NFL Preseason: 3 Reasons Why It is Important

While it is easy to dismiss the importance of the NFL preseason, it may be more important than you deem it is. The sceptics would say that the preseason games are only for a show, a waste of time and money. However, there is more to this than meet the wanderers’ eyes.

Here’s Why NFL’s Preseason Is So Important

#1 NFL preseason is used to predict division standings, playoffs, and even Super Bowl contenders

The four-week-long preseason attempts at building momentum—for all the football teams, players, and even fans. It creates excitement and drama as well, along with professional play without getting any player injured as much as possible.

For the teams, most notably, they all have the legitimate shots at becoming the next football success story. It is the league-wide optimism that is hard to ignore. There are 31 teams in the NFL, and yet only will emerge triumphantly as the 2019 NFL season champion.

A team’s success could be deeply rooted in the preseason. Team strategists mainly consider these games as the first real test to determine whether their preparations are working or not. If they need to implement new defence and offence, these games are also the likely testing ground.

#2 NFL preseason allows a team to assess talent and performance

Preseason games have no bearing whatsoever records-wise. Nevertheless, each team is looking to complete a 58-player roster. Some of these football players will be booked based on how they played at the preseason games. 

Thus, the preseason is an opportunity to compete at game speeds they probably would encounter in the regular season. It is the experience that young football players yearn for. The majority of these players have not played for the NFL but wished to be included in a team. The third and fourth week of the preseason proved to be the crucial ones.

It may not be significant for the sceptics since no Antonio Brown, Odell Beckham Jr., or Le’Veon Bell would be playing. But it means a regular paying job for those who will be chosen. This is also the reason preseason players focus more on playing than winning. They knew that the coaching staff are watching.

#3 NFL preseason offers an opportunity to increase the bottom-line

This may be an afterthought. However, there are thousands of people who rely on the NFL as their source of livelihood. That means NFL as a whole, not just the regular season, playoffs or Super Bowl.

The preseason games are backup plays that fans still pay for as part of the packaged preseason tickets with season tickets. There is an economic domino effect that benefits those stadium workers, sellers, and even nearby establishments. Taking away one to two preseason games would affect their bottom-line negatively.

Indeed, the preseason signals the unofficial commencement of the NFL season. It exists mainly to allow the teams to gear up for the regular season and evaluate the young rosters of players. The preseason is also an opportunity for ironing out any kinks on the game plan before the regular season starts.


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4 Names to Watch Out for in the 2019 NFL Season

Excitement builds up a few days before the opening of the 2019 NFL season on September 5, 2019. Several changes on the rules are lined up. The centennial emblem of the league will be unveiled as well.

However, there is nothing more exciting than seeing football players do what they do best on the field. Aside from the seasoned players—from Tom Brady to Antonio Brown, the fans are looking forward to seeing new names to rock the NFL world.

The players listed here currently appear in the Top 100 Players of 2018 list. Here they are.

1) A.J. Green

The Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver currently ranks #22. Although he was down five rankings from the previous year, Green has his 7th Pro Bowl selection under his belt. He also has 1,000 receiving yards in seven out of eight seasons.

Green is one of the most consistent players when it comes to surpassing the 1,000-yard mark. He has a strong play that made the playoffs possible for the Bengals. His speed is still impressive compared to his younger counterparts. Such agility can easily break the opposing team’s defence—his real contributions on the field.

2) LeSean McCoy

McCoy is the Buffalo Bills running back who currently ranks #30 on the said list. He was also down three rankings. McCoy has his 6th Pro Bowl selection (with 5th in a row). He was also the 30th player who has 10,000 yards on his name.

McCoy is an elusive player in the field; someone who can change directions in the most abrupt manner. The shiftiness favoured him though avoiding constant hits. This is one of the reasons for his proven longevity in the league.

3) Jadeveon Clowney

One of the most improved players, Clowney ranks #32, which is 17 positions higher than his previous ranking. He has 2nd Pro Bowl selection. Nonetheless, Clowney achieved career highs in five categories: sacks, quarterback hits, tackles, forced fumbles, and fumble recoveries. The Houston Texans defensive end ranks second to Chandler Jones in terms of quarterback hits (20+) and tackles for losses (21).

It took a while before Clowney could become comfortable in the field. But in 2016, he proved his worth and got included in the first-team All-Pro. He became the force to reckon with ever since. Clowney formed the most fearsome pass-rushing duo in NFL with J.J. Watt. Thus, he could be one of the reasons the Texans might appear in the playoff. 

4) Tyreek Hill

A wide receiver to Kansas City Chiefs, Hill ranks #40 in the list. His ranking was down four positions from 2017. Hills has 2nd Pro Bowl selection. He was also one of four players who have 1,100 receiving yards. His accomplishments include 7+ touchdowns.

Hill is a deep-field threat and a complete receiver. His dynamicity in the field is not quite apparent on any other football player. The team’s prospect for winning a ring would be strengthened if Hill won’t go anywhere else this season and the seasons to come.


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5 of the Best Super Bowl Halftime Performances

The Super Bowl has some of the most magnificent performances of a lifetime. Show stoppers indeed! 

People may have differing opinions on which performances are deserving to be called the best. But these halftime shows that made Super Bowl history are the unanimous choices.

#5 – Aerosmith, Mary J. Blige, Nelly, *NSYNC and Britney Spears (2001)

The 2001 Super Bowl halftime show was one of the best things that happened in 2001. The complete ensemble—pop, R n B, and rap singers in one gigantic stage were singing their hearts out. Star power ruled the moment *NSYNC opened the show with their hit song “Bye, Bye, Bye.” Their rendition of “Walk This Way” was epic. Also, this was the first-ever concert-like halftime performance with the crowds surrounding the stage. The interaction with the fans brought the performance to a whole new level.

#4 – Lady Gaga (2017)

Lady Gaga, who has a reputation for ‘over the top’ shows, set the bar high on this 2017 Super Bowl halftime performance. She started from the roof and jumped off it literally and ended her performance with a mic drop. Trust Gaga to overcompensate her audience with pure entertainment first, and theatrics, including the grand fireworks display, second. There had been no reinvention of her old songs to newer versions too. Furthermore, it is one of those performances that are highly interactive, giving the audience a role in the spectacle. Again, Lady Gaga is one of the few people who can do that. And with no surprise cameos whatsoever.

#3 – Prince (2007)

Prince is one of the greatest musicians who had ever live. His 2007 Super Bowl performance was epic on all proportions mainly because he was doing “Purple Rain” during a downpour. Prince made it look so easy performing on stage. Prince’s performance was not the most extravagant, but it still became one magical experience for the crowd more especially. Not to mention, the Florida A&M University Marching 100 were on their best elements too.

#2 – U2 (2002)

If there’s one powerful moment in Super Bowl history, that would be U2’s 2002 performance. An Irish rock band, U2 performed in honour of the lives lost in the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Performance-wise, this was a classic example of uniting the people and communicating the message of love through music as the universal language, as one YouTube commenter said. It made more emotional when Bono lifted his jacket and revealed the sewn American flag inside.

#1 – Michael Jackson (1993)

Jackson started it all with his 1993 Super Bowl halftime performance—from the King of Pop’s entrance to the use of the Jumbotrons and body doubles. The aerial shots of the stadium were phenomenal as well. Everything changed, and it even became a challenge to top the previous year’s performance. But there’s nothing to topple MJ’s performance just yet despite the sceptics saying he could have done more, being the consummate performer that he was. He started with bated breath and ended with a dedication of “Heal the World” for all the children worldwide.


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