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The NFL Quarterback/Coach Duos in 2021



The NFL quarterback/coach duo rankings have been an interesting topic for competitive football fans. As players and coaches constantly evolve, new members were sure to join the list, and others were likely to leave. Some members, however, showed up in a greater way than originally anticipated.

In this article, we’ll bring you the top 10 quarterback/head coach duos in the NFL for 2021. If you don’t agree with the list, feel free to share your thoughts.

1. Tom Brady/Bruce Arians — Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tom Brady/Bruce Arians
Courtesy of Buckswire

The fact that Brady and Arians won the Super Bowl in their first season together makes their duo worthy of the top position. Not to mention,  Brady is the NFL’s second quarterback to win a Super Bowl with two different clubs. He’s also the first quarterback to win a Super Bowl in each conference and the first player in NFL history to win a title in three separate decades. Arians became the oldest head coach to win a Super Bowl. He is the second-oldest head coach to win an NFL championship next to George Halas.

2. Patrick Mahomes/Andy Reid — Kansas City Chiefs

Patrick Mahomes/Andy Reid
Courtesy of Chiefswire

Here’s one of the most talked-about duo online. With three AFC Championship Game appearances (in three complete seasons), two conference championship triumphs, and a win in Super Bowl LIV, the Chiefs have a 38-8 record in Mahomes’ 46 starts. Reid gets credit, too, since, in Mahomes’ 46 starts, the Chiefs have averaged 31.4 points per game, with 28 games scoring 30-plus points and eight games scoring 40-plus points. Having the most passing yards, passing touchdowns, greatest quarterback rating, and fewest interceptions in his first 46 games, Mahomes remains the youngest athlete to earn NFL MVP and Super Bowl MVP.

3. Aaron Rodgers/Matt LaFleur — Green Bay Packers

Aaron Rodgers/Matt LaFleur
Courtesy of Bleacher Report

There’s no denying that Rodgers’ remarkable success began when LaFleur took over as head coach back in 2019. Since LaFleur took charge, the Packers have gone 26-6, including back-to-back NFC Championship Game appearances. In his two seasons with LaFleur, Rodgers has been outstanding. Rodgers has the most touchdown passes and the smallest number of interceptions among quarterbacks with 750 passing attempts. He is also the only player with an interception percentage of under 1%. He also has the most victories in the league.

4. Russell Wilson/Pete Carroll — Seattle Seahawks

Russell Wilson/Pete Carroll
Courtesy of SBNATION

Peter Carroll decided to gave Russel Wilson a shot since Wilson was the early favourite to earn the league MVP award. However,  Wilson did not receive an MVP vote at the conclusion of the year despite having one of his greatest seasons. The Seahawks won 12 games for the first time since 2014 and won the NFC West for the first time since 2016, although they were eliminated from the playoffs for the second time in three seasons.

5. Lamar Jackson/John Harbaugh — Baltimore Ravens

Lamar Jackson/John Harbaugh
Courtesy of ESPN

At the age of 24 years old, Jackson is the third-youngest player to win a league MVP and a playoff game. Despite his 1-3 playoff record, he joined Colin Kaepernick as the only quarterback in NFL history to have two 100-yard rushing yard performances in the playoffs. Moreover, Harbaugh deserves a lot of credit for how far he’s come. Harbaugh has a career record of 140-86, making him one of just ten head coaches in NFL history to reach the playoffs nine times in his first 13 seasons.

6. Josh Allen/Sean McDermott — Buffalo Bills

Josh Allen/Sean McDermott
Courtesy of Buffalo Bills

Allen and McDermott proved how outstanding they were in 2020, especially given they are the highest-ranking combination without a championship-winning quarterback or head coach. The Bills made it to the AFC Championship Game for the first time since 1993, and their 13-3 record was the greatest in team history. And even if he didn’t win the league’s top individual award, Allen’s accomplishments in 2020 were MVP-worthy.

7. Ryan Tannehill/Mike Vrabel — Tennessee Titans

Ryan Tannehill/Mike Vrabel
Courtesy Bleacher Report

Tannehill has done an outstanding job since taking over as the Titans’ starting in the midst of the 2019 season, establishing himself as a top-five quarterback in the league. The Tannehill/Vrabel duo is practically a certainty for the playoffs. This year, the Titans are projected to be in contention for their first Super Bowl trip since 1999.

8. Ben Roethlisberger/Mike Tomlin — Pittsburgh Steelers

Ben Roethlisberger/Mike Tomlin
Courtesy of The Spun

Although a late-season downfall in which Pittsburgh lost five of its last six games after an 11-0 start, the Steelers quarterback/head coach tandem still had a fantastic year. And even though the Steelers have only gone 3-6 in the playoffs since 2011, Tomlin and Roethlisberger are given the respect it deserves due to their reputation. There aren’t many quarterback/head coach combinations that have won a Super Bowl.

9. Baker Mayfield/Kevin Stefenski — Cleveland Browns

Baker Mayfield/Kevin Stefenski
Courtesy of

Mayfield and Stefanski have only been together for a year, but they’ve already made it onto this list after bringing the Browns to their first postseason victory in 26 years. The Browns are rethinking how far Mayfield can carry this team after seeing how much he improved in his first season. With Mayfield and Stefanski, the Browns have a chance to go farther in the playoffs in year two, and they have a great chance to rise up this list.

10. Jimmy Garoppolo/Kyle Shanahan — San Francisco 49ers

Jimmy Garoppolo/Kyle Shanahan
Courtesy of SFGATE

Since the 49ers acquired Garoppolo in 2017, the quarterback and Shanahan have gone 22-8, earning the NFC West championship and going to Super Bowl LIV in their first full season together. Shanahan is only 35-45 as a head coach, with one winning season in four years, but it’s difficult to overlook his accomplishment when Garoppolo is on the field.


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