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Top 4 Tennis Techniques Every Pro Player Knows

Learning tennis techniques requires a lot of dedication and consistent practice. It is a process that every tennis player has to undergo in order to become a professional athlete. With proper training and refinement, one will be able to develop and fully grow expertise when it comes to playing the sport.

Here are some of the key tennis techniques that you should look forward to mastering to step up your game.

Unit Turn

One of the most essential aspects of tennis techniques is the unit turn. This method involves turning one’s body and racket at the same time, getting both into a perfect swinging position.

Furthermore, there are two common mistakes a player does when performing a unit turn.

1. Stepping Back

2. Turning and Tilting The Head

Executing the unit turn may seem very easy at first glance but a lot of tennis players tend to misinterpret and do it the wrong way.

Swing Shape

Take note that there are no straight lines in tennis. This is why the swing shape is an extremely important technique that you need to learn and work on. The swing shape simply describes how you position the racket and your arm while in the process of a takeback.

Moreover, this practice is not that easy to pull off. A lot of players commit the mistake of doing excess motions through the course of the takeback. As a result, they generate less power and spin.

It is highly important to incorporate the perfect swing shape into these basic tennis strokes:

  • Serve
  • Forehand Groundstroke
  • Backhand Groundstroke
  • Forehand Volley
  • Backhand Volley
  • Overhead Smash

Tennis Grips

In professional tennis, your grip affects the way you hit the ball. It also impacts the pace, distance, spin, and the spot where you want the ball to make contact. When performing various strokes, professional tennis players adjust their grip to achieve a perfect shot.

Honing your grip techniques into perfection can greatly help you make the most out of your matches. Here are some of the tennis grips you might want to become familiar with.

  • Continental Grip
  • Eastern Forehand Grip
  • Semi-Western Forehand Grip
  • Western Forehand Grip
  • Eastern Forehand Grip
  • Semi-Western Backhand Grip
  • Western Backhand Grip
  • Eastern Backhand Grip
  • Two-Handed Backhand Grip

Learning tennis grips can be a daunting process, especially if you’re new to the game. However, once you learn the basic stuff, you will be able to learn the rest more easily.


While serving the ball may be an extremely basic practice in tennis, this technique requires more than just hitting the ball to the other side. Learning how to properly serve the ball can provide you with a huge game advantage.

There are four main types of tennis serves that you need to learn.

  • Flat Serve
  • Slice Serve
  • Kick Serve
  • Underhanded Serve

Moreover, professional tennis players don’t limit themselves with only one type of serve. As a matter of fact, there are appropriate serves that you can use in every situation. Knowing when to utilize a particular tennis serve will enable you to maximize your strategy more.

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