things other nba players and coaches have said about luka doncic

Luka Doncic: What Other NBA Players and Coaches Think of Him

Only in his sophomore year, Luka Doncic is already described as phenomenal, unstoppable. This year, Doncic is on the elite list of NBA 2019-20 season MVP candidates. Ryan Carlisle, Dallas Mavericks head coach, maximized the player’s MVP potential, without actually changing the game. Who is Luka Doncic? A Slovenian professional ...
retired nba players who staged a comeback sidney moncrief

4 NBA Players Who Retired and Staged a Successful Comeback

The times are miserable and chaotic for the New York Knicks. As if the drought hasn’t entirely played out yet with five straight losing seasons, Richard Jefferson chose to retire instead of playing for the team. Let that sink in first. It was difficult enough for the Jim Dolan-owned team, ...
nick young

3 самых запоминающихся скандала в раздевалке NBA

В раздевалке (или, для некоторых, в землянке) происходят самые захватывающие и возмутительные вещи. Спортивное мастерство, помимо дружбы и товарищества, постоянно подчеркивается. Но проблемы эго и гнева могут преградить путь, что приведет к самым неприятным моментам в истории НБА. Даешь баскетбол ...
nba stars with own signature shoes stephen curry curry one by under armour

6 игроков НБА, у которых есть свои фирменные туфли

Air Jordan - одна из самых знаковых фирменных туфель. На самом деле, это начало революции кроссовок в НБА! В настоящее время наличие пары фирменных шоу - это престиж, о котором мечтали все баскетболисты. Они имели в виду две вещи: одна, ты один из лучших игроков НБА, и две, ...

Лидеры НБА в большинстве трехместных номеров; Нет, это еще не Рассел Уэстбрук

On his second outing playing for the Houston Rockets, Russell Westbrook passed Magic Johnson with his 139th triple-double record. He is now the second NBA player with the most triple-doubles. On the game against the New Orleans Pelicans, the Rockets won 126-123. Westbrook chipped in 28 points, ten rebounds, and ...
giannis antetokounmpo mvp nba 2019-20 gm survey

NBA 2019-20 GM Survey is Out: Who is the Likely MVP?

The National Basketball Association (NBA) has already released its annual GM survey. It asked the NBA teams’ executives about the 2019-20 season MVP, champion, and best players, among others. As NBA disclaimed, the GMs are the decision-makers of the franchise and answers to the survey is their best guesses. The ...

Ranking 5 of the Best NBA Fanbases

Every NBA team has legions of fans. However, not all fanbases are created equal. The cliche that everybody loves a winner is not applicable among these fanbases—they stick with their beloved teams even when the times are not so great. Below are the best NBA fanbases of all-time. #5 Los ...

5 NBA Players Who Became Coaches

Of the 30 head coaches in the NBA today, about nine of them previously played in the NBA and Europe.  Based on the study conducted by scholars at Cornell University, an NBA team has a higher winning percentage if its coach is a former star player or had a long-playing ...

Top Basketball Movies of All Time

Jesus Shuttlesworth famously said that basketball is “poetry in motion.” Court dramas of the underdog narratives aside, basketball is a sport that celebrates athleticism, power, and grace. True enough, basketball films remain to be a proud tradition in both the filmmaking and sports industries. Here are the top basketball movies ...

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