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Every NFL Record Tom Brady Has Broken (And Records He Will Break)



Tom Brady is one of the most successful NFL players to date. Not necessarily in terms of being the highest-paid player in NFL history, but with regard to recognition. Brady doesn’t seem to fall short in this aspect, breaking records after records.

This season marks the 20th for Brady, and most probably, we will see him for a couple more seasons before calling it an ultra stellar career. 

Here are the NFL records that Brady has broken in the last 20 years.

Regular and postseason records

Brady was a starting quarterback to 209 regular-season wins of his club. He also holds the most passing yards record for both regular and playoffs with 82, 298. 

His regular and postseason record, besides, includes the most passing touchdowns with 595. Brady has the most touchdowns thrown to receivers (72) as well.

All in all, he has a total of 16 division titles.

Playoff records

When it comes to the playoffs, Brady started 40 games and won 30 of these games. He has 73 playoff touchdown passes and 11,179 passing yards. 

Super Bowl records

Brady already appeared in 9 Super Bowls and won 6 of them. He was also a four-time Super Bowl MVP.

When it comes to his performance, he has 18 touchdown passes and 2,838 passing yards.

Records Brady may break this season

Most passing touchdowns

Peyton Manning holds this record presently with 539. 

Brady hit the 500 mark in 2018, the third quarterback to do so. He has 522, tied at #2 with Drew Brees.

Pro Bowls

Brady skipped the last season’s Pro Bowl to give way for the Super Bowl. He will break a record if he appears in Pro Bowl this season. This is not impossible but would be a stretch for the 43-year old quarterback.

Passing yards

For the regular season, Brady would need 1,325 passing yards to his 70,514 to surpass Brett Favre at the third position with the most number of passing yards.

Games started

Brady has 269. And, Favre is the man to beat with 298. They both have 20 seasons playing for the NFL, among other leagues.

If Brady would complete all matches up to the finals, he may break the record at 299 games started.

Fourth-quarter comebacks

Manning has 43 whereas Brady has 34. 

Again, this may be a lot of work for Brady. However, the quarterback is not a stranger to dramatic victories. He holds one of the most historic comeback victories in NFL. It happened in Super Bowl LI against the Atlanta Falcons.

Game-winning drives

Manning has 54 while Brees and Dan Marino have 49 and 47, respectively. Brady has 44 which means he needs 11 more to surpass that of Manning’s.

Unfortunately, Brady won’t have the most MVPs record since Manning has five and he only has 3. If, at all, he may tie the record with Manning if he won the award in the next two seasons.

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Will Tom Brady own this season again? What do you think?