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Пятерка величайших теннисистов всех времен

Every tennis fan has their list the greatest of all time—their GOATs. That’s why it’s rather tricky to debate who the greatest men’s tennis players in tennis history are. The stats cannot be the sole basis, though, because we are talking about pre- and the Open era. It means training, ...
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8 теннисистов, которые могут быть наследниками С. Уильямс

With 23 titles under her belt, Serena Williams is hailed as one of the best woman tennis players, if not the best. Who can ever replace Williams’ place and take over the throne? So okay, she was displaced several times as world’s No. 1. But the article is talking about ...
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5 самых престижных теннисных турниров

From the ATP World Tour to WTA Tour, there are about over a hundred tennis tournaments worldwide. However, some tours are more distinguished than others because they award most ranking points and prize money, among other factors. Here are five of the reputable tennis tournaments today. 1) Wimbledon Tennis analysts ...
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5 самых больших эго в истории тенниса

Charlie Jones and Kim Doren, authors of Game, Set, Match: A Tennis Book for the Mind, claimed that tennis players have the biggest egos by far. One would believe so just by watching one of John McEnroe’s tennis game. But McEnroe isn’t the only tennis player with a big ego, ...
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10 самых высокооплачиваемых теннисистов всех времен

Playing tennis sure has its many perks and privileges. The prize money, which is getting higher by the year for both male and female categories, is just one of these. Have you ever wondered who the wealthiest tennis players are? Here are the answers. 1) Novak Djokovic ($133.1 million) Winning ...
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Восходящие звезды тенниса 2019: следите за этими 10 именами

Federer, Nadal, Djokovic and Williams. Such names are the Hall of Famers—legendary. They dominate the tennis world ‘til today. But they would eventually fade from prominence. Boris Becker even called out the young tennis players to rise up. Assuming the mantle may not be easy but these tennis players have ...
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Когда Серена ли Серена: 6 раз Уильямс Рок теннисный мир

Serena Williams is undeniably the greatest woman tennis player of all-time. Her stellar career, however, is marred with outbursts, tantrums, dramas, and an overall attitude that the spectators either take in or ignore. Who can forget her explosive retorts against umpire Carlos Ramos in the 2018 US Open? These are ...
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Лучшие теннисные цитаты: победа, смирение и страсть

Andre Agassi famously said, “In tennis, you’re on an island. Of all the games, men and women play, tennis is the closest to solitary confinement.” Indeed, the top is a lonely place. But, time and again, it is not always about the greatest tennis player of all time. Their words ...
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Особенность игрока: Новак Джокович

Full Name: Novak Djokovic Birthdate: May 22, 1987 Birthplace: Belgrade, SR Serbia Years active: 2003 – present ATP Rank: #1 Key facts and statistics One of the Big Four of men’s tennis Had the highest Elo rating 16 Grand Slam titles Held the 4 major titles at once 5x ATP ...

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