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Top 5 Greatest Slam Dunks in the NBA History

There are numerous epic moments that take place at every NBA All-Star Weekend celebration. However, if one event stands out from the rest, that would be the Slam Dunk competition.

Over the years, watching high-flying players slam the ball to the ring has always been the crown jewel of the NBA All-Star Weekend.

Furthermore, ranking the best dunks has always sparked debates and controversy, especially when two ridiculously dominant players battle against each other to get the win.

The creativity and level of artistry commonly determine whether a dunk is worth a 10 or not. But since there are a lot of great dunkers in the league, the standard keeps going higher and higher every year. 

Not to mention, there are some players who managed to leave a mark after throwing a one a kind dunk that left the world of sports brokerage stunned. Here are the greatest ones in NBA history.

1. “From The Free Throw Line” by Michael Jordan

Of course, Michel Jordan dunks should always come first. A dunk from the free-throw line was first seen back in 1976 from Julius Erving during the ABA Slam Dunk Contest. While Dr. J did it first, Jordan went beyond expectations after showing more air on his attempt.

During the 1988 Slam Dunk Contest, Jordan won against Dominique Wilkins in a spectacular showdown of power and talent.

2. “No-Look Dunk” by Dee Brown

Two of the major components that make up a great dunk are creativity and level of difficulty. These are the elements that DeCovan Kadell “Dee” Brown of the Boston Celtics showed after pulling off the first no-look dunk back in the 1991 Slam Dunk Contest.

Brown nailed the dunk on his first attempt that gave him a perfect score. His dunk is one of the most talked-about dunks in NBA history because of its insane level of difficulty.

3. “360 Windmill, Arm in the Rim Dunk” by Vince Carter

During his first Slam Dunk Contest back in 2000, Vince Carter made sure to carve his name in the NBA history after throwing down a ridiculous 360 windmill on his first attempt. Carter followed it with another vicious windmill from behind the backboard.

He then pulled off an alley-oop through the legs that put up his classic pose and “it’s over” gesture to the camera. Adding the icing to the cake, Carter tormented the basket by throwing down an iconic arm in the rim dunk.

4. “Superman Dunk” by Dwight Howard

When Dwight Howard participated in the 2008 Slam Dunk Contest, no one had anticipated who he will become. As props became more utilized in the competition, Howard made sure to join the party by wearing a Superman jersey with a red cape, as he launched his way to the rim.

With the help of his teammate Jameer Nelson who stood behind the backboard and tossed the ball over the basket, Howard flew all the way from the free-throw line and flushed the ball in the net.

5. Zach LaVine and Aaron Gordon Dunks

In the modern-day Slam Dunk Contest, the performance of Zach LaVine and Aaron Gordon back in 2016 is perhaps the one that can beat Jordan and Wilkin’s 1988 showdown.

Both magnificent players showed the world what a Slam Dunk Contest should be like. LaVine and Gordon both exhibited an insane level of difficulty, power, creativity, and pure athleticism in their dunks.

Their dunk contest even made a lot of people take a chance on sports betting services and online betting services to determine who will become the 2016 Slam Dunk Champion. And as it turned out, Zach LaVine came out on top during that year. 

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The Future of Basketball Sports Betting and What it Entails

Four Brooklyn Nets players have tested positive to the pandemic that’s plaguing the world, the coronavirus. Among such players is Kevin Durant, who is considered as one of the crowd favorites of the basketball team. 

As stated by the Athletic, Durant said, “Everyone be careful, take care of yourself and quarantine. We’re going to get through this.” 

With the spread of the virus, many sports events have been cancelled for safety and health precautions. It, in turn, affected the sports betting industry, which had thrived in popular forms of betting such as that of basketball. 

NBA betting is considered to be one of the best sports for placing bets. Its future is promising since it is an adored sport around the world. Many people also support each of their preferred teams, and as with all other games, it can also get quite competitive. 

Before, basketball sports betting was not acknowledged. But with recent changes to laws in various countries, such as the US and the UK. It has thus been accumulating in popularity. According to a previous interview with ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski last 2019:  

“Adam Silver has done a 180 on gambling in the NBA. David Stern, in his era, was adamantly against really having any kind of a gambling influence around the league. That’s changed. You see the league doing marketing deals with gambling in mind. And as state laws change, that certainly impacts it.”

