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3 of the Best Quarterbacks in NFL History

If there is one person in the offensive line who bears the weight of every game, that is the quarterback. Indeed, a quarterback play can lead the entire team towards winning or losing the game.

Not all quarterbacks are created equal, however. Some quarterbacks can execute an outstanding play through running the football himself or forward passing while others can’t.

Three to four names appear consistently in rankings of top quarterbacks of all-time.

These NFL quarterbacks, changed the entire American football history.

#3 – Joe Montana (1979 – 1994)

  • 4x Super Bowl championships
  • 3x Super Bowl MVP
  • 8x Pro Bowler
  • 2x NFL MVP
  • NFL Offensive Player of the Year

Montana is known for his ability to keep calm, earning him the moniker ‘Joe Cool.’ With this demeanour, he was always able to direct his teammates. Montana never lost a Super Bowl with his 63.2% yards completion and 2.6% interception rates.

The come-from-behind passer delivers what is expected of him, and the most cherished moment in his professional career was the San Francisco 49ers 1988-89 playoff win. He had 19 touchdowns against a single interception.

He had a strong start in 1989 when he won the Offensive Player of the Year. Nowadays, he is also known as The Comeback Kid because of his legendary fourth-quarter comebacks. Such a deficit puts him behind Brady and Manning.

#2 – Peyton Manning (1998 – 2015)

  • 2x Super Bowl championships
  • Super Bowl MVP
  • 14x Pro Bowler
  • 5x NFL MVP
  • 2x Offensive Player of the Year

Montana may have more Super Bowl championship appearances than Manning, but there is more to the man when it comes to mental battles against the opponents. He has abilities to 1) diagnose coverages and 2) break the defence. Brady is the only one who can match and even surpass his football IQ. 

Furthermore, diagnosis efficiency is the reason behind his low sack numbers with only 303 throughout 17 seasons. Manning has 65.3% yards completion and 2.7% interception rates. He attempted 9,380 passes as well during the Super Bowl XLI.

Nonetheless, he failed some playoffs that put him in the second position.

#1 – Tom Brady (2000 – present)

  • 5x Super Bowl championships
  • 4x Super Bowl MVP
  • 12x Pro Bowler
  • 2x NFL MVP
  • 2x NFL Offensive Player of the Year

Brady does not possess the arm strength or the mobility of his contemporaries. Still, he has an impressive football IQ that allows him to make the most efficient decisions on the field. Other than his accuracy, Brady’s strong work ethic is his legacy.

A consistent passer, Brady’s yards completion percentage was at 63.8 (attempted more than 8,000 passes throughout his career) while his interception percentage is 1.8. He’d never went beyond that point since he became a starter. Tom Terrific’s passing prowess was one of the reasons his team has won at least five Super Bowls.

While he may be the oldest NFL quarterback to retire, he is leaving valuable lessons on nutrition, strength, and conditioning. These three change the way he trains and plays football.

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5 Big 3s to Watch Out For in the 2019-20 NBA Season

Triangle offence.

While it is a simple yet perplexing offence strategy, it works. It worked for Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers, among NBA teams whose championships were founded on the triangle offence.

Scott Cacciola explains in Three Sides to This Story what a triangle offence is and how it looks like. It “revolves around seven guiding principles that include maintaining proper spacing, penetration bypassing and the interchangeability of positions. Every player ought to be able to score and from different angles.” And yes, it involves three to four players – the post, wing, and corner players – to form a triangle.

It is about proper spacing, moving the ball, and reading and breaking the opponent’s defence.

Much has been said about the death of the Big 3. And yet the importance of such cannot be dismissed at this point.

Here are the NBA Big 3s who will dominate the 2019-20 season.

5) Milwaukee Bucks: Giannis Antetokounmpo, Khris Middleton, and Eric Bledsoe

Milwaukee Bucks became the 2018-19 season’s best team thanks to these three. 

Antetokounmpo is one of the best defensive players in the NBA but lacks in shooting section. Middleton is the three-point shooter that knows how to play the dynamics of the court to his advantage. Middleton can guarantee the shooting while Bledsoe is for defending the perimeter.

4) Houston Rockets: James Harden, Russell Westbrook, and Erik Gordon

Harden and Westbrook, who are both MVPs, make the Big Two. Add up sharpshooting Gordon, and this Big 3 will be unstoppable.

Harden’s capabilities are comparable with Michael Jordan’s at the 1986-87 NBA season, scoring 36.1 points per game versus Jordan’s 37.1 points. Westbrook, on his part, is the only player who averaged triple-double in the 2016-17 season. He may not have the most reliable defensive plays, but Harden and Gordon can cover up for him.

