Five of the Greatest Men’s Tennis Players of All Time

Every tennis fan has their list the greatest of all time—their GOATs. That’s why it’s rather tricky to debate who the greatest men’s tennis players in tennis history are.

The stats cannot be the sole basis, though, because we are talking about pre- and the Open era. It means training, technology, and equipment are very different then. Tennis players have their preference also, excelling in grass or clay.

But, there is a need to establish who the GOATs are in the men’s tennis division. Here are our choices.

#5 – Pete Sampras

Sampras is famous for his powerful serve. The American dominated the tennis scene of the 1990s, ranking #1 consistently between 1993 and 1998. Turning pro in 1988 and retiring in 2002, Sampras has one of the stellar professional careers among men players.

Sampras, who seemed to be in his best elements when playing on hard and grass courts, has a total of 64 titles, 14 Grand Slam titles. His Grand Slams was the number to beat during his time. 

During the 2002 US Open, he beat Andre Agassi, his longtime rival. Even before the rivalries of Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, theirs was considered as the rivalry of all time. The epic match made the 1990s a great decade for tennis. 

In 2007, Sampras was inducted into Tennis Hall of Fame.

#4 – Rod Laver

For some, Laver deserved to be the GOAT in tennis history. He won 200 tournaments throughout his career. He also has 11 Grand Slams and 9 Pro Slam titles. Laver won all Grand Slam titles for men’s singles within the same year. And he did it twice!

Also called “The Rocket,” Laver ranked as the world’s #1 between 1964 and 1970. He was inducted in 1981, two years after he retired in 1979.

#3 – Novak Djokovic

Djokovic is known for his fantastic backhand, which already won him 75 titles and 16 Grand Slams. In April 2019, he defeated his longtime rival Nadal in the Australian Open. He also beat Federer in 2019 Wimbledon.

The Serbian national is currently the world’s #1 tennis player. But he is no stranger to this spot; he held the same ranking in 2011, 2012, 2014, and 2015. 

He is also expected to win more Grand Slams throughout his last few years playing tennis. He was 32. Some even claimed he is well-positioned to surpass Federer’s Grand Slam record.

#2 – Rafael Nadal

Nadal has 84 titles and 19 Grand Slams as well as an Olympic gold medal under his belt. That’s thanks to his incredible agility and power on the court. This is more so on clay courts where he typically plays his best tennis. He has 12 French Open titles!

While he is nearing retirement at age 33, there is so much more to expect from Nadal. If not Djokovic, Nadal nay potentially snatch the most Grand Slam wins record from Federer.

#1 – Roger Federer

Federer is the men’s tennis all-rounder who deserves the top spot. The Swiss player has 102 titles and won 20 Grand Slam titles and speak for his tennis prowess.

Nadal’s greatest rival is recognized by Tennis Magazine as the leader in men’s tennis in its ranking of the 50 best tennis players of all time.


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10 Tennis Women’s Singles Players Ranked No. 1 in WTA History

Computer rankings, which dramatically changed the Women’s Tennis Association, started on November 3, 1975.

Here are the women who have held the most coveted ranking as WTA’s No. 1.

1) Steffi Graf

Graf holds the record for holding the No. 1 position for 377 weeks. She has been a top player for 186 consecutive weeks. Graf first appeared in the ranking on August 17, 1987.

2) Martina Navratilova

Navratilova came in second place with 332 weeks at No. 1 position with 156 consecutive weeks on it. She first appeared as the No. 1 singles tennis player on July 10, 1978.

3) Serena Williams

Williams holds the position for 319 weeks, tying with Graf for the number of consecutive weeks at No. 1 – 186. She appeared on the ranking on July 8, 2002. Five months earlier, on February 25, 2002, her older sister, Venus, also held the No. 1 position. Since Williams is still active, there’s a high chance she would beat both Navratilova and Graf’s records.

4) Chris Evert

Evert spent 260 weeks at the No. 1 position with 113 consecutive weeks at it. She was the first woman to receive the ranking. She and Navratilova dominated the No. 1 position in the next ten years (until 1985) simultaneously. The only two other names to appear as No. 1 players were Evonne Goolagong (1976) and Tracy Austin (1980).

