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NFL Uniform Policies: What Players Can and Cannot Wear

In light of the recent news involving Odell Beckham Jr. who wore a $250,000 (others mentioned $350,000) limited edition Richard Mille watch, which is a clear violation of the NFL policies, it is time to brush up on the League’s uniform policies.

The NFL has a five-long page uniform policy. Speaking of which, how far do the uniform policies go? What can they wear during the match? What isn’t allowed? Answers are below.

To start, let’s learn a few things about the SOPs when it comes to the NFL uniforms.

  • All players must dress to the highest level of professionalism
  • All new uniforms must be submitted for approval before July 1 each year
  • All teams must have official colours that must be reflected in their uniforms
  • NFL teams employ an inspector to ensure that all players comply with the codes
  • The League requires certain positions to wear specific numbers (40 to 59 for linebackers; 1 to 19 for quarterbacks; 10 to 19 or 80 to 89 for receivers)
  • Violations to the dress code incur fines accordingly

NFL uniform policies

1) Headwear

The players can only wear the headwear provided by the supplier NFL authorised. No player can wear a bandanna or stocking even when it was to be worn under the helmet. No endorsement deal can be used and reflected in the headwear.

2) Pants

Other than the pants should be pulled over the knees, no player may alter or cut it. The pant leg must be pulled down below the knee.

3) Stocking

Stockings should be white, especially the visible part that is from the top part of the shoe down to the mid-calf. Then, from the mid-calf to the pant leg’s bottom, it should be the approved team colour.

4) Jersey

All players must tuck the jersey in at the waist. The League prohibits the use of tearaway jerseys. The numerals should be 8 inches high and 4 inches wide, and the colours should be a sharp contrast with the colour of the jersey.

5) Shoes

The football team is allowed to choose a dominant shoe, although the style should comply with the styles identified by the League office. A player may choose a football shoe style provided that it must be taped over the entire shoe to reflect the club’s dominant colour. The shoelace must conform to the dominant club colours as well. Shoe accents should be in the third uniform colour. 

6) Mask

If a player needs to wear a non-standard or customised face mask, it must be examined, submitted, and approved by the League officers before wearing it.

7) Tape

The players can only use black or white tape on the shoes or stockings. 

8) Towel

Towels must be 6 inches wide and 8 inches long max, tucked into the front waist. 

9) Pads

Except for kickers and punters, all NFL players should wear shoulder, knee, and thigh pads.

10) Chinstrap

The chinstrap, regardless of how many points it has, should be fastened to the helmet first then the strap.

Other products

Any new product that the club wishes to use must pass through the approval of the Football Operations department. If certain products are used without going through the protocol, the club or player may be subject to significant fines.


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5 NFL Teams with the Highest Chance to Win Super Bowl LIV

Winning the Super Bowl is the ultimate goal of every NFL team. Unfortunately, while all teams think they can surely win it, only a few NFL teams have a clear shot of doing so.

The New England Patriots are the fans’ perennial favourite to bring home the championship title. But the team is the exception, having won six titles and appearing in 11 championship games, not necessarily the rule.

Nothing is certain or guaranteed, however.

Here are the list of NFL teams who can actually wins the Super Bowl.

1) New England Patriots

The Patriots can be an underdog, but with ever-reliable Tom Brady around, no one would consider them so. It takes pride in its elite defence worthy of the playoffs and of course, the title.

2) Kansas City Chiefs

The Patrick Mahomes-led Chiefs has a strong possibility of grabbing the Super Bowl from the Patriots. Mahomes has the experience and expertise despite his less stellar crew. Their offence plays are the key as well as the additional playmakers in Tyrann Mathieu and Frank Clark.

3) New Orleans Saints

The Saints has a job to finish this season considering the ending of last season’s NFC championship. The thirst to win the conference and league championship is there and has always been there. The MVP level plays of Drew Brees could be the team’s secret formula.

4) Los Angeles Rams

The Rams are one of NFL’s loaded teams. However, the team’s prospect of appearing in the Super Bowl this season is bleak. Todd Gurley’s health is questionable at this point. The only two players dependable right now are Sean McVay and Jared Goff if the two would find ways to make quality plays. 

5) Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles are the Patriots counterpart at the NFC in terms of the favourite team to win the Super Bowl. The team’s performance, nevertheless, is too far from that of the Patriots’. Despite the major concern—Carson Wentz’s health, the Eagles has one of the strongest and deepest running backs in the NFL. If he would stay healthy and team up with DeSean Jackson incredibly, there is no stopping the Eagles from winning the Super Bowl. 

