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When Serena Does Serena: 6 Times Williams Rock the Tennis World

Serena Williams is undeniably the greatest woman tennis player of all-time. Her stellar career, however, is marred with outbursts, tantrums, dramas, and an overall attitude that the spectators either take in or ignore. 

Who can forget her explosive retorts against umpire Carlos Ramos in the 2018 US Open?

These are the moments that both Serena, despite having no complete control over a situation, and her fans would rather forget.

The Moments That Took the Tennis World by Surprise

2009 US Open

One time when Serena got confrontational was during the 2009 US Open semi-finals match against Kim Clijsters. The reason was the lineswoman, Shino Tsurubuchi who foot faulted her. 

She contested the decision and argued with the official, launching a tirade of abuse against her. Serena even smashed her racquet during the moment, which turned off a lot of fans. 

It resulted in an $82,500 fine plus $500 for smashing the tennis equipment. Serena also received a suspended ban, two-year probation.

2011 Wimbledon

This could be the darkest moment in Serena’s career with her less-than-enigmatic performance at the 2011 Wimbledon.

In the fourth round, she lost the game to Marion Bartoli. It was her earliest exit in a competition.

What’s worse, Serena plummeted to rank #175. It was her lowest world ranking.

2012-13 season

If there’s one word that can sum up that season, it was injury-plagued. Serena suffered from an injury after an injury.

Successive ankle injuries affected her game while in Australia. She missed several matches then.

At one point, she suffered from a pulmonary embolism. A blood clot was discovered in her lungs, and she underwent emergency surgery. She got over it and recovered completely.

2012 London Olympics

Other than the fact that she defeated one of her supposed rivals, Maria Sharapova, it was the crip walk dance that everyone got talking. She danced as a part of her impromptu celebration without giving much thought about the dance itself.

The crip walk is associated with some of the bloodiest gang-related violence in the United States. Seeing Serena doing it after the gold medal at the 2012 London Olympics was tactless. 

2014 Wimbledon

Serena was forced to stop the match because of a viral illness. She was not even able to toss the ball properly due to dizziness.

No one antagonises Serena for what had happened because even the most physically fit can get sick if not for her sister, Venus. They were doing a doubles match at that time and stopping would mean ruining her sister’s chance of progressing further in the competition.

Venus, the ever-doting sister that she is, on the other hand, was seen calmly consoling Serena.

2015 US Open

During a post-match press conference where she defeated her sister, Serena unwillingly answered questions from the members of the press. 

A reporter asked her, “Why aren’t you smiling?” A stroppy Serena retorted by saying she was so tired and did not want to be in front of these people to answer dumb questions from stupid reporters.

She said something like that, and it didn’t sit well with a room full of reporters and media personalities.

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3 Best Performing NBA Teams of All-Time

When it comes to basketball, it’s hard to pin down which the best NBA team of all-time is. Fill an entire room with a hundred fans, and you’d get a hundred different answers.

There is no exact formula when it comes to ranking the best basketball teams in NBA history. That’s 72 years of history and counting!

Good thing, some stats can make the process of determining who the best NBA team is. While at it, while the winning teams’ strategy revolved around outstanding players who work together to win a championship. 

Winning an NBA championship is the culmination of the hard work and dedication of each team and player.

Below are the best performing NBA teams.

Runner-up – 2016-17 Golden State Warriors

Record: 67-15

Playoffs: 16-1

The Stephen Curry-led Golden State Warriors is composed of talented basketball players today. 

The 2016-17 season was the Warriors’ best year so far. The team broke several records including the 16-1 playoff record, the highest winning percentage in NBA history. It was one of the teams to enter the finals the earliest (February 25).  

#3 – 1895-86 Boston Celtics

Record: 67-15

Playoffs: 15-3

In the 1984-85 season, Boston Celtics lost the NBA championship to Los Angeles Lakers. Larry Bird and his team were motivated to win against its archnemesis.

The Celtics won the regular season with 67 games. They were able to beat Milwaukee Bucks, Atlanta Hawks, and Chicago Bulls in the playoffs (Eastern Conference). 

The Celtics beat Houston Rockets in the NBA Finals of that season, with an 82 combined wins at the regular season and playoffs.

From the franchise’s best, five players went to be included in the Hall of Famers.

