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UEFA Euro 2024 qualifying latest forecasts



UEFA Euro 2024 qualifying

We are pleased to present to you the highly anticipated preview and prognostications for UEFA Euro 2024 Qualifying round! The qualification phase is a crucial arena where countries battle it out for their coveted spot on the grand stage. The football universe eagerly anticipates the forthcoming edition of Europe’s premier international competition. This preview will delve into the teams, the fixtures, and the enthralling storylines shaping the path to Euro 2024, with Germany, the tournament’s host nation, already confirmed to set the backdrop for football theatrics. Come along with us as we guide you through matchdays five and six of the UEFA Euro 2024 qualifiers. We will furnish you with insights and forecasts on which nations are likely to sparkle at this prestigious tournament.

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Fixtures for the UEFA Euro 2024 Qualifying round

Matchday 5

On Thursday, September 7, 2023, the following matches are scheduled:

Group B

France vs Republic of Ireland

Netherlands vs Greece

Group E

Czech Republic vs Albania

Poland vs Faroe Islands

Group G

Lithuania vs Montenegro

Serbia vs Hungary

Group H

Kazakhstan vs Finland

Denmark vs San Marino

Slovenia vs Northern Ireland

On Friday, September 8, 2023, the following matches are scheduled:

Group A

Georgia vs Spain

Cyprus vs Scotland

Group D

Croatia vs Latvia

Turkey vs Armenia

Group J

Bosnia and Herzegovina vs Liechtenstein

Luxembourg vs Iceland

Slovakia vs Portugal

On Saturday, September 9, 2023, the following matches are scheduled:

Group C

Ukraine vs England

North Macedonia vs Italy

Group F

Azerbaijan vs Belgium

Estonia vs Sweden

Group I

Andorra vs Belarus

Kosovo vs Switzerland

Romania vs Israel

Matchday 6

On Sunday, September 10, 2023, the following matches are scheduled.

Group B

Greece vs Gibraltar

Republic of Ireland vs Netherlands.

Group E

The Faroe Islands vs Moldova

Albania vs Poland.

Group G

Montenegro vs Bulgaria

Lithuania vs Serbia

Group H

Kazakhstan vs Northern Ireland

Finland vs Denmark

San Marino vs Slovenia

On Monday, September 11, 2023, the following matches are scheduled.

Group D

Armenia vs Croatia

Latvia vs Wales

Group J

Iceland vs Bosnia and Herzegovina

Portugal vs Luxembourg

Slovakia vs Liechtenstein

On Tuesday, September 12, 2023, the following matches are scheduled:

Group A

Norway vs Georgia

Spain vs Cyprus

Group C

Italy vs Ukraine

Malta vs North Macedonia

Group F

Belgium vs Estonia

Sweden vs Austria

Group I

Israel vs Belarus

Romania vs Kosovo

Switzerland vs Andorra

UEFA Euro 2024 Qualifying matches preview

A preview will be provided for three significant games on matchday five of the 2024 UEFA European qualifiers.

Azerbaijan vs Belgium

  • Azerbaijan faces off against Belgium in Group F, where they currently find themselves at the bottom of the table with a draw and two losses from their previous three games. A defeat in this upcoming match could shatter their qualification hopes, making it a high-stakes encounter for the Azerbaijani team.
  • On the other hand, the Belgian team is preparing for this crucial fixture with relatively fewer obstacles. Although their star players Kevin De Bruyne and Thibaut Courtois are out of action with injuries, Belgium occupies the second position in the group standings with a chance to narrow the gap with group leaders Austria if they secure a win.

Portugal vs Slovakia

  • With 12 points, Portugal dominates Group G at the moment, having won all four of their qualifying matches. Their defense is impenetrable, while their attack has helped them score 14 goals without conceding. 
  • Despite Portugal’s dominance, Slovakia has not given up hope and remains in second place with 10 points. Their perseverance and determination have been evident in consistently impressive performances, which have highlighted their ability to capitalize on opportunities when they present themselves.

Serbia vs Hungary

  • Serbia, known for its strong football heritage, has been excellent in recent times, exhibiting its attacking might and defensive solidity. They have reached this all-important game by displaying skillful ball control, accurate passes, and a ruthless edge in front of goal. The Serbian team is focused on clinching the top spot in the group as they strive for global recognition.
  • On the opposite side, Hungary has also been impressive, flaunting a formidable team and a well-planned approach that has yielded fruitful outcomes. Their ability to consistently score goals, combined with a sturdy defensive strategy, has lifted them to the top tier of Group G. With the added benefit of a better goal difference, Hungary aims to maintain their pole position.

Anticipating the precise results of such a competition is difficult due to football’s tendency to throw unexpected curveballs. Nevertheless, we can be sure that the preliminary stage will be fiercely contested, with teams battling tooth and nail for a spot in Euro 2024. To stay updated on football news and UEFA Euro 2024 Qualifying forecasts, be sure to keep up with Half A Goal!