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Player Feature: Harry Maguire



Full Name: Jacob Harry Maguire 

Birthdate: March 5, 1993

Birthplace: Sheffield, England 

Current Team: Manchester United

Position: Defender, Centre-Back

Shirt number: 15

Years Active: 2009 – present

Key statistics

  • Appeared on more than 300 matches
  • Has a 70% tackle success rate
  • Has a 76% dribbling success rate
  • Has a 78.1% aerial duel success rate
  • Has an 86% passing accuracy

With his concentration on the field as his strongest characteristic, Harry Maguire’s style of play can be summed up to three things. First, he likes to dribble. Second, he plays long balls more often than not. And third, he plays the ball of the ground. Maguire is an indirect set-piece threat.

Maguire has played with six other clubs namely Barnsley FC U18, Sheffield United U18, Sheffield United, Hull City, Wigan Athletic, and Leicester City. If the deal pushed through, he would be playing for the Manchester United for the 2019/2020 season. Likewise, he was once a part of the national teams: England U21 in 2012 and England in 2017.

Joining Leicester City on July 1, 2017, his contract is supposed to expire on June 30, 2023, after an extension on September 9, 2018. He was the summer transfer that people are eagerly waiting to be resolved.

His current market value was €50 million. However, Manchester United is set to sign Maguire for €80 million–a transfer that is sealed ‘imminently.’ If signed, Maguire’s transfer would be one of the most expensive defenders of all time.

He has already played in nine different major competitions including League One and Premier League where he scored nine and seven goals, respectively. 

Premier League Debate: Scholes vs Gerrard vs Lampardone of football’s most fascinating debates.

Maguire appeared on more than 100 matches (more than 300 on all leagues) between 2009 and 2019. He had seven goals with six assists and 19 clean sheets. He was able to concede 156 goals and tackle 153 with a tackle success rate of 70% (all seasons).

The one who is confident about his moves, Maguire has a dribbling success rate of 76%  in the 2018/2019 season. This makes him the second best defender next to Juan Foyth with 86% success rate. Such attribute has always been attached to his name since he first played football professionally at 19 years old.

He had 56 passes per game on average with a passing accuracy of 86%. While this is behind the passing accuracy of Leicester City (93%) and Manchester United (89%), his average can contribute to the overall success of either team with his average passes.

His aerial duel capacities are highly reliable as well. His aerial duel success rate is 78.1%–the highest with 151 aerial duels in the same season. What he lacks in speed, he compensates with physicality. He is one of the slowest defenders in the field.

These Premier League statistics (all seasons and 2018-2019 season) alone proved Maguire’s defence and team-playing prowess. He plays out from the back as confidently as he could, making him a centre-back to vie for. 

While he may not be a ball-playing centre-back like other defenders, he has all the attributes; hence, various clubs are after him. 

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