#2 – 1986-87 Los Angeles Lakers

Record: 65-17

Playoffs: 12-3

The year before their banner year was a failure for the Los Angeles Lakers. The team did not make it to the NBA Finals. Boston Celtics won the championship then.

The 1986-87 season was an opportunity for the Lakers to reclaim their throne. Magic Johnson led the team, along with equally great scorers James Worthy and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. 

Not only they made it into the Finals but also defeated the Boston Celtics after a historic six games season-ender.

#1 – 1995-96 Chicago Bulls

Record: 72-10

Playoffs: 15-3

The trio of Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, and Dennis Rodman of the Chicago Bulls was the epitome of NBA greatness. Theirs was an extraordinary display of offence and defence combined. Such a claim was made evident by their 1995-96 championship.

The year prior was not at all stellar especially that Jordan had already left to focus on baseball. He made a surprise comeback, but Orlando Magic halted their championship bid. The Bulls lost in the second round of the playoffs.

Jordan, Pippen, and Rodman played as they did in the past in the next year. The Bulls finished the season with not just a championship, but an NBA record of 72 wins – the highest in a single season. It is also the first team to have three players in the NBA All-Defensive First Team.


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3 Best Performing NBA #1 Draft Picks of the Last 10 Seasons

The NBA Draft season culminated recently with Zion Williamson as the 2019 first overall pick. The New Orleans Pelicans selected Williamson.

Hopes and expectations. These are the words that describe the selection process. And whoever can prove that he is worthy of the spot gets drafted.

It’s time we look back some of the best NBA #1 overall draft picks in the last ten years. Note: not all NBA draft picks performed what was expected of them. But these three people delivered!

1) Kyrie Irving

NBA Draft: 2011

Picked by the Cleveland Cavaliers, Irving was one of the best players of the 2010-11 basketball season. He played with the Duke Blue Devils men’s basketball. Irving averaged 17.4 points in the first eight games, but an injury puts his performance to a halt.

It did not stop the NCAA to include Irving in the roster of the Freshman of the Year. He was the strongest contender then. On his last game with the Duke, Irving scored 28 points.

He forwent the last three seasons of his eligibility and went ahead with the NBA draft.

In 2012, he was chosen as part of the Rising Stars Challenge where he scored 34 points. His three-point shooting expertise showed with 8-of-8 baskets. Irving was given Most Valuable Player (MVP) honours.

Irving became the 2011-12 Rookie of the Year. He appeared on his first NBA finals in 2014-15 and first NBA championship in the next year. He played one more season with the Cavaliers before signing up with the Boston Celtics. 

In 2019, he became a free agent and signed with Brooklyn Nets.

2) Anthony Davis

NBA Draft: 2012

Davis was selected by New Orleans Hornets and stayed with the team for the next seven seasons until he was traded to the Los Angeles Lakers.

His #1 overall pick in the 2012 NBA Draft was a basketball forecast of 2011. Davis was also predicted to be a college basketball Grand Slam awardee, winning National Player of the Year, Defensive Player of the Year, and Freshman of the Year.

Davis led the Kentucky Wildcats’ eighth NCAA championship.

On the same year, he became a part of the Team USA and competed at the 2012 Olympics. He was the first American player who played at the Olympics without prior NBA experience.

Davis was declared for the draft and the rest of the champion team’s starting five. He signed a three-year contract with the Hornets valued at $16 million. 

He appeared at the First All-Star in 2013-14 and had his first playoff the following season. In 2016-17, he recorded 50 points in a season opener game. He holds the second-highest scoring next to Michael Jordan who scored a whopping 54 points in 1989.

3) Ben Simmons

NBA Draft: 2016

The Philadelphia 76ers chose Simmons, and he stayed with the team until now. 

He played for the Louisiana State University (LSU) Tigers. Simmons was named first-team All-American as well as the National Freshman of the Year. LSU Tigers did not qualify for the NCAA Tournament.

Simmons moved forward by entering the NBA Draft. And he became the third Australian who became #1 overall pick. (Irving was one of these three players).

Simmons was the first player to become #1 pick without prior NCAA Tournament experience.

He wasn’t able to play on his first year with the 76ers because of an injury. In 2018-19, however, he proved the media analysts (and those who doubt his shooting capabilities by becoming the Rookie of the Year. He was also included in the NBA All-Rookie First Team.

In 2019, Simmons was named to the NBA All-Star.


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