Cleveland Browns

Kansas City Chiefs Beat Cleveland Browns to Reach the AFC Championship

The Kansas City Chiefs will host the AFC championship for three consecutive seasons. This is because they beat the Cleveland Browns 22-17. The game took place at the Arrowhead Stadium. It was quite eventful as the Chiefs’ quarterback Patrick Mahomes suffered a concussion halfway through the third quarter. Aside from that, there was also the controversial touchback rule between Higgins and Sorenson.

Patrick Mahomes Missing the Rest of the Game

Mahomes was leading 19-10 when Cleveland Browns’ linebacker Mack Wilson tackled him close to the chains. When the quarterback attempted to stand, he wobbled, and his teammates were quick to grab him. His eyes were out of focus as he walked slowly off the field. Veteran Chad Henne then entered the game to replace Mahomes.

Mahomes was evaluated for a concussion. But, Kansas City Chiefs’ coach Andy Reid was optimistic about the star player’s condition. In an interview, he stated, “He got hit in the back of the head and kinda knocked the wind out of him and everything else with it. He’s doing great right now which is a real positive as we looked at this. Passed all the deals that he needed to pass so we’ll see where it goes from here.”

Cleveland Browns and the Touchback Rule

The final period of the game was a rollercoaster ride for the Cleveland Browns. They were scoring and intercepting the Chiefs effectively. But, Henne was able to turn the tables when he rolled out to find Tyreek Hill for a pass on fourth-and-inches. There’s also the touchback rule, which contributed to their win. It has always been one of the NFL rules on debate for the severity of the punishment. 

It was down to 16-3 when Cleveland QB Mayfield connected with Rashard Higgins. Higgins stretched for the goal line, but Daniel Sorenson tackled him. This resulted in the wide receiver fumbling the ball just shy of the goal line and out of bounds in the end zone. This resulted in what you call a touchback, which gives possession of the ball to the opposing team.  

The AFC Championship

With the City Chiefs’ win, the AFC championship game will take place in Kansas City. The defending champions will be against the Buffalo Bills. The Buffalo Bills were able to beat Lamar Jackson and the Ravens. This is their first berth conference title game since the 1993 season.

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College Football Players

Clemson Tigers QB Lawrence Declares for 2021 NFL Draft

The Clemson Tigers, one of the most talented college football teams, says goodbye to talented quarterback Trevor Lawrence. The Tennessee-born football player is a presumptive No. 1 pick for this year’s NFL draft. After years of expectation, the prodigious Clemson QB is trading college football for a professional contract. The Jacksonville Jaguars expects to select him with Pick 1 this coming April. 

Before Clemson Tigers, Lawrence was a High School Football Star

Called the best NFL quarterback prospect in a decade, Lawrence was popular even in high school football. As we all know, high school recruiting is one of the most important aspects of football. Many top universities try to scout players from Year 9 and up. And not to mention in Texas, where you have over 50 high school football stadiums that can accommodate 10,000 fans. You’ll know that their high school football players are on another level.

So, Lawrence’s amazing talent for the sport comes as no surprise. He ranked as the top prospect of the 2018 high school class by Rivals and 247 Sports, which are famous recruiting sites.

According to 247 Sports’ Barton Simmons, “Lawrence is as much of a sure thing as we’ve seen in the recruiting industry at quarterback at an early stage. Lawrence is the rare prospect with a strong shot at being the nation’s top prospect from start to finish. He’s everything college coaches look for in a quarterback with a big arm, a terrific frame, functional athleticism and absurd production.”

Thus, even before he finished his second to the last high school football season, top universities such as Clemson and Georgia were chasing him. 

Clemson Snag the QB Prodigy

The Clemson Tigers successfully got Lawrence as their quarterback, and it was the best decision they’ve ever made. As a freshman, he led Clemson to victory as the college football team won the 2018 national championship. They defeated the Alabama Crimson Tide at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California. It was also that season that he became a Heisman Trophy finalist. Aside from that, he was pivotal in the Clemson Tigers’ three straight ACC championship wins. 

In his career, for over 40 games, he threw for 10,098 yards and with 90 passing touchdowns. He also has 943 yards rushing, 7 interceptions, and 18 rushing touchdowns. He is third on the university’s all-time leading passer list. 

Although Lawrence previously indicated that he is open to the possibility of returning to Clemson in 2021, his declaration for the 2021 NFL Draft made his intentions quite clear. With his departure, college football loses one of its best players. Lawrence was an ambassador for the problems faced by college athletes in 2020 due to the pandemic. He was part of #WeWantToPlay movement back in August. Aside from that, he was an advocate for the Black Lives Matter movement.

Taking into consideration all of his accomplishments, he is a football player to watch out for. The 2021 NFL Draft is fast approaching, and it will lead to big changes in the sport as teams do their best to get talented players such as Lawrence into their teams.

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Kansas City Chiefs

Kansas City Chiefs Signs DeAndre Baker After His Charges Were Dropped

It was a monumental day for DeAndre Baker as the state of Florida chose to drop all the charges against him. The former New York Giants cornerback was embroiled in an alleged armed robbery back in May. 

In 2019, Baker was a first-round pick of the New York Giants by way of the Georgia Bulldogs. After he was arrested for multiple counts of armed robbery and aggravated assault, his former team released him. He was then placed on the commissioner’s exempt list.

DeAndre Baker’s Case

Based on the original arrest warrant, it was stated that Baker and Quinton Dunbar, Seattle Seahawks cornerback, were accused of stealing money and watches while armed with semi-automatic firearms. It was said that Baker had intentionally threatened the victims with the firearm. Dunbar has not been filed any criminal charges because of insufficient evidence. Unfortunately, the same could not be said for Baker.

The case was a roller coaster of a ride, to begin with. The four alleged victims had given conflicting statements about the incident to the state attorney’s office. Last May, they had recanted their sworn statements in affidavits. According to Cohen in his interview with ESPN:

“Knowing that you have admitted liars — admitted liars, there is no way to cut around it or change the story. They are, at best, admitted liars and convicted felons. You have four guys that are convicted felons and admitted liars. You filed based on their word against a guy that has no criminal history, always gives back to his community.”

The Charges Were Dropped

On the 16th of November, an arrest was made on William Dean, the prosecution’s attorney, for attempting to extort nearly $800,000 out of Baker. This was in exchange for weakened statements from three of the four alleged victims of the robbery case. Because of the said arrest, all charges against Baker were dropped, and the case was dismissed.

According to Baker’s defence team, he had been “a victim of an extortion from day one.” It is said that the clients were involved in the set-up from the very beginning. If Baker had been convicted, he would have faced a mandatory minimum of 10 years and up to life in state prison.

Welcomed By the Kansas City Chiefs

After Baker’s case was dropped, a lot of football teams were interested in his services. Some of these teams were the Bengals and the Chiefs. The latter was successful in snagging the free agent. Baker was graded 78th out of 84 qualifying cornerbacks in coverage last year. However, he ended the rookie season on a high note by ranking 8th out of 77 during the final six weeks. That’s why it comes as to no surprise why many teams were interested in him. It also doesn’t hurt the fact that the Giants invested a lot in the football player. They traded back up into the first round of last year’s NFL draft to bring Baker on board. They did this by swapping their second-round pick at No. 37 with the Seahawks for No. 30 overall. 

DeAndre Baker agreed to terms with the Kansas City Chiefs and will play for Steve Spagnuolo, the former Giants defensive coordinator. 

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