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4 Most Embarrassing Moments in NFL History

Much like any other sports, NFL players are bound to make mistakes. What these players did not know then was they are making the biggest mistakes of their life worthy of a spot in this most embarrassing moments in the history of the league.

Here are some of the most embarrassing moments in the NFL.

Jim Marshall ran in the wrong direction

Although a comical moment that you’d find glorified in bloopers reels, it’s easy to see how embarrassed Marshall was. It was the worst play between the Minnesota Vikings and San Francisco 49ers that involved the defender Marshall who grabbed the loose fumble right after a completed pass.

He ran towards the end zone for 66 yards on that fateful day on October 25, 1964, throwing the ball on the sideline upon reaching the end zone. Blaming a mental lapse, he ran in the wrong direction. It cost Vikings two points but won the game anyway with 27-22.

Redskins’ zero points in a championship game

It was simply known as 73-0, a match between Chicago Bears and Washington Redskins that happened on December 8, 1940, on a sellout Griffith Stadium in Washington, D.C. The Bears controlled 100% of the game with the infamous T-formation. 

The Bears had 11 touchdowns, resulting to a one-sided victory in history. It was a rematch since the Redskins had defeated the Bears in the regular season with a 7-3 score, three weeks earlier. 

George Preston Marshall, an owner of Redskins, said that the Bears are crybabies and quitters during an interview. George Halas, the Bears head coach, showed the clip with Marshall’s comments to his team. Indeed, the rest is history.

The 73 points still hold the record of most scores in a match, regular or postseason. It is also the largest margin of victory to date. The 1940 championship win of the Bears is also dubbed as one of the ten games that mattered.

Eugene Robinson as Man of the Year

This one’s cringe-worthy because it involves a football player who supposedly best exemplifies excellent leadership and character on and off the court or the Bart Starr Award. The guy was Eugene Robinson.

The night before Super Bowl XXXIII game, Atlanta Falcons’ safety was arrested for attempting to solicit a prostitute. In a modern twist of event, the prostitute was an undercover cop. The fact that he left his W-I-F-E in the team hotel on the night of his arrest.

Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction

Fans look forward to Super Bowl half-time shows—they prepared for it. But no one was quite prepared when Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake took over the stage of Super Bowl XXXVIII. 

Whether intentional or accidental, Timberlake tore Jackson’s clothes, exposing her breast and the nipple shield. The artists downplayed the issue by calling it a ‘wardrobe malfunction’, but the media called it a planned publicity stunt. It was referred to as the Nipplegate in mainstream media.

Instead of focusing on New England Patriots’ win against the Carolina Panthers, it was shifted on the event and the countless complaints after that. The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) conducted a crackdown on indecent displays within the entertainment industry. The FCC fined the CBS a fine amounting to $550,000.


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Tom Brady vs Peyton Manning: A Look Inside the Rivalry

Tom Brady and Peyton Manning are two NFL players who’ve been compared relentlessly. It’s the rivalry of all rivalries involving two of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history.

While spectators may consider this as a one-sided rivalry since Brady is still active while Manning has already retired, the Brady-Manning rivalry is an all-time great. 

Brady-Manning rivalry

The two quarterbacks have faced each other for 17 matches, meeting for every season from 2001 to 2015 except 2002, 2008, 2011, and 2015. 

In the last three, New England Patriots and Indiana Colts had a match, but Brady missed the 2008 game. Manning also missed the 2011 game due to a neck injury and again in 2015 during the regular season. However, they met during the AFC Championship game.

Brady is leading the head-to-head with 11-6, 8-4 against the Colts and 3-2 against Denver Broncos where Manning played from 2011 to 2015. The two wins were both an AFC Championship game (2013 and 2015).

Brady led the Foxborough series with 8-2. Manning, on the other hand, led the Indianapolis/Denver series with 4-3.

The playoffs were a different story. Brady and Manning met five times at the playoffs with Manning dominating with 3-2. Four games were at the AFC Championship; Manning won three of those with both Broncos (two) and Colts (one).

Overall, the two players’ career records are at 124-64 for Manning and 99-30 for Brady.

