celebrity booed at an nfl game kendall jenner

Every Celebrity Booed at an NFL Game

It has been an awkward week, well at least for Kendall Jenner who was incessantly booed at the Los Angeles Rams vs Baltimore Ravens NFL game on November 26. She was shown on the Jumbotron screen twice and was booed for both occasions. She was with her sister Kylie Jenner, ...
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players well liked by nfl fans drew brees

Well-Received Indeed: 6 Most Liked NFL Players in League History

A lot of players are hated. And then there are NFL players who are well-loved by their legions of fans, finding a special spot in their hearts. Below are some of the most liked players. 1) Aaron Rodgers Rodgers led the Packers to its Super Bowl win. And this is ...
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pittsburgh steelers vs oakland raiders

6 of the Biggest Team Rivalries in NFL History

… And the hate lives on. That is basically how you should characterize the greatest NFL rivalries. Below are the most prominent NFL team rivalries of all time. 1) Oakland Raiders vs Pittsburgh Steelers The heated rivalry between the Raiders and the Steelers made it one of the most physically ...
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backup qbs nfl 2019 year of the backup quarterback nick foles

NFL 2019 as the Year of Backup Quarterbacks

Football is the #1 sport with most injuries. Every year, quarterbacks account for 5.8% of the total number of injuries. If there was no Plan B, the club would succumb to a losing streak. And 2019 is no different wherein 1 in 5 quarterback situations is panic-inducing. According to one ...
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NFL fans

9 Greatest, Wittiest NFL and Players Nicknames

It’s always a wild NFL ride, but you have to credit the cleverness of the people—the teams, players, fans and even the media—in coming with witty nicknames like the below. Papa Bear George Halas is the founder-owner and head coach of the Chicago Bears. He was referred to as the ...
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nfl superfans don bearman wachter

A Rundown of the Most Passionate NFL Superfans

The spirit of the game lives in the hearts of fans everywhere who support their teams so passionately. ~David Baker, President and CEO of Pro Football Hall of Fame Do you ever wonder what would happen to NFL teams and players without their fans? Well, that’s an undesirable place for ...
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NFL johnny manziel

Sad Stories Behind 6 Fallen NFL Players

The NFL is made for the greats. However, some players fall from grace even before they reach greatness. Below are some of the fallen NFL players who ruined their own careers. 1) Ryan Leaf Leaf was imprisoned for five years in 2014 due to violations of his probation. He was ...
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NFL ray lewis hall of fame

5 Football Players that Should’ve Already Been Inducted to the HoF

Rumours are circulating that the National Football League (NFL) will be inducting up to 20 football players in the Hall of Fame (HoF) class of 2020. But those are, well, rumours. The NFL has been criticised time and again about the limited number of inductees every year. This is also ...
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tom brady and gisele bundchen

NFL Power Couples: 8 Football Stars with Their Wives

Quarterbacks and models are the most exciting combinations NFL fans have seen. Here are some NFL’s power couples, like Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen. 8) Sterling Shepard and Chanel Iman Sterling and Chanel met during at the party of Victor Cruz, an ex-NFL player. The wide receiver to New York ...
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