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10 Most Generous Football Clubs in Europe



Football is a gift that keeps on giving. And quite literally.

There are almost a thousand clubs in 29 countries across Europe. 

Here are ten of the most charitable football clubs in Europe.

1) Chelsea FC Foundation (£7.5 million)

The foundation is considered the most generous in entire Europe. Part of the well-remembered programmes is the high profile partnership with Plan International, a charity helping children in need. The foundation also organised a player meetup involving 70 families with seriously ill children.

2) Charlton South of England Foundation (£5.5 million)

The foundation has several outstanding projects including “Up & At ‘Em.” It is a mental health project directed at people 65 years and above. The project has won national awards such as the Older Adult Functional Mental Health Services and the Positive Practice Older People’s Mental Health & Dementia Awards.

3) Norwich City Community Sports Foundation £4.5 million)

The most important undertaking of the foundation is the creation of “The Nest.” It is a 22-acre site which is currently under construction; it’s already on its second phase. Soon, it will become the base for programmes like “Street Life Soccer” and “Disability Player Development Centre.” These programmes are designed explicitly for vulnerable and disabled adults, respectively.

4) Manchester United Foundation (£4.3 million)

The foundation is not just providing other organisations with a platform to further their causes through their social media presence. Instead, the digital channels also allowed the foundation to create a global profile where quality programmes are based. Two of its most significant projects are “Eat Well with Machester United” and “Move with Manchester United.” The programmes target children, educating them on the importance of health and exercise.

5) Everton in the Community (£3.5 million)

Historically known as a community-focused club, Everton’s most recent campaign was called “Home Is Where the Heart Is.” The campaign focused on at-risk young people in local areas, helping them recover from atrocities.

6) Newcastle United Foundation (£3.47 million)

The foundation partners with the Great North Children’s Hospital, particularly the paediatric ward. One of its most recent events is the building LEGO model activity, conducted with the help of a LEGO artist. The children helped in creating a St. James’ Park set. 

7) Tottenham Hotspur Foundation (£3.44 million)

The foundation has a different take on sustainability through job creation for the locals. When the new stadium was unveiled, it was able to provide 3,500 new jobs. That’s in addition to 2.800 jobs in retail, education, IT, security, hospitality, and construction industries that the foundation helped to fill. Not just filling up vacancies, though, because the foundation also provided skills programmes and apprenticeships. 

8) West Ham United Foundation (£3.2 million)

Of all its programmes, the most significant to date is the Lycamobile Cup, a youth football tournament. The tournament, which is in its seventh-year run, aims to bridge the conflicts between two boroughs through sports. 

9) Brighton Albion in the Community (£3 million)

The trust most important project this year is the “Speak Up Against Cancer” initiative. It includes public awareness about life-saving information about cancers. The project was able to engage over 17,000 people. 

10) Manchester City FC City in the Community Foundation (£2.9 million)

The foundation spends mostly on supporting women’s participation in football. Its one of the pioneering programmes is called The Women and Girls Football Project. The project aims to increase girls and women’s participation in sports, increasing their levels of physical activities. 

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In this season of giving and caring, which football clubs would you want to be more active in charitable undertakings? We’ll wait for your answers.