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20+ Interesting, Fun and Worth-Knowing Facts About Tennis

What is interesting in tennis? Well, everything! Tennis is a racket sport with a fascinating history. Even today, the sport is a gift that keeps on giving. Here are some of the most interesting tennis facts. The word “tennis” originated from an Anglo-Norman term “tenez” which means “to take heed.” ...
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How Ridiculous Tennis Bad Boy Nick Kyrgios Can Get? This Is HOW

It’s important to find balance between Pokemon and training. ~~Nick Kyrgios Nick Kyrgios. The name itself conjures ugly sights and memories—perhaps the ugliest moments in tennis. Who is Nick Kyrgios? Nicholas Hilmy Kyrgios is an Australian tennis player who turned pro in 2012. Kyrgios reached his highest ranking in October ...
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4 of the Biggest Scandals in Pro Tennis

Every sport has its fair share of shocking news and controversies. Pro tennis is no exception. BBC even called it a sport riddled with corruption.  BBC is right. Below are some of the biggest scandals to hit pro tennis. A paternity suit It began with a seemingly faultless sexual encounter ...
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Nadal vs Federer vs Djokovic: Which is the Best Tennis Rivalry?

Which tennis rivalry is considered the best? Tennis fans mull over which is the better rivalry: Nadal vs Djokovic or Federer vs Djokovic. Nonetheless, the third and equally important rivalry is Nadal vs Federer.  There is mutual respect between the two, and thus, their fans do not consider them as ...
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5 Youngest Women Tennis Players to Win a Title

Coco Gauff became the youngest – at only 15 years old – to win a WTA title after 15 years. This is the tennis pro’s first title ever, defeating Jelena Ostapenko in three sets. Ostapenko was the 2017 French Open champion.  Gauff’s name became more popular among tennis fans in ...
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6 Iconic Tennis Movies Every Fan Must Watch

Compared with basketball and football movies that are popular within the filmmaking industry, tennis movies are rare. But when these flicks are available, they are sure to delight the viewers. Here are some of the iconic film that every tennis fan must watch and sure to build up the momentum ...
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Five of the Greatest Men’s Tennis Players of All Time

Every tennis fan has their list the greatest of all time—their GOATs. That’s why it’s rather tricky to debate who the greatest men’s tennis players in tennis history are. The stats cannot be the sole basis, though, because we are talking about pre- and the Open era. It means training, ...
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Giving Venus Williams the Credit She Deserves

Before the world forgets Serena Williams has an equally successful tennis player of a sister—Venus Williams. While she was not at par with Serena’s stellar tennis career, Venus has had glorious moments of her own. Here are the highlights of Venus’ tennis career. The Williams legacy Serena has put it ...
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10 Tennis Women’s Singles Players Ranked No. 1 in WTA History

Computer rankings, which dramatically changed the Women’s Tennis Association, started on November 3, 1975. Here are the women who have held the most coveted ranking as WTA’s No. 1. 1) Steffi Graf Graf holds the record for holding the No. 1 position for 377 weeks. She has been a top ...
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