5) Martina Hingis

Hingis held the No. 1 ranking for 260 weeks. She had it under her belt for 80 consecutive weeks, appearing on the list for the first time on March 31, 1997.

6) Monica Seles

Seles is another legend who was ranked No. 1 for a total of 178 weeks. Debuting on the list on March 11, 1991, she appeared at No. 1 for 91 consecutive weeks.

7) Justine Henin

Henin has her name on the No. 1 ranking for 117 weeks starting October 26, 2003, up to May 18, 2008. She ranked No. 1 for 61 consecutive weeks.

8) Lindsay Davenport

Davenport is the eighth with 98 weeks on No. 1 position. She first held the position on October 12, 1998, and sporadically appeared until January 13, 2002. The next two years have been bleak. She appeared three times again as the No. 1 player on October 18, 2004, August 29 and October 24, 2005.

9) Caroline Wozniacki

Wozniacki was ranked No. 1 for 71 weeks. She appeared at least three times since October 11, 2010. The longest she was on the top was 49 consecutive weeks from February 21, 2011 to January 29, 2012. She held the No. 1 position once more on January 29, 2018, for four weeks.

10) Simona Halep

Halep first appeared as the No. 1 woman tennis player on October 9, 2017. She appeared on the ranking for a total of 64 weeks. The longest was 48 consecutive weeks from February 26, 2018 to January 27, 2019, when Naomi Osaka took over the No. 1 position. After her first Wimbledon championship in 2019, Halep’s rankings and records would definitely increase in the coming seasons.

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8 Tennis Players that Could be Serena Williams’ Heir

With 23 titles under her belt, Serena Williams is hailed as one of the best woman tennis players, if not the best.

Who can ever replace Williams’ place and take over the throne? So okay, she was displaced several times as world’s No. 1. But the article is talking about her legacy of winning.

At the recently concluded US Open Finals, Bianca Andreescu won her maiden Grand Slam title with 6-3, 7-5. Other than that, she has a fantastic record this year so far at 45-4, beating the top 10 players including Williams.

But Andreescu, the 2019 US Open Finals champion, is not the only one.

Here are the other players who could be Williams heir apparent aside from her.

Belinda Bencic

Bencic broke through the tennis scene in 2012. Her biggest triumph yet was at the Rogers Cup where she beat Caroline Wozniacki, Eugenie Bouchard, Sabine Lisicki, Ana Ivanovic, and Williams herself. She also has a career-high No. 7 ranking.

Simona Halep

Halep is one of the most consistent tennis players, ranking as the world’s No. 1 twice (2017 and 2019). In 2019, she bested Williams at the Wimbledon finals with her offensive, aggressive play. She has another Grand Slam title, the French Open (2018). She is often compared with Justine Henin, who praised the Romanian superstar’s intelligent game.

Naomi Osaka

Osaka was the other half of the infamous 2018 US Open finals, defeating Williams and receiving her trophy amidst the booing crowd. She has also won the 2019 Australian Open, giving her second Grand Slam title. Osaka is known for her aggressive playstyle combined with a powerful serve. She is also one of the most marketable athletes worldwide, ranking second behind Williams,

Ashleigh Barty

Barty won the 2019 French Open for singles. She also played the doubles in the 2018 US Open and won the title. Other than that, she has a career record of 220-83 which means, like Williams, she has the highest winning potential among all the players on the list. 

Elina Svitolina

Svitolina reached the highest ranking of No. 3 in 2015, while her current ranking is No. 5 (August 2019). She has never won a single Grand Slam title, but she the Tour Finals 2018 winner.  

Petra Kvitova

Kvitova has won the Wimbledon trophy twice, against Maria Sharapova in 2011 and Bouchard in 2014. She also appeared in the finals of the Australian Open in 2019. Kvitova currently ranks 6th in all-time rankings.

Madison Keys

Keys won her first WTA singles title in 2014. She consistently appears in the semifinals, quarterfinals and finals of Grand Slam match. She reached a career-high of No. 7 ranking, appearing in the top 25 since 2015.

Sloane Stephens

Stephens reached and beat Williams at the 2013 Australian Open when she was just a teenager. At the 2017 US Open championship, she went against Keys for an all-American match. She also has a Grand Slam title to boast of, the 2017 US Open. Stephens is slowly gaining her momentum, appearing in the Tour Finals in 2018.


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