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Well-Received Indeed: 6 Most Liked NFL Players in League History

A lot of players are hated. And then there are NFL players who are well-loved by their legions of fans, finding a special spot in their hearts. 

Below are some of the most liked players. 

1) Aaron Rodgers

Rodgers led the Packers to its Super Bowl win. And this is just one aspect why fans dote on him. 

Rodgers also carries the hope of the entire Green Bay Packers fan base upon hinting that the best is yet to come for the team. He keeps the entire team and city from falling apart.

Fans take notice of his efforts. No single person in the city would say anything against their main man.

Why fans love Rodgers: He is fond of joking around with them

2) Troy Polamalu

Everyone loves the high-energy footballer Polamalu, curly hair and all. He meant a lot for the Pittsburgh Steelers fans.

Polamalu is a household name thanks to his defensive play. For every hard hit and clutch play he makes, he gained more respect from his fans.

Also, he has the best selling jersey among all Steelers players.

Why fans love Polamalu: He is the nicest to interact with

3) Drew Brees

Brees is always someone great with the fans. He connects and interacts with them any way he could.

His Super Bowl celebration holding his toddler son imprinted a memory among the New Orleans Saints fans. That also gave him the ever-dependable player impression.

To date, Brees was one of the best quarterbacks to ever play in the NFL and a Saints legend.

Why fans love Brees: He appreciates the city, the Superdome, and fanbase 

4) Adrian Peterson

A breath of fresh air from the likes of Brett Favre and Sidney Rice, Peterson is not known for “All Day” for nothing. If there is one word to describe Peterson, that would be unstoppable. 

Fans adored him for his tireless rushing for seven years and counting, having almost 14,000 rushing yards under his name.

Minnesota Vikings fans support him all the way, appreciating his talents on the pitch that no other players in the team can match even when he was no longer a Vikings.

Why fans love Peterson: His consistency in the field

5) Brian Urlacher

Urlacher is the definition of football. He was an elite linebacker, and his fans appreciate him for the dedication he demonstrates on the field with his hard-hitting defence.

He dominates the middle field. And he never disappointed Chicago Bears fans ever. He is smart and strong—and even these words are an understatement.

He may not have an impact like that of other players such as Ray Lewis. Even so, Urlacher will be remembered for the longest time. 

Why fans love Urlacher: He takes football seriously and knows it by heart

6) Peyton Manning

Another household name, fans surely miss Manning on the field now that he is already retired. For one, he is a legendary quarterback to ever play in the league. And yes, Manning is a Hall of Famer in the making.

He is the face of Indianapolis Colts. No other Colts player can match his levels of play. There are very few NFL players who are comparable with Manning as well.

Colts fans adore him for just being the serious him.

Why fans love Manning: He is highly relatable, like an ordinary guy but not really

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Tom Brady vs Peyton Manning: A Look Inside the Rivalry

Tom Brady and Peyton Manning are two NFL players who’ve been compared relentlessly. It’s the rivalry of all rivalries involving two of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history.

While spectators may consider this as a one-sided rivalry since Brady is still active while Manning has already retired, the Brady-Manning rivalry is an all-time great. 

Brady-Manning rivalry

The two quarterbacks have faced each other for 17 matches, meeting for every season from 2001 to 2015 except 2002, 2008, 2011, and 2015. 

In the last three, New England Patriots and Indiana Colts had a match, but Brady missed the 2008 game. Manning also missed the 2011 game due to a neck injury and again in 2015 during the regular season. However, they met during the AFC Championship game.

Brady is leading the head-to-head with 11-6, 8-4 against the Colts and 3-2 against Denver Broncos where Manning played from 2011 to 2015. The two wins were both an AFC Championship game (2013 and 2015).

Brady led the Foxborough series with 8-2. Manning, on the other hand, led the Indianapolis/Denver series with 4-3.

The playoffs were a different story. Brady and Manning met five times at the playoffs with Manning dominating with 3-2. Four games were at the AFC Championship; Manning won three of those with both Broncos (two) and Colts (one).

Overall, the two players’ career records are at 124-64 for Manning and 99-30 for Brady.

To this day, Manning has played two more seasons compared with that of Brady’s. However, the latter, at 42 years old, is committed to playing football until he reaches 45. 

