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6 самых шокирующих контрактов НБА за последние 10 лет

True to any basketball game, the NBA has full of surprises. Changes that leave die-hard fans scratching their head for pure disbelief or jump out of their seats. While trading and free agency signings are nothing new, the news of who changes what are still the biggest bombs the fans ...
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Как НБА изменился за прошедшее десятилетие

Other than the usual NBA team expansions and player turnover, new standards and rules are introduced from time to time. And much like how the three-point shot addition of the 1980s resulted in evolved team strategies, such periodic tweaks often lead to how each basketball game is played. 1) Centres ...
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Особенность игрока: Кавхи Леонард

Full Name: Kawhi Anthony Leonard Birthdate: June 29, 1991 Birthplace: Los Angeles, California Current team: Los Angeles Clippers Position: Small forward Years active: 2011 – present Key statistics Known for his ball-hawking skills A physical marvel with 6’7” height and 7’3” wingspan Has won both Finals MVP and Defensive Player ...
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Леброн Джеймс не может торговать № 23 просто пока

As part of his big plan to welcome Anthony Davis, Lebron James is giving up his jersey number as a gift to his new Los Angeles Lakers teammate. Lakers confirmed the blockbuster trade last month. It took months for the team to land Davis due to the trade deadline in ...

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