9 Greatest, Wittiest NFL and Players Nicknames

It’s always a wild NFL ride, but you have to credit the cleverness of the people—the teams, players, fans and even the media—in coming with witty nicknames like the below.

Papa Bear

George Halas is the founder-owner and head coach of the Chicago Bears. He was referred to as the Papa Bear for this reason.

However, there is more to it—Halas was also a co-founder of the NFL. He also played for the league that in 1973, he was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

New York Sack Exchange

Of course, you knew it refers to the New York Jets. It specifically started in the 1980s to refer to the triple threat Mark Gastineau, Marty Lyons, and Joe Klecko. 

They were known as the defensive line to boot then sans a Super Bowl appearance.


Sometimes, the fans display their dismay over the team’s performance by giving it a name. For New Orleans Saints, it was Aints where the fans wear paper bags to hide their face in disgust.

That was before they first appeared in the playoffs in 1987 after more than 20 years. More specifically, it was first used when the franchise lost 14 consecutive games in 1980.

Now, fans call them The Black and Gold or The Who Dats.

Tom Terrific

Tom Brady is a prowess of terrific moves in the field—no doubt about it.

With three Super Bowls and two MVPs each for the NFL and Super Bowl, he only proved how deserving he is of the moniker. 

The Minister of Defense

Reggie White, the all-time greatest defensive lineman, earned this title. He was awarded two NFL Defensive Player of the Year titles.

He has a total of 198 sacks, 33 forced fumbles amassed while playing for the Philadelphia Eagles, Green Bay Packers, and Carolina Panthers. 

Not just the teams and football players

The Cleveland Browns fans are known as the Dawg Pound. And they continue to mobilise and fill up stadiums to the Browns’ delight. 

The Dawg Pound also refers to the bleacher section at the FirstEnergy Stadium dedicated to the franchise’s most passionate fans.

Dawg Pound Daily, a fan site, was created out of that historic name.

On the other hand, when one says the Cheeseheads, he was probably referring to the Green Bay Packers fans. They wear their foam cheese hats on the stadium regardless of the weather.

Then, there’s also a game

When fans remember the 1958 NFL Championship between the New York Giants and Baltimore Colts, they would only say one thing: it was The Greatest Game Ever Played.

It was the very first overtime match in NFL history. The game is also considered one of the reasons for the popularity that the league enjoys today. 

The Colts won the match 23-17. 

St. Louis Rams fans surely still remember the Greatest Show on Turf. The players, specifically, Kurt Warner, Isaac Bruce, and Marshall Faulk, played on a domed turf during the Super Bowl XXXIV.

The Rams took over the Georgia Dome against Tenessee Titans, 23-16. 

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NFL Power Couples: 8 Football Stars with Their Wives

Quarterbacks and models are the most exciting combinations NFL fans have seen.

From the hottest couple Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen to Russell Wilson and Ciara, here are NFL’s power couples.

8) Sterling Shepard and Chanel Iman

Sterling and Chanel met during at the party of Victor Cruz, an ex-NFL player. The wide receiver to New York Giants proposed to Victoria’s Secret angel on December 2017, making the newest couple to rival Tom and Gisele’s QB-model union. They got married on March 2018 and welcomed their first child, Cali, in August. Chanel is pregnant on their second child together. 

7) Nnamdi Asomugha and Kerry Washington

The famous couple’s relationship was a secret until they married in 2013. The couple has two children, a daughter and son they welcomed in 2014 and 2016, respectively. Nowadays, they enjoyed working together. Nnamdi was a co-producer in Kerry’s Broadway play, American Son.

6) Eric Decker and Jesse James

Eric and Jesse married in 2013, after which their E! reality show Eric and Jesse: Game on started airing. The show documented their life as a newly married couple as well as Jesse’s pregnancy. Eric retired from football in 2018 while Jesse launched Kittenish, a clothing line. The retired wide receiver and country singer are parents to three children.  

5) Jay Cutler and Kristin Cavallari

The former QB to Chicago Bears and Miami Dolphins tied the knot with the former reality star in 2013. They started dating in 2010, broke up briefly in the same year, then reconciled in 2011. Jay and Kristin have two sons and a daughter, Camden, Jaxon, and Saylor. They now live in Nashville. Their family life is featured on E! Channel’s Very Cavallari. Kristin has started her jewellery and a home line called Uncommon James. 

