evaluate how quickly and effectively the system can operate, as well as whether supplementary technology is needed. It is anticipated that having mobile phone checks in addition to ticket inspections may considerably impede admission, therefore clubs may look into activating tickets through the NHS app sooner or later.

Vaccine Passports for Premier League

Vaccine passports for Premier League games are expected to be compulsory at some point in the future.  Supporters who wish to attend games would have to show proof that they have been properly vaccinated against Covid-19. The Premier League will work collaboratively with teams to assist them with trials, and public health is seen as a top concern across the league.

The Premier League clubs have also recognized the commotion at Wembley for the Euro 2020 final, and how a huge number of fans managed to avoid COVID-19 checks. This event contributed a lot to the ongoing discussion about the possible mandatory requirement for the Premier League.

Premier League and EFL want vaccine passports to get fans back
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When will the COVID Passport take effect?

As previously rumoured, fans will be required to produce vaccination passports upon entrance to Premier League matches and other big events with a capacity of more than 20,000 spectators in October. Ministers want to limit the danger of Covid-19 transmission now that other prohibitions have been relaxed, therefore the proposal would apply to all 92 pro football teams in England. It may also be expanded to lesser divisions and other sports throughout the nation. Passports might be implemented at unseated events like outdoor music performances and celebrations if the capacity limit is as low as 5,000 participants, due to worries about people interacting in close vicinity.

“It’s important that fans can continue to watch sporting events over the autumn, which is why we’re exploring the role vaccines might play in this. This will not only allow full capacity stadiums but has the added bonus of incentivising people of all ages to go and get their jab,” a government source stated.

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What’s next for Premier League fans?

A debate among Ministers whether a recent negative COVID-19 test is necessary to give admission to football matches instead of proof of vaccination is ongoing. However, the usage of testing in nightclubs has been ruled out, with customers being prohibited from accessing establishments starting in September.

Furthermore, Labour has criticized the proposals to introduce passports at sporting events, with shadow sports secretary Jo Stevens claiming that testing would be far more effective.

“To insist on vaccine passports less than a month before the start of the season will cause major disruptions, especially for clubs at the lower end of the pyramid. Labour has been clear that the use of Covid vaccination status alone will exclude those who can’t be vaccinated or haven’t had the jab because of delays. Being double jabbed doesn’t prove you aren’t carrying the virus. Testing for access to venues would be more efficient,” she said in a statement.

Sir Patrick Vallance, the chief scientific adviser, has specifically announced that nightclubs had the potential to produce “super spreading events,” although it is unknown how much football matches have a part in the transmission of Covid-19.

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