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Every Celebrity Booed at an NFL Game

It has been an awkward week, well at least for Kendall Jenner who was incessantly booed at the Los Angeles Rams vs Baltimore Ravens NFL game on November 26. She was shown on the Jumbotron screen twice and was booed for both occasions.

She was with her sister Kylie Jenner, and some other celebrities and friends.

Booing is nothing new.

Fans boo their team’s opponent for psychological reasons, ruining their game in the process. Of course, it’s different when the fans of both teams are booing other fans, especially the celebrity spectators.

Here are other celebrities who were booed at an NFL game. 

#1 Ryan Seacrest

Seacrest was booed while kicking off the NFL season in Denver in 2013.

He was an NBC staple then, with his deal with E! and Million Second Quiz, a game show. Choosing him to introduce the season opener is a no-brainer. The fans, however, are not so thrilled.

He was met with resounding boos from the crowd which Seacrest just ignored and continued doing his spiels.

Fans are so used to seeing John Madden doing the openers, no Seacrest.

#2 Kawhi Leonard

Leonard was booed during a Los Angeles Rams vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers game in Los Angeles in September 2019.

The Jumbotron put him on display, and the fans did not like what they saw. Leonard was booed because LA is perceived as the “Lakers town.”

It was not the first time Leonard was welcomed rudely by the fans, though. He also received a slew of booing from San Antonio Spurs fans when the Toronto Raptors played against the team in January.

If anything, it signalled the looming Lakers-Clippers rivalry in the NBA.

#3 Barack Obama

Obama’s pre-recorded speech was shown on the Jumbotron when the crowd started booing.

It happened in 2016 when the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks coincided with NFL’s first game. A pre-games ceremony was held to commemorate the events. Field-sized flags were laid out as well as a non-partisan video showing President George W. Bush and Pres. Obama.

Boos were already heard when Bush appeared on the screen, but it intensified when it was Obama’s turn.

Commenters blatantly expressed disgust and frustration over what was otherwise a patriotic reflection.

#4 Santa Claus

Yes, it happened in 1968.

The Philadelphia Eagles fans were having a hard decade with their team showing lacklustre performance with 2-12 record. Its long history included a 3-10 season in 1962 and 2-10 season in 1963.

The Eagles fans pelted and snowballed Frank Olivo, a 19-year-old disguised in Santa Claus. He was picked up from the stands, fortunately (or unfortunately) dressed as Santa Claus. 

A real Santa Claus was set to appear during the halftime show but was reported stuck in snow on the way to the stadium. The fans were expecting to see the real Claus to lift their moods somehow, not a skinny boy carrying an equipment bag.

An already pissed Eagles fans who were growing more impatient with their team took their frustration to Olivo. The booing, pelting and snowballing then happened.

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players well liked by nfl fans drew brees

Well-Received Indeed: 6 Most Liked NFL Players in League History

A lot of players are hated. And then there are NFL players who are well-loved by their legions of fans, finding a special spot in their hearts. 

Below are some of the most liked players. 

1) Aaron Rodgers

Rodgers led the Packers to its Super Bowl win. And this is just one aspect why fans dote on him. 

Rodgers also carries the hope of the entire Green Bay Packers fan base upon hinting that the best is yet to come for the team. He keeps the entire team and city from falling apart.

Fans take notice of his efforts. No single person in the city would say anything against their main man.

Why fans love Rodgers: He is fond of joking around with them

2) Troy Polamalu

Everyone loves the high-energy footballer Polamalu, curly hair and all. He meant a lot for the Pittsburgh Steelers fans.

Polamalu is a household name thanks to his defensive play. For every hard hit and clutch play he makes, he gained more respect from his fans.

Also, he has the best selling jersey among all Steelers players.

Why fans love Polamalu: He is the nicest to interact with

3) Drew Brees

Brees is always someone great with the fans. He connects and interacts with them any way he could.

His Super Bowl celebration holding his toddler son imprinted a memory among the New Orleans Saints fans. That also gave him the ever-dependable player impression.

To date, Brees was one of the best quarterbacks to ever play in the NFL and a Saints legend.

Why fans love Brees: He appreciates the city, the Superdome, and fanbase 

4) Adrian Peterson

A breath of fresh air from the likes of Brett Favre and Sidney Rice, Peterson is not known for “All Day” for nothing. If there is one word to describe Peterson, that would be unstoppable. 

