vince carter longest playing nba player

5 NBA Stars Who Played the Longest

At 42, Vince Carter has recently become the first and only player to play in the NBA for four decades. Carter is the oldest active NBA player. And to contextualize, he was first drafted in 1998 when 36 of the active players in the NBA were born. Hakeem Olajuwon was ...
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nba player of the decade lebron james vs stephen curry

NBA Player of the Decade: LeBron James vs Stephen Curry

And it boils down two names: LeBron James and Stephen Curry. These two names get the sporting world debating on who is the rightful NBA Player of the Decade. There are Team James and Team Curry. The NBA Case for LeBron LeBron is the NBA Player of the Decade. Christopher ...
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nba cares 2019 campaign chamique holdsclaw

NBA Cares: 3 of the Most Passionate Campaigns of 2019

Throughout 2019, NBA Cares launches various campaigns to support certain causes and advocacies. As the association’s global corporate social responsibility program, NBA Cares commits itself to address important social issues in the US and the rest of the world. NBA Cares has already provided 323 places in 40 countries where ...
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most charitable nba players tobias harris

6 of the Most Charitable NBA Players

Playing in the NBA has many perks, and the big paycheck is one of them. This gives them the impetus to give back to the community however they can. While some choose to be good samaritans without announcing their good deeds to the world, here are some of the most ...
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lonzo ball nba games on christmas day

NBA Christmas Games Tradition: What Are They For?

Every year, select NBA teams play on Christmas day. How this tradition came to be is not known to many. And so are the reasons behind those games. Well, here’s a look into the NBA Christmas games tradition. Purpose of the NBA Christmas games Christmas is a time for merrymaking ...
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nba youtube channels to subscribe to

10 YouTube Channels Every Die Hard NBA Fan Must Subscribe To

Did you miss a game because of an important meeting or occasion? You can watch replays, or you can turn to your favourite YouTube channels to know what happened exactly wherever you are and while on-the-go. Every die-hard fan knows a YouTube channel or two to get satiate their NBA ...
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things other nba players and coaches have said about luka doncic

Luka Doncic: What Other NBA Players and Coaches Think of Him

Only in his sophomore year, Luka Doncic is already described as phenomenal, unstoppable. This year, Doncic is on the elite list of NBA 2019-20 season MVP candidates. Ryan Carlisle, Dallas Mavericks head coach, maximized the player’s MVP potential, without actually changing the game. Who is Luka Doncic? A Slovenian professional ...
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retired nba players who staged a comeback sidney moncrief

4 NBA Players Who Retired and Staged a Successful Comeback

The times are miserable and chaotic for the New York Knicks. As if the drought hasn’t entirely played out yet with five straight losing seasons, Richard Jefferson chose to retire instead of playing for the team. Let that sink in first. It was difficult enough for the Jim Dolan-owned team, ...
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nick young

3 Most Memorable NBA Locker Room Scandals

The locker room (or dugout for some) is where the most fascinating and outrageous things happen. Sportsmanship, on top of friendship and camaraderie, is persistently emphasized. But ego and anger issues may block the way, resulting in some of the nastiest moments in the history of the NBA. Giving basketball ...
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