american football fans vs european football fans

American Football Fans vs European Football Fans

Manchester United prevailed over Manchester City, 1-0, at the second leg of the Carabao Cup semi-finals at Etihad Stadium. There’s one thing that stood out, however, the fights that ensued between the fans of both clubs. Both Pep Guardiola and Ole Gunnar Solskjær condemned what happened with the latter calling ...
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gerardo bedoya football player with the most red cards

5 Football Players with the Most Red Cards

David Luiz’s red card puts Arsenal in a challenging position. Luiz himself was disappointed with referee Stuart Attwell’s decision to give him one. It was his second red card from the Premier League. Football fans particularly that of Arsenal and Chelsea are divided over the ruling, saying that Luiz could ...
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ridiculous contract demands of football players dennis bergkamp

8 Of The Most Absurd, Weirdest Contract Clauses in Football

Transfer rumours are here and there, with some are already done deals. With that, football clubs would do anything to sign the right player. And that’s regardless of how absurd their requests may get. This is not about the basic wages and bonuses of the football players. Instead, these are ...
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sadio mane africa football player of the yer 2019 caf awards premier league liverpool

Liverpool’s Sadio Mané Named 2019 African Player of the Year

Sadio Mané is a Senegalese football player, playing for Liverpool as a winger since 2016. He started playing in the Premier League in 2014. African Player of the Year 2019 The Confederation of African Football (CAF) Awards recently hailed Mané as the 2019 African Player of the Year because of ...
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fifa foundation programmes 2018 moscow russia

FIFA Foundation and Its Most important Programmes

FIFA Foundation started in March 2018 and is currently headquartered in Zurich. Its goal is to help in promoting social change throughout the world. More specifically, it aims to raise awareness and support for the reconstruction of damaged sports infrastructure in different parts of the world. The foundation is in ...
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most charitable football players didier drogba

7 Most Charitable Football Players Worldwide

If you want to know who is the most charitable football player, you’re in the right place. Here are the names that every football fan needs to know. Most generous football players 1) David Beckham Beckham is one of the greatest and most generous football players. He once worked with ...
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the most charitable clubs in europe chelsea fc

10 Most Generous Football Clubs in Europe

Football is a gift that keeps on giving. And quite literally. There are almost a thousand clubs in 29 countries across Europe. Here are ten of the most charitable football clubs in Europe. 1) Chelsea FC Foundation (£7.5 million) The foundation is considered the most generous in entire Europe. Part ...
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fifa fair play award lennart thy

FIFA Fair Play Awards from 2015 to 2019

FIFA recognizes exemplary behaviours, promoting compassion about football in general. Few are those moments where the spirit of fair play is in full display. Each year since 1987 except in 1994, the organization awards a player, team, fans, spectators, associations, and even the footballing community. Indeed, there is more to ...
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january 2020 transfer window premier league ole gunnar solskjaer

January 2020 Transfer Window: Guiding Your Expectations

January 2020 will be a busy month for the Premier League now that it has already confirmed the dates and times for the transfer window. The clubs eagerly await this time of the year where they can finally re-configure and re-strategize for the matches ahead. When will the 2020 transfer ...
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