Fans adored him for his tireless rushing for seven years and counting, having almost 14,000 rushing yards under his name.

Minnesota Vikings fans support him all the way, appreciating his talents on the pitch that no other players in the team can match even when he was no longer a Vikings.

Why fans love Peterson: His consistency in the field

5) Brian Urlacher

Urlacher is the definition of football. He was an elite linebacker, and his fans appreciate him for the dedication he demonstrates on the field with his hard-hitting defence.

He dominates the middle field. And he never disappointed Chicago Bears fans ever. He is smart and strong—and even these words are an understatement.

He may not have an impact like that of other players such as Ray Lewis. Even so, Urlacher will be remembered for the longest time. 

Why fans love Urlacher: He takes football seriously and knows it by heart

6) Peyton Manning

Another household name, fans surely miss Manning on the field now that he is already retired. For one, he is a legendary quarterback to ever play in the league. And yes, Manning is a Hall of Famer in the making.

He is the face of Indianapolis Colts. No other Colts player can match his levels of play. There are very few NFL players who are comparable with Manning as well.

Colts fans adore him for just being the serious him.

Why fans love Manning: He is highly relatable, like an ordinary guy but not really

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pittsburgh steelers vs oakland raiders

6 of the Biggest Team Rivalries in NFL History

… And the hate lives on.

That is basically how you should characterize the greatest NFL rivalries.

Below are the most prominent NFL team rivalries of all time.

1) Oakland Raiders vs Pittsburgh Steelers

The heated rivalry between the Raiders and the Steelers made it one of the most physically intense rivalries in the history of the NFL.

It started during a playoff game between the two wherein the Steelers won against the Raiders thanks to what is now known as the Immaculate Reception courtesy of Franco Harris.

They met at the playoffs five times and Super Bowl five times as well.

2) Dallas Cowboys vs San Francisco 49ers

The Cowboys-49ers rivalry reached its most intense from the 1970s through the 1990s. 

The teams met in the conference championship finals for three consecutive seasons (1992 to 1994).

The Cowboys lead their all-time series with 18-17-1.

3) New York Giants vs San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers-Giants rivalry is a decades-long rivalry that started in the 1980s. These teams were the only things constant in the Super Bowls between 1981 and 1990. 

In their first two meetings, the 49ers defeated the Giants, 38-24 and 21-10, which happened in 1981 and 1984, respectively. The 49ers won both the Super Bowls match against the Giants. 

However, in their next playoff meetings, the Giants prevailed. The same happened during the 1985 Wild Card round where the Giants defeated the 49ers, 17-3. In the 1986 divisional round, they also beat the 49ers, 49-3. 

Their next meeting happened in 1990, which is dubbed as one of the most physical games in NFL history.

History repeated itself in 1993 but this time in favour of the 49ers, defeating the Giants, 44-3.

The rivalry intensified once more during the 2002 playoffs in what has been considered a controversially chaotic match due to a field goal block attempt by the giants.

4) Kansas City Chiefs vs Oakland Raiders

This is one of the most bitter rivalries of all time. The two seemed to follow one another from the American Football League (AFL) in 1960 to the AFL-NFL merger in 1970. 

The Raiders succeed in the 1970s through 1980s. However, the Chiefs tasted its bittersweet revenge against the Raiders in the 1990s during a match it won, 18-3.

What fueled the long-standing rivalry were the passionate fans who would show up during the games for roaring cheers from them.

5) Pittsburgh Steelers vs Dallas Cowboys

The Steelers and the Cowboys are Super Bowl phenomenon, playing three Super Bowls against one another. Steelers lead the series 2-1. 

This is an intense non-conference rivalry that involved Joe Greene, Emmitt Smith, Franco Harris, Chuck Noll, and Lynn Swann.

6) Dallas Cowboys vs Green Bay Packers

The Cowboys-Packers rivalry is one well-loved rivalry, albeit the hate intensity from both the players and the fans.

Intensity and momentum build up because they do not meet with one another every year. Instead, they met once every three years because of scheduling requirements of the NFL.

The Packers lead the overall series with 20-17.

In the postseason, the Cowboys and the Packers have met four eight times. Each team has four wins.

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