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What You Should Know About the NFL Draft

The NFL Draft has always been a vital part of the sport. It has been evolving since 1936 when the first NFL Draft was held in Philadelphia at the Ritz-Carlton. Before, the event included 30 rounds, and now it is down to seven rounds. And because of this shrinking format, it has exploded in popularity over the years.

For years, the draft was also held behind the scenes, but today it has become an event made for the TV, which is why the NFL Draft was also able to push on despite the pandemic. The event was a beacon of hope and joy for NFL fans because they get to see how their favorite teams will play out. 

The NFL Draft

This event gives hope to NFL teams, especially those who had poor win-loss records in their previous season. It is held in April, and it allows teams to improve their roster by adding the most talented players and college players in the world. 

There are three common methods for how NFL teams develop their player rosters: trading their players from other teams and drafting college players who are eligible for the NFL draft and free-agent signings. The event also occurs for two days, wherein all 32 teams take their turns selecting players.  

Another thing to consider is that the draft consists of seven rounds. Rounds one to three take place on Saturday, while four to seven happens on Sunday. There is an average of 32 picks on each round, which means each team has approximately one pick per round. Also, picks per team vary since, for instance, teams can trade their draft picks to other teams. 

What is On the Clock?

A new clock starts ticking after the game clock at the Super Bowl expires. This clock is the one that ticks down to the first player selected in the NFL Draft in April. When an NFL team is on the clock, they have the next selection in the draft and have a set amount of time to make a selection. The team with the first selection is also on the clock from the end of January. The clock will then begin for real on draft day. 

During the NFL draft, one team is always on the clock. Teams also have fifteen minutes to make their choice in round one. In the second, it decreases to ten minutes, and then in the third round to the seventh round, it drops down to five minutes. If an NFL team cannot decide on the specified time, the next team can pick before them, and the team that missed their turn can submit their selection at any time before the time is up. It is also important to note that the NFL team’s draft position is based on the success or loss they achieved on the field during the previous year. That’s why the NFL team that had the worst record will have the first pick of each round, and the Super Bowl champion will have the last pick.  

How do they pick their NFL players?

When it comes to choosing their players, NFL teams assess abilities and talent months if not years before the draft. Scouts, general managers, and coaches collect statistics and notes through their evaluation of hundreds of college football’s best players before making their selection. Another instance where they can get familiar with the players is in the NFL Scouting Combine that happens in February. This is the event where more than 300 of the top eligible players are invited to showcase their abilities.  

After making assessments of the players, the NFL teams will then make their wish lists for those they want to draft. On draft day, the team’s key personnel will huddle together in a room that’s also known as the War Room, and it is in there that they finally decide whom to draft. There are even NFL teams that may decide on their first-round selection far in advance of the draft and settle on contract terms with the player, which means that the draft will only become a formality. 

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5 NFL Teams to Watch Out for this 2020

Despite the fact that the world of sports has been on pause since the COVID-19 pandemic, the NFL is still the center of attention for many sports fans. This is due to the recently concluded 2020 NFL Draft last April. The 85th annual meeting was done via videoconferencing, and the NFL teams were able to select and gain new eligible players for the 2020 NFL season.   

With this done, it might be great for fans and bettors to get to know the NFL power rankings this year and see whether their favorite teams have come up on top. The list below shows some of the best NFL teams to watch out for.  

#1 Kansas City Chiefs

One of the reasons why this team is considered a force to be reckoned with is because they have one of the best offensive teams in the NFL. This has even gotten better with the selection of Clyde Edwards-Helaire, who will help give Patrick Homes a weapon in the backfield. They also upgraded the team by strengthening the inside linebackers by selecting Willie Gay Jr. These picks are making it look great for the Chiefs. Also, another essential thing that makes the Chiefs a formidable team is because they have Patrick Mahomes, a quarterback that has won an MVP award and a Super Bowl in three seasons. 

#2 Baltimore Ravens

The Baltimore Ravens may have lost Marshal Yanda to retirement, but they have selected great NFL players to their teams. Last year, they were known to be the best team in the league. With Lamar Jackson winning the MVP award and by setting the record for rushing yards, the NFL team had a promising year. But, they were not able to pick up the pace in the playoffs. That is why, in the offseason, they plan on becoming even better. For their defense, they had added veterans Derek Wolfe and Calais Campbell, who is a 5-time Pro Bowler. They also picked Patrick Queen and Malik Harrison for their inside linebackers in the 2020 draft. For their offense, the Ravens chose J.K. Dobbins and Devin Duvernay.  