Brady and Manning as valuable players

Brady owns both the regular and postseasons with 269 and 40 games played, respectively. However, Manning’s postseason performance cannot be deliberately ignored for statistics purposes especially.

For instance, Manning has a higher completion rate (65.3%) than Brady (64%) during the regular season. They tied at 63.2% during the postseason despite Brady having 1,005 completions compared with Manning’s 649. 

Also, Manning has 71,940 yards with that of Brady’s 70,514. Manning’s yards per game stat is at 270.5 while Brady only has 262.1.

In the postseason, Brady has 11,179 yards, and Manning only has 7,339. Brady’s yards per game stat is at 279.5. Manning still managed to have 271.8 yards per game, though.

The culmination of all these is, of course, the most valuable player (MVP) trophy. Manning has five MVP awards while Brady only has three.

For the Super Bowl, Brady has six wins, and Manning only has two. Brady also has four Super Bowl MVPs compared with Manning’s single MVP win. 

While Manning may be a league of his own when it comes to the number, Brady has a higher winning percentage. 

This is where the problem lies because the longer a football player plays, in this case, Brady, the more difficult it is to maintain the winning percentage.

Brady plays for a great team, but whether the Patriots will keep on winning is not known. Will Brady top over Manning’s regular-season MVPs in his last three years as a Patriot? This surely is a matter we have yet to see.


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3 of the Best Quarterbacks in NFL History

If there is one person in the offensive line who bears the weight of every game, that is the quarterback. Indeed, a quarterback play can lead the entire team towards winning or losing the game.

Not all quarterbacks are created equal, however. Some quarterbacks can execute an outstanding play through running the football himself or forward passing while others can’t.

Three to four names appear consistently in rankings of top quarterbacks of all-time.

These NFL quarterbacks change not only how the play went down, but also the entire American football history.

#3 – Joe Montana (1979 – 1994)

  • 4x Super Bowl championships
  • 3x Super Bowl MVP
  • 8x Pro Bowler
  • 2x NFL MVP
  • NFL Offensive Player of the Year

Montana is known for his ability to keep calm, earning him the moniker ‘Joe Cool.’ With this demeanour, he was always able to direct his teammates. Montana never lost a Super Bowl with his 63.2% yards completion and 2.6% interception rates.

The come-from-behind passer delivers what is expected of him, and the most cherished moment in his professional career was the San Francisco 49ers 1988-89 playoff win. He had 19 touchdowns against a single interception.

He had a strong start in 1989 when he won the Offensive Player of the Year. Nowadays, he is also known as The Comeback Kid because of his legendary fourth-quarter comebacks. Such a deficit puts him behind Brady and Manning.

#2 – Peyton Manning (1998 – 2015)

  • 2x Super Bowl championships
  • Super Bowl MVP
  • 14x Pro Bowler
  • 5x NFL MVP
  • 2x Offensive Player of the Year

Montana may have more Super Bowl championship appearances than Manning, but there is more to the man when it comes to mental battles against the opponents. He has abilities to 1) diagnose coverages and 2) break the defence. Brady is the only one who can match and even surpass his football IQ. 

Furthermore, diagnosis efficiency is the reason behind his low sack numbers with only 303 throughout 17 seasons. Manning has 65.3% yards completion and 2.7% interception rates. He attempted 9,380 passes as well during the Super Bowl XLI.

Nonetheless, he failed some playoffs that put him in the second position.

#1 – Tom Brady (2000 – present)

  • 5x Super Bowl championships
  • 4x Super Bowl MVP
  • 12x Pro Bowler
  • 2x NFL MVP
  • 2x NFL Offensive Player of the Year

Brady does not possess the arm strength or the mobility of his contemporaries. Still, he has an impressive football IQ that allows him to make the most efficient decisions on the field. Other than his accuracy, Brady’s strong work ethic is his legacy.

A consistent passer, Brady’s yards completion percentage was at 63.8 (attempted more than 8,000 passes throughout his career) while his interception percentage is 1.8. He’d never went beyond that point since he became a starter. Tom Terrific’s passing prowess was one of the reasons his team has won at least five Super Bowls.

While he may be the oldest NFL quarterback to retire, he is leaving valuable lessons on nutrition, strength, and conditioning. These three change the way he trains and plays football.

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