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5 Greatest Women Soccer Players of All Time

Football and soccer are no longer male-dominated sports. Women now work at all levels of the mentioned sports—they are not just players. But, of course, women soccer players are at the frontline. Here are the names of women’s soccer GOATs. 5) Nadine Angerer Angerer is the goalkeeper of the German ...
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7 of the Greatest Football Movies Ever Made

Football will always be sensational. Hollywood capitalizes on this by producing some of the most emotionally-charged football films of all time that run back to your heart. Below are some of the most memorable football flicks ever made. 1) Remember the Titans History is written by the winners. Set in ...
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5 Football Players Who Retired Way Too Early

Some football legends play until they reach the ripe age of 40 years, exhausting all the possible plays they can until retirement. However, there are also football players who chose to retire earlier than expected. ‘What could have been’ are such lonely words for these players, and perhaps will never ...
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3 Most Skillful Footballers Doing What They Do Best

A football player needs to master at least four skill sets: technique, game intelligence, physical fitness, and proper mindset. How could a player possibly control and dribble the ball without any spatial awareness or tactical knowledge that another player could snatch it away in a second? And how would he ...
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FIFA to Iran: Lift Women’s Ban on Football Stadiums

FIFA President Gianni Infantino called for the ban removal. The driving force behind the call to end the ban was a sad one. Recently, news about a woman football fan, Sahar Khodayari, who set herself afire after being caught sneaking into the stadium dressed as a man. She self-immolated upon ...
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10 Most Decorated Football Players of All Time

If there’s one sport who produced legends and legacies, that would be football. These football players have contributed immensely to their respective clubs, and the entire league recognized them for their contributions and dedication. These are football legends whose legacy is winning medals and trophies 10) Xavi, 31 trophies Xavi ...
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5 Talking Points of the Premier League

The 2019-20 Premier League season just started barely a month ago, and it is already a hotbed of talking points for the spectators to mull over. Early on in the season, the spectators have already an inclination of how the entire season would go. Here are some things to know ...
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Racism in Football: How It Can Be Addressed and Solved

Racism in sport, and specifically, racism in football, is historically a poignant feature of European sports. And it happens to the teams, football players, and even the fans. Numbers don’t lie Racism in football is impossible to quantify, but the circumstances are not good definitely. Based on the Sky Data ...
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4 New Football Rules That Every Player Needs to Follow

The recent injunction that the handball rule will not be reviewed after Gabriel Jesus’s goal was disallowed compelled us to think more about the new regulations. Indeed, it is high time to brush up on the latest football rules. The accidental handball rule—one of the several rule changes in the ...
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