#3 New Orleans Saints

The Saints have made quite a few changes and additions to their team. They might also be considered as one of the most complete teams in the franchise because there isn’t a single position that can be thought of as an area of weakness. They have replaced players such as for the wide receiver, they now have Emmanuel Sanders, and for interior offense, they have Cesar Ruiz. For the outside linebacker, they drafted Zack Baun to replace A.J. Klein. The Saints also picked Malcolm Jenkins, who is a 3-time Pro Bowler and 2-time Super Bowl champion to replace Vonn Bell.   

#4 San Francisco 49ers

The San Francisco 49ers are almost the same team as when they had their NFC championship, except they have selected some rookies to replace their previous players DeForest Buckner and Emmanuel Sanders. They drafted Javon Kinlaw, who has the potential to be a disruptive player and Brandon Aiyuk, a wide receiver, who should be a great balance to offset the loss of Sanders. For their defense, they also have Arik Armstead and Jimmie Ward. 

#5 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

This NFL team is brimming with excitement because of the favourable selections that they have made for this year. They drafted none other than one of the most famous quarterbacks in history, Tom Brady. This 6-time Super Bowl-winning player is an excellent addition to the team. Not to mention that they also nabbed players like Tristan Wirfs, one of this year’s top tackle players, and Rob Gronkowski as the tight end player. Other players include Ke’ Shawn Vaughn, Tyler Johnson, Ndamukong Suh, and Antoine Winfield Jr. With these picks, the Buccaneers have become one of the prime contenders for the Super Bowl.    

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Best NFL Players: Future Candidates for the Pro Football Hall of Fame

All sports have their own awards when it comes to impressive players. They are acknowledged for their skills and hard work for being the best among the rest. These are the kind of players that make bettors wager against bookie odds. Who could blame them when the players’ stats and wins speak for themselves. 

For the NFL, one of the most coveted awards that NFL players could have is to make it to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. This will show that they have contributed a lot to the sport and have made history.

Here are some of the best NFL players that are still active in the league and have the potential to be in the hall of fame.   

Tom Brady

Leading this list is none other than the New England Patriots quarterback. There would be no surprise there if Brady will be inducted to the hall of fame in the future. This is a no-brainer. With his impressive career and records, such as being the only NFL player in history to have six Super Bowl wins under his belt, he is on his way to having more record-breaking titles. 

Larry Fitzgerald

Fitzgerald has been flirting with retirement, but this 2020 he is still rumored to be back in the game. Although he lacks a Super Bowl ring, his impressive records make up for it. The Arizona Cardinals wide receiver is an 11-time Pro Bowler. He is also second in career receptions and touchdowns with 1,378 and 17,083, respectively. Fitzgerald is just behind another NFL player legend, Jerry Rice, who ranks number one in both. He also ranks sixth in receiving touchdowns with 120. That is why he will definitely be a potential candidate for the hall of fame.

Khalil Mack

This linebacker of the Chicago Bears already has a record of 61.5 sacks and 398 tackles. He is as one of the most feared defensive players and has two defensive touchdowns. He is deemed to be held the NCAA record for forced fumbles (20) and is a five-time Pro Bowler. In 2015, he also became the first NFL player to be ever selected first-team All-Pro at two different positions. To say the least, his future as a Hall of Famer continues to be promising.

Von Miller

Another linebacker, the Denver Broncos player, is known for being an active defender with 106.0 sacks, 489 tackles, and 25 forced fumbles. He is also an eight-time Pro Bowler, and he even got the Butkus Award for being the most outstanding college linebacker. In 2015, he was also named Super Bowl MVP for the NFL season. With such records, his future in the hall of fame is surely locked.   

Aaron Rodgers

This quarterback will be joining the Hall of Famers when his career is over because he is one of the best quarterbacks in his generation. The Green Bay Packers player had big shoes to fill when he replaced the famous Brett Faver. But, he showed that he could live up to it and proved that he was more than enough for the position. He ranks as number one when it comes to passer rating with 103.1. He is also in the top 10 list for career passing touchdowns. 

Those are just some of the potential inductees for the Pro Football Hall of Fame. There are many more that should be mentioned. But, it just goes to show how there are so many great NFL players out there that sports fans can bet their stakes on. 

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