Coach at Court

4 Famous NBA Coaches in Basketball History

The National Association of Basketball Coaches had announced that Craig Robinson, a collegiate basketball coach for years and is also known to be Michelle Obama’s brother, will replace Jim Haney as the head of the organization. Robinson most recently worked for the NBA’s New York Knicks. In an interview, he ...
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NBA Basketball Fan

Passionate NBA Celebrity Fans You Often See at Courtside

Basketball fans are everywhere in the world, and this is not surprising. With such loyal fanbases, no wonder the NBA is brimming with celebrity fans. It is one of the few sports where fans are so dedicated that they even purchase stakes to have ownership of their favorite teams. These ...
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Basketball Movie

Basketball Movies On Netflix You Must Definitely Watch

Ever since the pandemic started, most people have been locked up in their homes with a lot of time in their hands. Many took to Netflix to catch up on the television shows and movies they have long since wanted to watch. That is why it has become one of ...
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NBA Team

Top NBA Players for the 2019-2020 Season

When you think of basketball, the first thing that comes to mind is the NBA. The NBA is the most famous men’s professional basketball league in the world. Everyone knows that it dominates when it comes to the said sport. That is why a lot of avid fans, bettors and ...
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man doing slam dunk

Top 5 Greatest Slam Dunks in the NBA History

There are numerous epic moments that take place at every NBA All-Star Weekend celebration. However, if one event stands out from the rest, that would be the Slam Dunk competition. Over the years, watching high-flying players slam the ball to the ring has always been the crown jewel of the ...
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Basketball Stadium

The Future of Basketball Sports Betting and What it Entails

Four Brooklyn Nets players have tested positive to the pandemic that’s plaguing the world, the coronavirus. Among such players is Kevin Durant, who is considered as one of the crowd favorites of the basketball team. As stated by the Athletic, Durant said, “Everyone be careful, take care of yourself and ...
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soccer ball on grass

Coronavirus Cripples Sports Betting Industry: What You Need To Know

Due to the recent pandemic caused by the COVID-19 or popularly known as the Coronavirus, the world of sports betting is now suffering a crippling effect. The cancellation of March Madness and the suspension of the NBA and NHL season have left the industry in a bad shape. In fact, ...
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kobe jersey

12 Active NBA Players Who Are Sure to Retire Their Jerseys Someday

Retiring a jersey number may not be every NBA player’s goal. But it surely is the recognition when a team decides to do so. In case you’re wondering, retiring a jersey number is a team’s way of honouring the efforts and contributions of the player to the team. This is ...
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nba kobe bryant mvp award shaquille o'neal co mvp

6 NBA Players With the Most All-Star MVP Awards

Kawhi Leonard has won his first NBA All-Star Game MVP award. Leonard deemed the award as ‘very special.’ It was the first highlight of the night. The second highlight was renaming the award into the Kobe Bryant MVP award. This is only fitting because he was one in only two ...
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