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6 Rising Young Football Stars of the Year 2020

According to World Atlas, the most popular sport in the world is association football or soccer. It has an estimated 4.0 billion person following, which means that more than half of the world’s population consider themselves as a fan of the sport. It is said that football can be traced ...
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Interesting Facts and Trivia About Football No One Tells You About

Football is the world’s most renowned game which features speed, strength, and skills. But even if you are a die-hard football fan, there may still be numerous things that you don’t know about this astounding sport. Here are interesting facts about football that you don’t want to miss. Football was ...
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reasons behind empty football stadiums seats

4 Astonishing Reasons Behind Empty Football Stadium Seats

Italian football is one of the hardest hit of the recent coronavirus scare. And players are about to play on empty stadiums. Antonio Conte, Inter boss, said, “Empty stadiums aren’t beautiful.” Clubs are taking the matter on their own hands. Inter will refund fans who already bought the ticket. Juventus ...
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funniest things that stopped a football match

6 Funniest Things that Stopped a Football Match

Things happen, and a football match isn’t spared from fun moments. Here are some of the funniest things to ever stop a match. A chicken wearing the club crest Angry Blackburn Rovers fans released a chicken onto the pitch in protest against the club’s owner who happened to be in ...
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best football stories

6 of the Best and Strangest Football Stories

Football is all sorts of fantastic and bizarre at times. At times, you’d be surprised that events like these actually transpired several years ago. List of some the best, yet the strangest, football stories of all time 1) Celery chant You have to thank the Chelsea fans for being the ...
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aaron ramsey most underrated football players

10 of the Most Underrated Football Players Today

Sad to say, but some of the players we call football superstars do not deserve the recognition. They are overhyped, and that’s it. Then, there are football players who equally deserve such acknowledgement and yet not given enough credit. Underrated players are not seen as bankable that’s why. However, if ...
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american football fans vs european football fans

American Football Fans vs European Football Fans

Manchester United prevailed over Manchester City, 1-0, at the second leg of the Carabao Cup semi-finals at Etihad Stadium. There’s one thing that stood out, however, the fights that ensued between the fans of both clubs. Both Pep Guardiola and Ole Gunnar Solskjær condemned what happened with the latter calling ...
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gerardo bedoya football player with the most red cards

5 Football Players with the Most Red Cards

David Luiz’s red card puts Arsenal in a challenging position. Luiz himself was disappointed with referee Stuart Attwell’s decision to give him one. It was his second red card from the Premier League. Football fans particularly that of Arsenal and Chelsea are divided over the ruling, saying that Luiz could ...
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ridiculous contract demands of football players dennis bergkamp

8 Of The Most Absurd, Weirdest Contract Clauses in Football

Transfer rumours are here and there, with some are already done deals. With that, football clubs would do anything to sign the right player. And that’s regardless of how absurd their requests may get. This is not about the basic wages and bonuses of the football players. Instead, these are ...
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