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What’s next for Lionel Messi after leaving Barcelona?

In an emotional departure press conference, Lionel Messi stated that he did not want to leave Barcelona; Messi already received a formal contract offer from PSG. However, he stated that “nothing is confirmed.” After leaving Barcelona, two alternative options are in place for Messi. Moreover, PSG remains the frontrunner to ...
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Covid Passport for fans in Premier League

According to current government proposals, football fans who are not yet completely vaccinated against Covid-19 would not be allowed to attend the Premier League matches and other major events. If any controls are implemented, the football officials and clubs want to ensure that crowd attendance runs smoothly and efficiently, therefore ...
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What You Need To Know About Asian Handicap Betting on Football

For football traders wanting to take a break from the traditional 1×2, Asian Handicap betting markets are ideal. But the Asian Handicap betting platform is sometimes seen as complicated. However, once you comprehend the whole notion, techniques, and ins and outs, you will have a wider insight into the football ...
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What You Need To Know About The Summer Transfer Window at the Premier League Clubs for the 2021/22 Season

What You Need To Know About The Summer Transfer Window at the Premier League Clubs for the 2021/22 Season The summer transfer window for Premier League clubs is now officially open. This is the reason why the focus has shifted to how teams will improve right before the start of ...
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Three Fingered Salute Myanmar

Crisis in Myanmar Football Amidst Pullouts and Suspension Due to Political Unrest

When making international headlines in football, second-division games in Malaysia don’t really attract the media’s attention. But that all changed when under-23 winger Hein Htet Aung gave a three-fingered salute after scoring for Selangor II. The Hunger Games film franchise popularised this salute. It’s a gesture of resistance adopted by ...
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Chelsea vs Real Madrid: Chelsea Wins 2-0 to Reach Champions League Final

On Wednesday at Stamford Bridge, Chelsea secured a 2-0 victory against Real Madrid in their semifinal second leg. The Chelsea vs Real Madrid win is a memorable one because Chelsea will be participating in their first Champions League final since 2012. It’s all thanks to football players Timo Werner and ...
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Football Players Protest Against Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup

According to recent reports, footballers in the 2022 FIFA World Cup qualifiers are staging on-field protests against Qatar’s treatment of migrant workers. The country has been embroiled in controversy after its human rights record has been put under the spotlight. Qatar will be hosting the 2022 FIFA World Cup. This ...
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Premier League Teams Concerned Over Fantasy Football Risks

Most Premier League players and staff have been warned about the potential risks of fantasy football. This is because of the high-profile cases where there’s a leak of confidential team news to opponents. In fantasy football, automated software scans any changes made to the PL team by staff. After which, ...
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Football Games

Growing Problems in Football Games After Continued Breach of Protocols

The UK is in dire need of strict health protocols now more than ever as a new variant of the coronavirus emerged through England. A new study suggests that the new variant is 50% more transmissible than the previous versions of SARS-CoV-2. There have also been surges in hospitalizations and ...
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