3 Most Skillful Footballers Doing What They Do Best

A football player needs to master at least four skill sets: technique, game intelligence, physical fitness, and proper mindset. 

How could a player possibly control and dribble the ball without any spatial awareness or tactical knowledge that another player could snatch it away in a second? And how would he do the trick if he lacks balance and coordination? If a player is not coachable at all, how can he contribute to the club?

In the world of football, the fans support the clubs that illustrate quality football. The players display some of the most breathtaking and memorable plays.

Some skills tricks are even named after the player who invented it.

Here are some of the best game-plays in football history.

Maradona turn

Invented by Diego Maradona, the specialised dribbling turn is now a classic. It is also considered an attacking move used in escaping an impending tackle from a defender. With that said, the opportunities for using the Maradona turn are less.

The dominant foot is placed on top in a grabbing motion. The player would stop suddenly to redirect the ball using the non-dominant foot.

Throughout the years, another proponent of the trick emerged—Zinedine Zidane. This time, Zidane uses his instep instead of the sole to drag the ball back to its position. He does this while running in full speed.

Cruyff turn

Named after Johan Cruyff, a Dutch player, the Cruyff turn is one of the most challenging plays to execute. However, it allows the player to change both the defence and pace of the game.

During the 1974 Word Cup, Cruyff was about to make a goal, but Jan Olsson was blocking him. The move involved drawing back the right foot, feinting the pass back, drawing the foot back behind the standing left leg, turning at the hip to make a 180-degree turn. This allowed the player to shift the weight to the other foot and complete the turn.

The freshest display of the Cruyff turn was at the Women’s World Cup. Lieke Martens of the Netherlands did the symbolic turn.

Ronaldinho Gaucho snake

Also called Elastico or flip-flap, the snake move is unique. The snake is a dribbling move, although it is also used as a feint. Only a few football players can do it such as Ronaldinho considering how hard to pull it off.

It was called the snake because of the in-out feet movement involved. The outside of the dominant foot is used in pushing the ball towards the offensive player’s dominant side. The feint leads the defensive player to think that he will move it to another direction but not really. It’s because the dominant foot will have the control of the ball in an instant pushing it to the non-dominant side. 

Roberto Rivellino and Zidane are the other players who have performed the snake throughout their careers. Rivellino even claimed that while Sergio Echigo, a Japanese-Brazilian player, has invented it, he was the one who perfected the snake.

In Africa, the snake was simply called ‘The Gaucho,’ after the player who boldly utilised it over and over during a game. 


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22 Quotes about Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo is undoubtedly one of the best players to grace the football world. No one can deny his presence regardless of which club you are supporting or league you are watching. 

In the last ten years, he broke all the records there is and he received all the awards there is. Perhaps one of the few players to do so.

And the most magnificent names have to say these about Ronaldo.

“When Cristiano Ronaldo gets the ball, you can just leave him to it while he beats player after player.” 

Ryan Giggs

“There have been a few players described as the new George Best over the years, but this is the first time it’s been a compliment to me.”

– George Best

“He has magic in his boots. The first thing you notice about him is that he is incredibly quick and very, very powerful for such a young man. He has great, close control, and his technique is excellent. He believes he can do anything with the ball, and that confidence makes him very special indeed.”

– Eusebio

“He (Ronaldo) is a phenomenon, a number one, a barbarian footballer.”

– Alfredo Di Stefano

“Cristiano is a striker like we’ve never seen before.”

– Sergio Ramos

“After we played Sporting last week, the lads in the dressing room talked about him constantly, and on the plane back from the game they urged me to sign him. That’s how highly they rated him.”

– Sir Alex Ferguson

“We’ve had some great players at this club in my 20 years, but he’s up with the best.”

– Sir Alex Ferguson

“He is the best. The best in the world, yes. Probably the best ever. I saw Maradona a couple of times. I never saw Pele. But Cristiano is amazing. This man is the best. Cristiano is a goal machine. He is an incredible player. He is like Zidane, there will never be another Ronaldo.”

– Jose Mourinho

“It’s a great honour for me to play with him, you just have to pass him the ball, and he does the rest.”

– Marcelo Vieira

“There is no doubt about his quality as a footballer. I think that today  there can be no doubt that Cristiano Ronaldo is the best player in the world, the best scorer and the best forward.”

– Pele

“When you play with Ronaldo on your team, you are already 1-0 up.”

– Zinedine Zidane

“Cristiano is unique for his talent and professionalism – he is also extraordinarily consistent. [He] is an outstanding professional. He’s committed to the team and the club, he doesn’t talk much, but he is a leader.”

– Carlo Ancelotti

“The kid makes you sick. He looks the part; he walks the part–he is the part. He’s six-foot-something, fit as a flea, good-looking – he’s got to have something wrong with him. Hopefully, he’s hung like a hamster! That would make us all feel better!”

– Ian Holloway

“Cristiano is from another galaxy; he knows he’s going to score. He’s different and special.”

– Zinedine Zidane

“Cristiano is part of football heritage. He’s one of those players who, practically on his own, can put a team in a final.”

– Diego Maradona

“There are some things Ronaldo can do with a football that makes me touch my head and wonder how on earth he did it.”

– Luis Figo

“He (Ronaldo) does things I have never seen from any other player, and it really is marvellous to watch. It takes a great player to grab the bull by the horns and make things happen, but he has done it repeatedly.”

– Sir Bobby Charlton

“Cristiano Ronaldo is better than George Best and Denis Law, who were two brilliant and great players in the history of United.”

– Johan Cruyff

“(Ronaldo) is always there scoring goals in all the games and taking part in his club and [the] national side. He has been doing that for many years and whether he is at his peak or a bit below it makes no difference.”

– Lionel Messi

“[He’s] a world star in soccer like Michael Jordan was in basketball. They have both been blessed with a genius that has never been seen before.”

– Carlos Queiroz

“He makes the most difficult plays look easy.”

–  Henrik Larsson


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