Предсезонка НФЛ

Предсезон НФЛ: 3 причины, почему это важно

While it is easy to dismiss the importance of the NFL preseason, it may be more important than you deem it is. The sceptics would say that the preseason games are only for a show, a waste of time and money. However, there is more to this than meet the ...
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NFL aj green

4 Имена, чтобы Остерегаться в сезоне НФЛ 2019

Excitement builds up a few days before the opening of the 2019 NFL season on September 5, 2019. Several changes on the rules are lined up. The centennial emblem of the league will be unveiled as well. However, there is nothing more exciting than seeing football players do what they ...
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NFL tom brady 2

3 из лучших защитников в истории НФЛ

If there is one person in the offensive line who bears the weight of every game, that is the quarterback. Indeed, a quarterback play can lead the entire team towards winning or losing the game. Not all quarterbacks are created equal, however. Some quarterbacks can execute an outstanding play through ...
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NFL sarah thomas

Как правила НФЛ изменились за последние годы

Founded on August 20, 1920 (nearing its 100th inaugural season), the National Football League (NFL) has its ups and downs–rules-wise. A bevvy of rule changes often had effects on both the game and the players. But for the NFL, can you imagine American football–or Super Bowl–if the rules had never ...
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