Wojnarowski understood the relevance of NBA betting back then and looking at it now, this type of sports betting has come a very long way. With outstanding basketball players such as LeBron James, Stephen Curry, and Michael Jordan, bettors have a lot of teams to consider. Aside from supporting them also, with sports betting, they can even earn a profit. It is also as exciting if you log in to credible betting sites who have reliable services and bonus offers

So, what is the future of basketball sports betting with the ongoing pandemic?

Multiple basketball events have been cancelled, from March Madness to the uncertainty of the NBA regular season, bettors are wondering about what will happen to their wagers. 

According to, who asked major sportsbooks about their contingency plans because of the recent events, many of them have stated that they are still evaluating and planning what actions to take. Fanduel Sportsbook and Pointsbet have confirmed that they are still in speculation since it is something that has never occurred before. 

Basketball sports betting may have an uncertain future right now with bettors not knowing how to make use of their bets and sports bonuses. But, many countries have proven to be resilient and are doing their best in trying to help the gambling industry.

In the UK, for example, the Betting and Gaming Council has been given a financial package as announced by the government. They had previously asked assistance from the government to help save thousands of jobs across the said industry. 

Michael Dugher, the BGC chief executive, stated, “We urgently need temporary government support to help cover payroll costs, relief and time to pay duties and taxes, as well as access to finance. The Treasury, in particular, needs to step up and understand that insurance simply doesn’t cover the impact of a pandemic.”

Thus, the government, in turn, gave the said financial support, but BGC is still cautious because they need certain clarifications.

“We welcome the chancellor’s package of support for businesses in the leisure and hospitality industry, which helps address some of our concerns, but we will study the details and will be seeking urgent clarity on the measures.

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Coronavirus Cripples Sports Betting Industry: What You Need To Know

Due to the recent pandemic caused by the COVID-19 or popularly known as the Coronavirus, the world of sports betting is now suffering a crippling effect. 

The cancellation of March Madness and the suspension of the NBA and NHL season have left the industry in a bad shape.

In fact, “more than £2 billion was wiped off the value of Britain’s biggest bookmakers as a wave of sporting events were canceled or postponed in an effort to stop the spread of coronavirus” according to This is Money.

In relation to the cancellation and suspension of major sporting events, the Grand National Festival (Horse Racing) to be held on April 2-4 has been canceled as the UK government believes that it is no longer appropriate and safe to stage the event at the time of writing.

According to an official report from BBC Sports, senior steward Sandy Dudgeon stated, “I know this is hugely disappointing news for the many people who work in our sport and the many millions who were looking forward to this year’s event, but very sadly these are exceptional times and this is the responsible thing to do.”

Furthermore, the virus is not only affecting publicly-traded UK sports bookmakers. In fact, even the online gambling industry did not manage to escape the selloff.

Some of the biggest sports events that were called off because of the coronavirus are the following:

  • The NCAA Tournament
  • The Major League Baseball
  • The National Hockey League
  • The Australian Grand Prix

There is also a big possibility that the Premiere League will be canceled due to the virus.

Here are some at-risk sports events:

  • Europe’s Strongest Man 2020
  • The London Marathon 2020
  • F.A. Cup Semi-Final 2020
  • Perth Festival 2020

While things may not be that bright for Asian bookmakers today, gambling while the coronavirus is active is still possible. Instead of visiting land-based bookmakers, get into online gambling instead.

If you’re not familiar with the ins and outs of online sports betting, here are some tips to help you start it the right way.

Learn the Basics

Online sports betting is easy, but don’t get too excited. As a tenderfoot, it is advisable for you to learn all the necessary processes before you start placing wagers.

Being aware of the online system will put you in a better position. Don’t forget that the goal is to make a profit. That is why it is vital to avoid risks.

Use Some Online Betting Strategies

Do your homework and capitalize on effective sports betting strategies that you can use online. Aside from getting a wider range of sports betting online, you can also find beneficial tactics that you can add or apply to your current betting strategy.

Take Your Time

Since online betting is considered as one of the most convenient ways to get into sports gambling, you should take your time to become familiar with it.

While there isn’t much of a difference when it comes to the rules and regulations, performing online betting with the use of technology can be challenging for bettors who prefer the thrill of public sports trading.

Above all, while the future is still not clear for both sports events and bettors due to the pandemic, online sports betting can still offer you a wide range of options. There are still some sporting events that are happening despite the current situation that the world is facing. 

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