Unlikely contenders at the Super Bowl

Los Angeles Chargers, Cleveland Browns, Chicago Bears, Pittsburgh Steelers, and Dallas Cowboys would have a hard time proving they are worthy of the Super Bowl trophy.

Los Angeles Chargers seemed a likely contender from the start. But the fact that their main man, Philip Rivers, is getting old and slow in the fields is pulling them backwards. The same goes for Derwin James’s injury. 

Cleveland Browns have never appeared in the playoffs since 2002. But its roster of power players including Baker Mayfield, Myles Garrett, and Nick Chubb may write a different story this season.

Chicago Bears’ performance last season was seriously promising, duplicating the strategy is a must this season if it wants to win the Super Bowl trophy. The missed field goal is one for the NFL history book, which also means it needs to get its kicking situation better. 

Pittsburgh Steelers may no longer have LeVon Bell and Antonio Brown, but Ben Roethlisberger is still there. This makes it all the more interesting to watch the Steelers—they could end up this season’s real success story or disaster. 

Finally, Dallas Cowboys is just waiting for its breakthrough year. Whether this season is that year, there is no way of knowing until it’s time for the Super Bowl.

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10 Highest-Paid NFL Players of 2019

While the NFL does not offer guaranteed big-money contracts like the NBA, the salaries of the players are increasing dramatically over the years. 

NFL teams are checking this 2019 players from quarterback to defensive

The figures are based on NFL.com.

#10 Drew Brees, New Orleans Saints, QB ($25 million)

Brees inked a two-year contract with the Saints in 2018. The franchise is not expressing any desire to replace him anytime soon especially that he brought the Saints to the NFC championship in 2018. 

#9 Derek Carr, Oakland Raiders, QB ($25 million)

Carr signed with the Raiders for five years, under a $125 million deal. The last season was not a good one for Carr, but the starting QB’s new contract proved his value to the franchise. 

#8 Matthew Stafford, Detroit Lions, QB ($27 million)

Stafford may not be the best QB, but he is the Lion’s best QB throughout its history. His salary is only fitting considering some of his record numbers in the NFL.

#7 Jimmy Garappolo, San Francisco 49ers, QB ($27.5 million)

While the 49ers are yet to prove that Garappolo has the makings of a franchise QB, he was already set to pocket $27.5 million this coming season. Garappolo signed the five-year contract with the team in 2018 despite his torn ACL injury.

#6 Kirk Cousins, Minnesota Vikings, QB ($28 million)

Cousins played with the Washington Redskins for three seasons before finally landing the big-money contract with the Vikings. In 2018 offseason, he signed a fully-guaranteed contract. The $84 million three-year deal will expire in 2021, after which he would become a free agent.

#5 Matt Ryan, Atlanta Falcons, QB ($30 million)

Ryan signed a substantial five-year contract extension with the Falcons amounting to $150 million. His contract guarantees him $94.5 million.

#4 Carson Wentz, Philadelphia Eagles, QB ($32 million)

Wentz has a bright future ahead of him. His contract with the Eagles has been extended to six years; it may have a total value of over $153 million spread out over five years. The Eagles management is also ready to hand him attractive incentives, bonuses, and other escalators every year until 2024.

#3 Aaron Rodgers, Green Back Packers, QB ($33.5 million)

Rodgers is the second-best QB, next to Tom Brady. Since the Packers struggled last season with the weakest players that failed to match Rodgers’s on-field skills, the team is expecting him to perform and deliver. The team works under the supervision of a new head coach. He was once the highest-paid QB when he signed the 2018 four-year extension with a guaranteed salary of more than $100 million.

#2 Ben Roethlisberger, Pittsburgh Steelers, QB ($34 million)

Roethlisberger may not be the highest-paid player, nor he would become one because he is nearing retirement, but his earnings are nothing to sneeze at. The Steelers missed the playoffs. It doesn’t mean that the team would low-ball his contributions, awarding him with a massive contract extension until 2021. This would also mean that Roethlisberger is retiring as a Steeler.

#1 Russel Wilson, Seattle Seahawks, QB ($35 million)

Wilson is the highest-paid NFL player today with a $35 million guaranteed earning for the coming season. In April 2019, Wilson gave Seahawks a hard deadline—the midnight of April 28. The management took heed, not only extending his contract but also making him the highest-paid football player in NFL history.

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