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Premier League Teams Concerned Over Fantasy Football Risks



Most Premier League players and staff have been warned about the potential risks of fantasy football. This is because of the high-profile cases where there’s a leak of confidential team news to opponents. In fantasy football, automated software scans any changes made to the PL team by staff. After which, it automatically publishes such information on social media. Although this information can be advantageous for many bettors, it can also have adverse effects in sport betting markets.

Moreover, Fantasy Premier League rules show that participants have to make any changes 90 minutes before the first match in any game week. This can be substitutions or transfers to their team. By doing this, it could result in the release of information before a match on a Friday night. This can hint at team news of any PL team playing on the weekends. Additionally, the worst-case scenario would be it gets leaked 73 hours before two football teams play in Monday Night Football.

Fantasy football Leaks News About Grealish

One of the popular cases of the potential risks of taking part in fantasy football is the news about Jack Grealish. He was not on the Aston Villa team sheet against Leicester because of his injury. However, this is no longer news to fantasy football players because they knew that he wouldn’t play. This is all thanks to the news they received on Friday. They knew that three Villa players and two staff members had transferred Grealish out of their Fantasy Premier League teams.

A Twitter account in Norway also generates an automated tweet once a player or staff member changes a player at their own club. This is because the automated software tracks the fantasy football teams of PL players and staff. The account has also highlighted over 60 transfers in and out of Fantasy Premier League teams.

Manchester City’s Manager Condemns Leaks

Pre-match team information has always been available online. But, due to the monitoring of several Fantasy Premier League accounts, several clubs are now discussing measures to ensure that no clues are inadvertently leaked.

Nonetheless, many still see fantasy football as something that’s inappropriate. Pep Guardiola, Manchester City’s manager, considers players leaking team news as “unethical and unprofessional.” But, he also believes it cannot be controlled since “players play games.”

In an interview, Guardiola stated, “Sometimes when you have a team selection, and people have friends from other teams, they talk about what they do.

“Sometimes it happens and it’s incredibly unethical and unprofessional but can’t be controlled.”

Premier League players and club staff are not really breaking any of the rules or regulations of the league by playing fantasy football. But, many officials of top clubs state that while there’s no ban on the game, PL players and staff should avoid it. This is to prevent any leaking of confidential news.  

Football continues to be a well-loved sport. That’s why fantasy football has become so popular. Although there could be potential risks at times, it can also be beneficial for those who are looking to punt smartly. If you are looking for a trusted betting exchange platform, you can check out our partner, Eastbridge. They offer free bet offers and more, which is why you should get in touch with them now!