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2023 Dutch Grand Prix: Fair Pre-race Analysis



Following a brief summer hiatus, the excitement of Formula One racing persists. The latter portion of the season is set to recommence at the renowned Zandvoort track in the Netherlands, hosting the much-anticipated 2023 Dutch Grand Prix. Renowned for its historic significance, this iconic circuit will once again witness a clash of the world’s finest drivers and state-of-the-art vehicles. The forthcoming event holds the pledge of an extraordinary spectacle, seamlessly blending raw power with strategic sophistication.

Anticipated to be rife with unexpected twists, the Dutch Grand Prix beckons an escalation of enthusiasm. As this anticipation reaches new heights, the time is ripe to immerse ourselves in the realm of forecasts and preliminary race evaluations. Let us embark on a journey to explore the exhilarating asphalt of predictions, encompassing a gamut of subjects ranging from the present form of constructors and drivers to the past track records of these drivers at Zandvoort.

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When is the F1 2023 Dutch Grand Prix?

Date: Sunday, 27th of August 2023

Track: Circuit Zandvoort, Netherlands

Start Time: 15:00 Central European Summer Time

Live stream: F1 TV Pro, TSN, Sky Sports, and ESPN

The 2023 Dutch Grand Prix dates

Friday 25th August 2023

  • Practice 1: 12:30 – 13:30 CEST
  • Practice 2: 16:00 – 17:00 CEST

Saturday 26th August 2023

  • Practice 3: 11:30 – 12:30 CEST
  • Qualifying: 15:00 – 16:00 CEST

Sunday 27th August 2023

  • Main Race: 15:00 CEST

Standings of Formula 1 drivers and constructors

Heading into the summer hiatus, Red Bull Racing asserted its dominance in both the driver’s and constructor’s standings. With the Belgian Grand Prix marking the latest race, let’s take a look at the current situation as we gear up for the commencement of the season’s latter half.

F1 Drivers Ranking

  1. Max Verstappen – Red Bull Racing RBPT
  2. Sergio Pérez – Red Bull Racing RBPT
  3. Fernando Alonso – Aston Martin Aramco Mercedes
  4. Lewis Hamilton – Mercedes
  5. Charles Leclerc – Ferrari
  6. George Russell – Mercedes
  7. Carlos Sainz – Ferrari
  8. Lando Norris – McLaren
  9. Lance Stroll – Aston Martin Aramco Mercedes 
  10. Esteban Ocon – Alpine Renault

F1 Constructors Ranking

  1. Red Bull Racing Honda RBPT
  2. Mercedes
  3. Aston Martin Aramco Mercedes
  4. Ferrari
  5. McLaren Mercedes
  6. Alpine Renault
  7. Williams Mercedes
  8. Haas Ferrari
  9. Alfa Romeo Ferrari
  10. Alphatauri Honda RBPT

Previewing the 2023 Dutch Grand Prix

Let’s delve into insights from past races that could impact the upcoming Dutch Grand Prix this weekend. Can Max Verstappen uphold Red Bull Racing’s unblemished streak?

Verstappen’s pursuit of a landmark achievement

Max Verstappen stands on the cusp of becoming the second F1 driver ever to achieve nine consecutive victories in a single season. His confident triumph at the Belgian Grand Prix marked his eighth consecutive win, leaving little room for any competitor to challenge his supremacy at the moment. As the 2023 F1 Dutch GP approaches, Verstappen holds a distinct advantage, backed by his unbroken series of victories at this track over the past two years.

Lando Norris’s setback

Lando Norris experienced a dip in his recent impressive performance at the Belgian Grand Prix, securing a seventh-place finish following a commendable recovery from a challenging start. The blame could potentially lie with McLaren’s upgrades, thus allowing Norris some leeway. The outcome of the Dutch Grand Prix will serve as a litmus test to determine the authenticity of this British-Belgian driver’s capabilities. Notably, Norris achieved back-to-back P2 finishes before the Belgian GP.

Sergio Perez maintains a strong presence

Sergio Perez pulled himself out of a performance slump by securing second place, trailing his dominant Red Bull teammate Max Verstappen in the Belgian Grand Prix. This second-place finish marked Perez’s second podium appearance in the last two races. While Verstappen has shouldered much of the load for the Red Bull Racing team, Perez’s notable performance in the previous race underscored the team’s unwavering presence and their clear lead in the 2023 F1 season.

Forecast for the Formula 1: 2023 Dutch Grand Prix

There’s little room for doubt – Max Verstappen stands out as the clear front-runner. He has clinched victory every year since the onset of the pandemic. Beyond his pursuit of matching the record for nine consecutive wins, the Red Bull Racing team boasts an illustrious history at the Dutch Grand Prix, triumphing on the Circuit Zandvoort a total of eight times. It’s a safe bet to support Verstappen as he aims for his third Dutch Grand Prix victory.