NFL embarassing moments

4 самых неловких момента в истории НФЛ

Much like any other sports, NFL players are bound to make mistakes. What these players did not know then was they are making the biggest mistakes of their life worthy of a spot in this most embarrassing moments in the history of the league. Here are some of the most ...
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NFL brady vs manning

Том Брэйди - Пейтон Мэннинг: взгляд на соперничество

Tom Brady and Peyton Manning are two NFL players who’ve been compared relentlessly. It’s the rivalry of all rivalries involving two of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history. While spectators may consider this as a one-sided rivalry since Brady is still active while Manning has already retired, the Brady-Manning rivalry ...
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NFL tom brady

Том Брэди побил все рекорды НФЛ (и те рекорды, которые он побьет)

Tom Brady is one of the most successful NFL players to date. Not necessarily in terms of being the highest-paid player in NFL history, but with regard to recognition. Brady doesn’t seem to fall short in this aspect, breaking records after records. This season marks the 20th for Brady, and ...
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odell beckham jr wearing a watch

Единая политика НФЛ: что игроки могут и не могут носить

In light of the recent news involving Odell Beckham Jr. who wore a $250,000 (others mentioned $350,000) limited edition Richard Mille watch, which is a clear violation of the NFL policies, it is time to brush up on the League’s uniform policies. The NFL has a five-long page uniform policy ...
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NFL kansas city chiefs 2

5 команд НФЛ с самым высоким шансом выиграть Суперкубок LIV

Winning the Super Bowl is the ultimate goal of every NFL team. Unfortunately, while all teams think they can surely win it, only a few NFL teams have a clear shot of doing so. The New England Patriots are the fans’ perennial favourite to bring home the championship title. But ...
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NFL russell wilson

10 самых высокооплачиваемых игроков НФЛ 2019 года

While the NFL does not offer guaranteed big-money contracts like the NBA, the salaries of the players are increasing dramatically over the years. NFL teams are checking this 2019 players from quarterback to defensive The figures are based on NFL.com. #10 Drew Brees, New Orleans Saints, QB ($25 million) Brees ...
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Предсезонка НФЛ

Предсезон НФЛ: 3 причины, почему это важно

While it is easy to dismiss the importance of the NFL preseason, it may be more important than you deem it is. The sceptics would say that the preseason games are only for a show, a waste of time and money. However, there is more to this than meet the ...
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NFL aj green

4 Имена, чтобы Остерегаться в сезоне НФЛ 2019

Excitement builds up a few days before the opening of the 2019 NFL season on September 5, 2019. Several changes on the rules are lined up. The centennial emblem of the league will be unveiled as well. However, there is nothing more exciting than seeing football players do what they ...
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NFL tom brady 2

3 из лучших защитников в истории НФЛ

If there is one person in the offensive line who bears the weight of every game, that is the quarterback. Indeed, a quarterback play can lead the entire team towards winning or losing the game. Not all quarterbacks are created equal, however. Some quarterbacks can execute an outstanding play through ...
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