3) Philadelphia 76ers: Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons, and Tobias Harris

Embiid and Simmons are two big men who can play defensively and offensively at every position on the court. Both have exceptional abilities to space out the floor while opposing the other team’s big men. There are not many issues with Embiid other than his fitness. With Simmons, however, his outside jump shots still lack the efficiency to convert to points.

This is where Harris comes in who can shoot spot-up and off-the-dribble. His jumper skills are dependable too.

2) Los Angeles Lakers: LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and DeMarcus Cousins

James, according to sports analysts, has shown signs of slowing down in the past season despite his 27.4 points, 8.5 rebounds, and 8.3 assists average per game stats. 

Davis and Cousins, on the other hand, are at their prime. Davis can dominate the floor, on both ends while Cousins always has a workaround for an easy basket.

1) Los Angeles Clippers: Kawhi Leonard, Paul George and Lou Williams

Kawhi Leonard made NBA history by switching offseason after winning a championship and Finals MVP. He is now with the Clippers along with Paul George, who Leonard encouraged to request a trade as him so they can be in the same team.

Leonard and George are a defensive dynamo that Lou Williams, a scorer himself, shall complement. Williams is also a reliable defence player.

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The 6 Most Shocking NBA Trades and Signings in the Last 10 Years

True to any basketball game, the NBA has full of surprises. Changes that leave die-hard fans scratching their head for pure disbelief or jump out of their seats.

While trading and free agency signings are nothing new, the news of who changes what are still the biggest bombs the fans and basketball spectators need to contend with. 

Most surprising moves in the NBA world over the last 10 years.

1) LeBron James Left Cleveland Cavaliers to Join Miami Heat (2010 NBA Season)

James started it all when he ‘decided’ to join Miami Heat. His goal was to bring a championship to Cleveland, creating superteams with Chris Bosch and Dwayne Wade with them. Granted.

However, the drama involved was too much for the fans to take in when he was only heating up with Cleveland Cavaliers. James said it was a free agent decision, but was actually a trade he initiated.

2) Carmelo Anthony traded from Denver Nuggets to New York Knicks (2011 NBA Season)

A blockbuster trade that had the experts rolling, Anthony wanted to be with the Nuggets. However, talks about possible extensions failed. He was traded to the Knicks. 

Anthony upped his game with three-point shooting MVP-like efforts, but to no avail. Indiana Pacers robbed them as early as the second round. Still, New York Knicks appeared in three playoffs with Melo on the lead. Melo, along with Tyson Chandler and Amar’e Stoudemire, made up the “Big 3.”

3) Dwight Howard left Orlando Magic for Los Angeles Lakers (2012 NBA Season)

Howard is one of the big men in the NBA. He was expected to go somewhere (with speculations brewing as early as 12 months back), likely the Lakers whose men beat his team up in the finals leading to the trade. Howard’s other choices then were Brooklyn Nets and Dallas Mavericks.

It was his wish to be traded from Magic, which was in the process of rebuilding the franchise but without the NBA’s best centre at the time. 

4) James Harden left Oklahoma City Thunder to join Houston Rockets (2013 NBA Season)

In 2012, Oklahoma City Thunder was poised to become the next NBA champion with Kevin Durant, James Harden, and Russell Westbrook. Still, Harden was traded off despite being the 6th Man of the Year. His valuable scoring was overshadowed by the high luxury tax to resign him. An extension was discussed but did not materialise. 

Houston Rockets benefited from the trade, experiencing its first Finals, thanks to Harden and the rest of the team. Harden became a restricted free agent in the 2014 season. 

5) Kevin Durant left Oklahoma City Thunder for Golden State Warriors (2016 NBA Season)

Keen on an NBA championship that never came his way, Durant moved to the Golden State Warriors.

The 2017 NBA Finals proved to be a fruitful trade. Durant never came close to the finals despite winning four scoring titles and being the NBA Most Valuable Player (MVP) once. With the Warriors, his talent and potential could be appreciated more, than with the Thunder.

6) Kawhi Leonard left San Antonio Spurs to join Toronto Raptors (2018 NBA Season)

Another dramatic trade, Leonard, plagued with injuries in the previous season, requested for the said trade. Toronto Raptors took a risk and signed him in.

Both teams have been talking about the trade for months before its conclusion, noting that Leonard was a ‘very tough sell’ because he is. He was the previous seasons Finals MVP winner aside from being a two-time Defensive Player of the Year. Leonard became a free agent in 2019.

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