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NFL Drops Racial Bias in Concussion Lawsuits

The NFL, America’s top-flight football league, will stop settling concussion claims based on a race-based formula. This formula assumes that black football players have lower cognitive function than white people. Moreover, they also promised to review previous brain injury suits that have been settled through “race norming.”

The Majority of NFL Retirees are Black

Two black NFL players have filed a civil rights lawsuit over the practice of race norming. This is a no-brainer because 57.5% of the prominent football league are black players. This means that more than half of NFL retirees are black. 

Moreover, although the judge tossed the civil lawsuit, there was still a call for a full report on the racial bias allegations. Race norming involves the football league comparing a given player’s cognitive test scores with a supposed norm for his demographic group. Through this methodology, there was an assumption that black players possess a lower level of cognitive function than the average white football player.

According to the University of California’s neurology professor, Katherine Possin, “That’s essentially systematic racism in determining these payouts.”

America’s Major Football League Faces Criticism

One of the retired black players involved in the litigation is Ken Jenkins. He said to the Hill, “This is classic systemic racism. Just because I’m Black, I wasn’t born with fewer brain cells.”

On the NFL’s part, they defended the practice in the past because it “relied on widely accepted and long-established cognitive tests and scoring methodologies”. The formula was first established in the 1990s and was used to make dementia payouts. However, critics state that the small sample of black people in San Diego used for the initial study did not fully represent the black people in today’s US. 

Furthermore, the football league insisted that the racial norming standard was not mandatory. They argued that the doctors participating in the compensation programme had the freedom to choose whether to apply it. However, many clinicians denied such claims. They said that the programme manual did not provide such flexibility.

NFL Pledges to Make Changes

The lead lawyer representing former NFL players in settlement negotiations is Christopher Seeger. Seeger apologized for his past comments that he had “not seen any evidence of racial bias” in the programme. He further stated that he regretted his “poor choice of words” and lack of “a full appreciation of the problem.”

It is also important to note that last year, the football league committed $250 million to social justice initiatives. Aside from that, you can also find slogans like” End Racism” in the end zones in its arenas. NFL players are also allowed to wear slogans on football gear and even to stand in moments of unity before the games.  

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Top Rookies that will Make an Impact this 2021 NFL Season

The draft picks are now considered the rookies of this 2021 NFL season. With that in mind, it’s time to pick out those players that will potentially have an immediate impact on the playing field. Last year, we had Justin Herbert, Tristan Wirfs, Justin Jefferson and Chase Young. They were able to capture the attention of NFL fans and punters, which is why the NFL is one of the best sports to bet on. This coming season is surely something to look forward to.

Kyle Pitts (Falcons)

This tight end player is a great offence to the team, and he can account for wide receiver Julio Jones and Calvin Ridley. He’s going to help Ridley get more advantageous cornerback matchups. Pitts is a 6-6, 240-plus pound explosive and excellent route runner. He has a soccer net catch radius and deceptive yards after catch skills.

Ja’Marr Chase (Bengals)

One of the 2021 NFL season rookies that should definitely be on this list is Chase. This wide receiver gave an impressive performance in 2019, with Joe Burrow throwing him passes. He’s considered a receiver at No.5 overall. That’s why he will be an instant favourite. 

Jamin Davis (Washington Football Team)

Another newbie to keep in mind is Kentucky linebacker Davis. He’s fast and a practical type of second-level defender. With the help of his teammates, Jonathan Allen, Chase Young, Montex sweat and Da’Ron Payne, he will be a standout that will overflow his stat sheet as a rookie. 

Jaelan Phillips (Dolphins)

Although Emmanuel Ogbah was a great pick for last year with his record of 9 sacks, 5 batted passes and 6 tackles for loss in his first year, he might not become a premier No. 1 outside pass rusher in the 2021 NFL season. That’s why the Dolphins selected Phillips at No.18 overall, who is known for being a consistent, three-down rusher.

Asante Samuel Jr. (Chargers)

It was time to bring a youthful cornerback to the Chargers’ roster. Samuel Jr is strong at the line of scrimmage, and despite not being a 5-11, he can play on the perimeter in LA’s offence and thrive. Moreover, even if he doesn’t play in the slot, Brandon Staley, head coach of the Chargers, has a precedent of a 5-10 defensive back. 

Azeez Ojulari (Giants)

It can be argued that this edge rusher should have been one of the top picks in the 2021 draft. This 20-year old was the 50th pick. This might be because as a 6-2, 249-pound edge defender, he gets worked against the run. However, this isn’t the case with Ojulari. He can rip through blockers and make impact plays in the backfield against the run.  

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Houston Texans

22 Women Accuse Houston Texans QB Watson of Sexual Misconduct

Deshaun Watson, the quarterback of the Houston Texans, is now facing civil or sexual assault allegations from 22 women. All are service workers in the health and wellness industry. They said Watson assaulted them after he hired them for massages via Instagram. These incidents happened in 2020 and 2021. The recent three suits filed by the women called it a “disturbing pattern.”

22 Suits Against the Houston Texans Player

Two of the 22 women are filing a suit for sexual assault against Watson. One woman alleged that he forced her to perform oral sex. This occurred during a December 2020 massage. Another claimed that he wrapped his legs around her neck and forced her to perform sexual acts. This was during an August 2020 massage.

For the other women, they are suing the 25-year-old Houston Texans QB for civil assault. They alleged similar experiences of Watson exposing himself and aggressively telling them to touch inappropriate areas of his body. Some even stated that he touched them with his genitals. 

Watson Accused of Deleting Instagram Messages

One of the lawsuits recently filed alleged that Watson “is deleting Instagram messages, and contacting those who formally provided him massages, in an attempt to settle.” But, according to the Houston Texans’ attorney, Rusty Hardin, while he “regularly deletes” his past Instagram messages, “he has not deleted any messages since March 15, the day before the first lawsuit was filed.” Hardin also denied that Watson directly contacted his accusers to settle the cases.

The NFL Player’s Side Denies All the Claims

Another woman also claimed that she told another NFL player, who remains anonymous, about her experience with Watson. The player allegedly told her that “there is a thin line between physical therapy and sexual pleasure. Watson crossed that line over into sexual pleasure.” 

But despite all of these allegations, Hardin condemned all the lawsuits. He told CBS News that his team would address all the allegations. He also previously stated that the first seven allegations were meritless and that he believes “any allegation that Deshaun forced a woman to commit a sexual act is completely false.”

On his part, the Houston Texans QB tweeted that he’s “never treated any woman with anything other than the utmost respect.” 

He stated last March 16 that, “The plaintiff’s lawyer claims that this isn’t about money, but before filing suit he made a baseless six-figure settlement demand, which I quickly rejected. Unlike him, this isn’t about money for me — it’s about clearing my name, and I look forward to doing that.” 

The NFL is still investigating the allegations. The Houston Texans said that they would stay “in close contact” with the league and will “continue to take this and all matters involving anyone within the Houston Texans organization seriously.”

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