4) Eric Johnson and Jessica Simpson

Eric and Jessica began dating in 2010, got engaged in the same year, but married four years later, in 2014. The former tight end has three children with the singer-turned-business mogul namely Maxwell, Ace, and Birdie. Their youngest was born in March 2019.

3) Tony Romo and Candice Crawford

Tono started dating Candice in 2009 then, married after two years. The ex-Dallas Cowboys retired officially in 2016 to focus on his growing family while serving as CBS Sports commentator. Tony and the former TV journalist have three sons together, Hawk, Rivers, and Jones. Candice, on the other hand, founded Hawk + Sloane, a fragrance company.

2) Russell Wilson and Ciara

The Wilson couple rivals Brady and Bundchen as the top power couple. Theirs was a whirlwind romance that ended up in a castle wedding in 2016. Russell and Ciara dated for almost a year. The Seattle Seahawks QB and songstress welcomed their daughter, Sienna Princess, in 2017. 

1) Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen

The list will never be complete without mentioning Tom and Gisele. In fact, they are the reason lists like this are created. The quintessential couple is relationship goals, having been married since 2009. The New England Patriots quarterback and Brazilian supermodel have two kids together, Benjamin and Vivian.  


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Tom Brady vs Peyton Manning: A Look Inside the Rivalry

Tom Brady and Peyton Manning are two NFL players who’ve been compared relentlessly. It’s the rivalry of all rivalries involving two of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history.

While spectators may consider this as a one-sided rivalry since Brady is still active while Manning has already retired, the Brady-Manning rivalry is an all-time great. 

Brady-Manning rivalry

The two quarterbacks have faced each other for 17 matches, meeting for every season from 2001 to 2015 except 2002, 2008, 2011, and 2015. 

In the last three, New England Patriots and Indiana Colts had a match, but Brady missed the 2008 game. Manning also missed the 2011 game due to a neck injury and again in 2015 during the regular season. However, they met during the AFC Championship game.

Brady is leading the head-to-head with 11-6, 8-4 against the Colts and 3-2 against Denver Broncos where Manning played from 2011 to 2015. The two wins were both an AFC Championship game (2013 and 2015).

Brady led the Foxborough series with 8-2. Manning, on the other hand, led the Indianapolis/Denver series with 4-3.

The playoffs were a different story. Brady and Manning met five times at the playoffs with Manning dominating with 3-2. Four games were at the AFC Championship; Manning won three of those with both Broncos (two) and Colts (one).

Overall, the two players’ career records are at 124-64 for Manning and 99-30 for Brady.

To this day, Manning has played two more seasons compared with that of Brady’s. However, the latter, at 42 years old, is committed to playing football until he reaches 45. 

Brady and Manning as valuable players

Brady owns both the regular and postseasons with 269 and 40 games played, respectively. However, Manning’s postseason performance cannot be deliberately ignored for statistics purposes especially.

For instance, Manning has a higher completion rate (65.3%) than Brady (64%) during the regular season. They tied at 63.2% during the postseason despite Brady having 1,005 completions compared with Manning’s 649. 

Also, Manning has 71,940 yards with that of Brady’s 70,514. Manning’s yards per game stat is at 270.5 while Brady only has 262.1.

In the postseason, Brady has 11,179 yards, and Manning only has 7,339. Brady’s yards per game stat is at 279.5. Manning still managed to have 271.8 yards per game, though.

The culmination of all these is, of course, the most valuable player (MVP) trophy. Manning has five MVP awards while Brady only has three.

For the Super Bowl, Brady has six wins, and Manning only has two. Brady also has four Super Bowl MVPs compared with Manning’s single MVP win. 

While Manning may be a league of his own when it comes to the number, Brady has a higher winning percentage. 

This is where the problem lies because the longer a football player plays, in this case, Brady, the more difficult it is to maintain the winning percentage.

Brady plays for a great team, but whether the Patriots will keep on winning is not known. Will Brady top over Manning’s regular-season MVPs in his last three years as a Patriot? This surely is a matter we have yet to see.


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