the most charitable clubs in europe chelsea fc

10 Most Generous Football Clubs in Europe

Football is a gift that keeps on giving. And quite literally. There are almost a thousand clubs in 29 countries across Europe. Here are ten of the most charitable football clubs in Europe. 1) Chelsea FC Foundation (£7.5 million) The foundation is considered the most generous in entire Europe. Part ...
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fifa fair play award lennart thy

FIFA Fair Play Awards from 2015 to 2019

FIFA recognizes exemplary behaviours, promoting compassion about football in general. Few are those moments where the spirit of fair play is in full display. Each year since 1987 except in 1994, the organization awards a player, team, fans, spectators, associations, and even the footballing community. Indeed, there is more to ...
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january 2020 transfer window premier league ole gunnar solskjaer

January 2020 Transfer Window: Guiding Your Expectations

January 2020 will be a busy month for the Premier League now that it has already confirmed the dates and times for the transfer window. The clubs eagerly await this time of the year where they can finally re-configure and re-strategize for the matches ahead. When will the 2020 transfer ...
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football players who never played in fifa world cup eric cantona

6 Football Greats Who Never Played in the FIFA World Cup

While not all football players dream of playing in the FIFA World Cup, no one can deny that it’s a different high. On the other end of the spectrum, some players have never played in the World Cup when they should’ve. Here are some of them. #6 Abedi Ayew Ayew ...
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best football player fifa luka modric

The Best Football Players in the Last 10 Years, According to FIFA

In the last ten years, FIFA awarded the best names in the world of men and women’s football. Best FIFA Men’s Player 2019 – Lionel Messi2018 – Luka Modric2017 – Cristiano Ronaldo2016 – Cristiano Ronaldo2015 – Lionel Messi2014 – Cristiano Ronaldo2013 – Cristiano Ronaldo2012 – Lionel Messi2011 – Lionel Messi2010 ...
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touching moments of respect in football history puyol hugging abidal messi

4 Touching Moments of Respect in Football History

Football is not all about trophies, medals, and honours of sorts. Football is a refuge where humans are being humane as they are. After all, the teams, players, fans, and casual spectators are in it for the disparate display of compassion. A Quora user asked, “What are some famous gestures ...
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Most Expensive Buyout Clauses in Football

Buyout clauses are that part of the contract that says ‘no, you can’t touch our man.’ In the football world, the buyout (or release) clause skyrockets after the record-breaking buyout of Neymar to Paris Saint Germain. His buyout amounted to €222 million. If you are meaning to ask what is ...
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football players booed by own fans granit xhaka arsenal

8 Football Players Who Were Booed by Their Own Fans

With Piers Morgan calling it a ‘disgrace,’ Granit Xhaka was under fire as he told the Arsenal fans to ‘f*** off’ following the crowd’s booing. Unai Emergy was firm in saying that Xhaka is ‘wrong’ for doing so. The fans booed Xhaka after it took some time for Xhaka to ...
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Concussion in Football: What Needs to Change

No football fan could unsee Tottenham Hotspur’s Jan Vertonghen wobbling and retching on one side of the pitch following a collision with Toby Alderwiereld, his teammate. Vertonghen initially fell to the ground, slammed his face into the turf. His nose also bled moments after. However, after three minutes of assessment, ...
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