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6 NBA Players Who Have Their Own Signature Shoes

Air Jordan is one of the most iconic signature shoes. In fact, it started a sneakers revolution in the NBA!

Nowadays, having own pair of signature shows is a prestige every basketball players dreamt of. They meant two things: one, you are one of the best NBA players and two, you are pretty popular.

Here are the NBA players who have their own signature shoes.

1) Michael Jordan (Air Jordan by Nike)

Considered the most famous face of Nike, Jordan debuted the Air Jordan 1s in Washington, DC circa 1985 that retailed for $65. The red-black-and-white combo is unique to him and his team, Chicago Bulls. In September 2016, the design was relaunched as Bred 1s as a part of Nike’s retro releases. A pair was sold for $160.

2) Shaquille O’Neal (Shaq Attaq by Reebok)

Shaq’s signature sneakers were released in 1992, on the same year that he was drafted in the league. His Shaq Attaqs were sold for $130 a pair—quite pricey then. In 1996, he released his own Shaq brand. And then in 2001, he released his own sneakers brand, Dunkman. His shoes are sold for $12.

3) Allen Iverson (Question by Reebok)

Iverson is Jordan’s Reebok counterpart. He signed a deal with the company as soon as he was drafted in 1996, a ten-year, $50-million contract which was elevated to a lifetime contract. Question sneakers, which was sold for $99.99 per pair, are still available today for $68.98 in various colourways.

4) Kobe Bryant (KB8 by Adidas)

Before Kobe signed with Nike, he was with Adidas. Bryant’s KB8, or the Crazy 8s as the fans call it, was originally sold for $100. In 2012, Adidas KB8 was hailed as one of the top 10 NBA shoes in history. KB8s are still available today for the same price.

5) LeBron James (Air Zoom Generation by Nike)

Released in 2003, James’ Air Zoom was sold for $110. It was also sold as a retro piece in 2017 for a hefty $170 a pair. But this was not the most expensive Nike sneakers from James. Nike LeBron X Plus, which has a motion sensor, was released in 2012 for $315 per pair. It was the year when James won the NBA Championship title, NBA MVP award, NBA Finals MVP award, and Olympic gold medal within the same year. James and Jordan are the only two NBA players who earned that accolade.

6) Stephen Curry (Curry One by Under Armour)

Curry was late into the sneakers game when he debuted his Curry One in 2015, after six years in the league. It retailed for $120 per pair. Nike endorsed him but failed to sign him for long-term, so he jumped ship to Under Armour. Indeed, Curry played a key role in putting the brand on the map.

Some sceptics, however, raised eyebrows on some NBA players who are nowhere near any best list nor famous enough and yet, they have their own signature shoes. These are

  • Matthew Dellavedoa (Delly 1 by Peak Australia)
  • George Hill (Monster by Peak US)
  • Kevin Love (Kevin Love 1 by 361 Degrees)
  • Evan Turner (Evan Turner Speed 4 by Li-Ning)
  • Michael Carter Williams (Michael Carter Williams Men’s Professional Basketball Shoes by Li-Ning)
  • Rajon Rondo (RR1 Basketball Shoes by Anta)

Well, they may not be popular in the NBA, but they are elsewhere.

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Lebron James Can’t Trade No. 23 Just Yet

As part of his big plan to welcome Anthony Davis, Lebron James is giving up his jersey number as a gift to his new Los Angeles Lakers teammate. 

Lakers confirmed the blockbuster trade last month. It took months for the team to land Davis due to the trade deadline in February. Lakers was only able to make a deal after the free agency moratorium period has ended.

James has yet to relinquish No. 23 because Nike, the official jersey manufacturer of the NBA, won’t let that happen just yet, citing potential production and financial issues to the tune of tens of millions of dollars, ESPN reported.

Nike did not comply due to volumes of inventory of the No. 23 James jerseys. Nike also had an upcoming Lebron 17 sneakers with the same jersey number imprint. Updating to No. 6 in time for selling this fall would be impractical given that design has already been signed off and production has started.

The jersey swap was planned in 2019-20 and was supposed to happen for the 2020-21 season until it met some roadblocks. James previously documented the supposed swap on his Instagram account, confirming the switch back to No. 6 as well. 

Davis has worn No. 23 during his seven-season stint with the New Orleans Pelicans. He also used it in high school and college. James had his No. 23 jersey for his eleven seasons with the Cleveland Cavaliers. 

James agreed to swap when Davis enters Lakers. James would resume using No. 6, his previous jersey number with Miami Heat, where he won two titles and making it to the NBA finals for four years straight, and in the Olympics as a part of Team USA if the swap pushed through.

The Lakers had already missed the March 15, 2019 deadline for any jersey changes. The team discovered the said deadline only after it made an inquiry with the NBA. According to the league, the number change would still be possible if it can work out a deal with Nike.

But even if they met the said deadline, the request is expected to be declined. James did not submit an official request to change his jersey number from No. 23 to No. 6 for the next season either. 

James and the team have until March 15, 2020, to make the official declarations.

For James also, he would hold off the change to consider the fans who have already purchased No. 23 James jerseys. Yahoo! Sports also reported that the Lakers star would bypass the decision so he, Davis and the entire team may focus on competing for a championship.

Since the jersey swap is not happening, Davis took to Instagram to announce that he’d be sticking with No. 3–the number he used in the last season and when he was in elementary school. The team also announced it on its official Twitter account last Saturday, July 13.

While the fans won’t be seeing No. 23 Davis jerseys, Davis was introduced to the Lakers fans through a press conference later that same day.