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Championship Predictions for New Football Season 2023-24



Champioship predictions 2023-24

The upcoming 2023-24 season is poised to take football enthusiasts on an exhilarating journey through Europe’s top five leagues once again. Enthusiastic fans from around the globe are eagerly anticipating the unfolding storyline of this season. With just a few days left until the season kicks off and teams finalize their rosters, it’s time to step into the realm of Championship predictions. In our comprehensive preview, we will explore the anticipated outcomes of the English Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, and Ligue 1 championships. The stage is primed for a thrilling battle for supremacy, characterized by teams boasting star-studded lineups and innovative tactical strategies. The burning question remains: Who will emerge as the champions in these talent-laden leagues? Continue reading our Championship predictions to uncover the answers.

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Reigning champions in Europe’s top five leagues

English Premier League (Manchester City)

  • Once again, Manchester City stands as the reigning champions of the English Premier League. This achievement marks their third consecutive title and their fifth within the past seven years. Under the guidance of Pep Guardiola, Manchester City has transformed into a team of consistent victors, showing remarkable resilience and continuous growth with each passing season.
  • However, their most recent victory was no easy feat. Arsenal, led by Mikel Arteta, appeared poised to secure the EPL title until April. The hopes of the Gunners, who had not tasted championship glory since the 2003-04 season, were dashed. Manchester City surged ahead, leaving Arsenal in their wake and leaving the fans in North London with a bitter disappointment.
  • Central to City’s triumphant campaign last season was Erling Haaland, who effortlessly found the back of the net. The Norwegian striker set a new Premier League record by scoring 36 goals in the 2022-23 season, a feat that showcased his exceptional prowess. Under the tactical guidance of Pep Guardiola, Manchester City clinched the title with a total of 89 points, securing a five-point lead over second-placed Arsenal.

Spanish La Liga (Barcelona)

  • In recent times, Barcelona has faced its share of challenges, and the departure of Lionel Messi was widely seen as a critical blow. Yet, defying all expectations, the Catalans achieved the improbable by clinching the La Liga title, marking their first victory since the 2018-19 season. This remarkable feat left the football world stunned, especially considering it transpired in the inaugural season post-Messi. The Barcelona faithful received a resounding affirmation that the club remains in capable hands, sparking renewed optimism for the continuity of their storied success.
  • Securing a commanding ten-point lead, Barcelona secured the league championship with an impressive tally of 88 points. Their dominance was evident as they held the league’s top position from the 13th round onward, steadfastly avoiding any setbacks throughout the season.
  • Notably, Barcelona concluded the campaign boasting the league’s most resilient defense, conceding a mere 13 goals—an impressive 14 fewer than their closest competitor. The team also celebrated an outstanding achievement of 25 clean sheets, further underscoring their defensive prowess.

Italian Serie A (Napoli)

  • Napoli experienced a remarkable highlight in football during the previous season. In the 2022-23 Serie A campaign, Napoli achieved a momentous milestone by clinching their first league championship in thirty-three years. The atmosphere at the Dacia Arena was electric as Napoli secured the title with a draw against Udinese.
  • The hero of the hour was none other than Osimhen, the Nigerian striker who delivered the title-winning goal for Napoli. Osimhen’s impressive tally of 26 goals in 32 league matches played a pivotal role in guiding Napoli to win.
  • Napoli’s triumphant journey to the title was underscored by their commanding 90-point finish, a remarkable 16 points ahead of the second-placed Lazio. Under the guidance of Spalleti, Napoli’s dominance throughout the season etched their names into the annals of history.

German Bundesliga (Bayern Munich)

  • The German Bundesliga treated football fans to an intense battle for the title in the past season, as Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich vie for supremacy. Dortmund sought to secure their first championship since the 2011-12 season, while Bayern aimed to extend their remarkable streak to eleven consecutive titles.
  • Bayern Munich embarked on what appeared to be a daunting pursuit, trailing Dortmund by two points. To secure the championship, Bayern needed Dortmund to stumble on their home turf, while they themselves had to secure a victory in Cologne.
  • In a promising start, Bayern netted an early goal in the eighth minute. Meanwhile, Dortmund found themselves trailing by two goals at halftime, stunned by Mainz. The elation of Bayern’s fans was palpable, as their team seemed poised to retain the title, until Cologne managed to level the score in the 81st minute.
  • In a contrasting turn of events, Dortmund mounted a comeback with two second-half goals, putting them in the lead for the title. Yet, their elation was short-lived as Bayern’s Musiala struck a last-minute game-winning goal. He sent their supporters into rapturous celebration as they clinched an impressive eleventh-straight title.

French Ligue 1 (Paris Saint Germain)

  • Another closely contested battle for the league title unfolded, pitting perennial victors Paris Saint Germain against a formidable Lens team. While the title wasn’t decided on the final matchday, PSG secured their championship in matchday 37. Concluding with 85 points, PSG narrowly edged out second-placed Lens by a single point.
  • The season was rife with drama and controversies for the Parisian club, generating numerous discussions around its activities. Despite the title win, which solidified their status as the most successful team in Ligue 1 history, the season offered limited positive takeaways for PSG.

Forecasts on Champions in Europe’s Leading Football Leagues

Here are forecasts for the victors of the premier football leagues in Europe for the 2023-24 season.

English Premier League

It’s a challenge not to support the reigning champions, Manchester City, in their quest for another triumph. Manchester City, led by Erling Haaland, presents a formidable front. They are our choice for claiming the league title according to our Championship predictions.


Barcelona exhibited remarkable supremacy in the previous season, leaving no room for competitors. Real Madrid’s potential challenge hinges on their acquisition of Kylian Mbappe this summer. Without that, Barcelona is anticipated to secure consecutive league championships.

Serie A

Napoli has bid farewell to influential figures like center-back Kin Min Jae and head coach Luciano Spalleti. Their prospects for reasserting dominance in Italy have been dimmed by these key departures. This is why we’re favoring AC Milan in Serie A. With quality additions this summer, they might be poised for their second title in three seasons.


A well-prepared Bayern Munich under the guidance of Thomas Tuchel seems unstoppable in their pursuit of the title this year. Tuchel has ample time to instill his strategies in the team, and their squad has been reinforced this summer. If they manage to secure Harry Kane’s signature, a Champions League triumph might also be within sight.

Ligue 1

PSG has undergone player losses this summer, most notably Messi’s move to the MLS. Uncertainty surrounds Mbappe’s continuation with the team next season, leading to a substantial decline in their title prospects. Nevertheless, they remain a formidable force. According to our Championship predictions, their closest competitor, Lens, has suffered the departure of their star striker this summer.

As the season gradually reveals its chapters, we eagerly anticipate the unfolding drama and intense rivalries. To stay updated on all things football, be sure to keep track of HaG for the latest news and Championship predictions.