To this day, Manning has played two more seasons compared with that of Brady’s. However, the latter, at 42 years old, is committed to playing football until he reaches 45. 

Brady and Manning as valuable players

Brady owns both the regular and postseasons with 269 and 40 games played, respectively. However, Manning’s postseason performance cannot be deliberately ignored for statistics purposes especially.

For instance, Manning has a higher completion rate (65.3%) than Brady (64%) during the regular season. They tied at 63.2% during the postseason despite Brady having 1,005 completions compared with Manning’s 649. 

Also, Manning has 71,940 yards with that of Brady’s 70,514. Manning’s yards per game stat is at 270.5 while Brady only has 262.1.

In the postseason, Brady has 11,179 yards, and Manning only has 7,339. Brady’s yards per game stat is at 279.5. Manning still managed to have 271.8 yards per game, though.

The culmination of all these is, of course, the most valuable player (MVP) trophy. Manning has five MVP awards while Brady only has three.

For the Super Bowl, Brady has six wins, and Manning only has two. Brady also has four Super Bowl MVPs compared with Manning’s single MVP win. 

While Manning may be a league of his own when it comes to the number, Brady has a higher winning percentage. 

This is where the problem lies because the longer a football player plays, in this case, Brady, the more difficult it is to maintain the winning percentage.

Brady plays for a great team, but whether the Patriots will keep on winning is not known. Will Brady top over Manning’s regular-season MVPs in his last three years as a Patriot? This surely is a matter we have yet to see.


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Every NFL Record Tom Brady Has Broken (And Records He Will Break)

Tom Brady is one of the most successful NFL players to date. Not necessarily in terms of being the highest-paid player in NFL history, but with regard to recognition. Brady doesn’t seem to fall short in this aspect, breaking records after records.

This season marks the 20th for Brady, and most probably, we will see him for a couple more seasons before calling it an ultra stellar career. 

Here are the NFL records that Brady has broken in the last 20 years.

Regular and postseason records

Brady was a starting quarterback to 209 regular-season wins of his club. He also holds the most passing yards record for both regular and playoffs with 82, 298. 

His regular and postseason record, besides, includes the most passing touchdowns with 595. Brady has the most touchdowns thrown to receivers (72) as well.

All in all, he has a total of 16 division titles.

Playoff records

When it comes to the playoffs, Brady started 40 games and won 30 of these games. He has 73 playoff touchdown passes and 11,179 passing yards. 

Super Bowl records

Brady already appeared in 9 Super Bowls and won 6 of them. He was also a four-time Super Bowl MVP.

When it comes to his performance, he has 18 touchdown passes and 2,838 passing yards.

Records Brady may break this season

Most passing touchdowns

Peyton Manning holds this record presently with 539. 

Brady hit the 500 mark in 2018, the third quarterback to do so. He has 522, tied at #2 with Drew Brees.

Pro Bowls

Brady skipped the last season’s Pro Bowl to give way for the Super Bowl. He will break a record if he appears in Pro Bowl this season. This is not impossible but would be a stretch for the 43-year old quarterback.

Passing yards

For the regular season, Brady would need 1,325 passing yards to his 70,514 to surpass Brett Favre at the third position with the most number of passing yards.

Games started

Brady has 269. And, Favre is the man to beat with 298. They both have 20 seasons playing for the NFL, among other leagues.

If Brady would complete all matches up to the finals, he may break the record at 299 games started.

Fourth-quarter comebacks

Manning has 43 whereas Brady has 34. 

Again, this may be a lot of work for Brady. However, the quarterback is not a stranger to dramatic victories. He holds one of the most historic comeback victories in NFL. It happened in Super Bowl LI against the Atlanta Falcons.

Game-winning drives

Manning has 54 while Brees and Dan Marino have 49 and 47, respectively. Brady has 44 which means he needs 11 more to surpass that of Manning’s.

Unfortunately, Brady won’t have the most MVPs record since Manning has five and he only has 3. If, at all, he may tie the record with Manning if he won the award in the next two seasons.

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