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Лучшие баскетбольные фильмы всех времен

Иисус Шаттлсворт, как известно, сказал, что баскетбол - это «поэзия в движении». Помимо придворных дорам повествования об обездоленных, баскетбол - это спорт, который славится атлетизмом, силой и грацией. Действительно, баскетбольные фильмы остаются гордой традицией как в кинопроизводстве, так и в спортивной индустрии. Вот лучшие баскетбольные фильмы ...
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6 самых недооцененных баскетболистов в истории НБА

It takes a village of well-knowing basketball players to create a legend. It’s not always the work of a single man. Unfortunately, the name of the legends linger, and those who helped him become one are left in vain. Here are the most underrated NBA players in history. Manu Ginobili ...
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3 рекорда, которые Леброн Джеймс хочет побить в этом сезоне

The 2019-20 NBA season hasn’t started yet, but LeBron James has already created a buzz. It seems that people can never get enough of James—and we should never either. Just last season in a game versus Denver Nuggets, he surpassed Michael Jordan’s record in the all-time scoring list. However, he ...
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Несколько способов сезон НБА 2019-20 изменил это межсезонье

Time and again—that means every year, the league rolls out new rules for the NBA players and teams to follow. That’s despite the association claiming that the rules are being broken frequently. Tampering, at the player and team levels, is one of the most common violations. The Board of Governors ...
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4 баскетболиста, которые изменили НБА

The beauty of basketball lies in the fact that it continuously evolves. For one, it has 13 rules when James Naismith introduced it in 1891, but today’s game complies with a rulebook of 66 pages. Time and again, people came to the league and impacted the way it operates—the impact ...
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11 самых молодых победителей MVP в истории НБА

Winning the Most Valuable Player (MVP) award in the NBA is the greatest achievement any baller could ever have. While there are no clear criteria of who should win it, the award is open to all the best performers of the season even to the young players. Truth be told, ...
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Ходы НБА: 6 самых рискованных и прибыльных сделок

Every game is a gamble. So they say. Now that news of Dwight Howard signing with the Los Angeles Lakers (albeit the non-guaranteed contract) dawned on us. The next important question is: how will this change the 2019-20 NBA season? Howard was with the Lakers in 2012-13. Hopes and expectations ...
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НБА 2019-20 Сезон: 5 игр, которые важнее всего

Tipping off on October 22, 2019, a Tuesday, the NBA released on August 12 a complete game schedule for the NBA 2019-20 season. It is still two months away. But it won’t hurt if you start circling certain dates on your calendar, so you can have something to look forward ...
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Возвращение к Злобе во дворце через 15 лет

Well, almost. The most infamous brawl in NBA history, as the Associated Press described it, happened on November 19, 2004, at The Palace of Auburn Hills. Thus, the epithet ‘Malice at the Palace.’ After 15 years, the Pacers-Pistons brawl remains the darkest hour of the league. The scuffle also changed ...

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