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WTA Stars: Taylor Townsend Excited for Her Pregnancy



Although most WTA stars have been making their slow return to most competition these days, one such tennis player won’t be joining them, and that is Taylor Townsend. The popular female tennis player announced her pregnancy last October 2020 and has been gushing over her motherhood journey ever since. 

According to Townsend, “I think that 15 years ago if you were pregnant and you had a kid, it was over. The whole dynamic has just changed and I think the sport has evolved and realised that this is part of a woman’s life. This is part of what comes with being a woman. Women get pregnant, they have kids, but it doesn’t stop what you’re doing. And it doesn’t stop the path that you want to be on.”

The WTA Star’s Rough Tennis Career

Townsend has been in the public eye for almost a decade. She had an amazing run during her junior career, which catapulted her to fame. In 2012 she won the singles title and the doubles title at the Australian Open and not to mention the doubles title at Wimbledon and the US Open. That was why she was the 2012 ITF Junior World Champion. She also finished the season at No. 1. 

With such an accomplishment at 15 years old, there were many expectations for Townsend. However, she found herself in the centre of controversy at the 2012 US Open. The USTA refused to pay for the professional tennis player’s expenses. They told her that she should stop competing until she lost weight and be in a better shape. This incident sparked a national debate about body-shaming.     

“I was actually very upset. I cried.” I was actually devastated. I mean, I worked really hard, you know.” Townsend said in an interview back in 2012.

Becoming a Mother and One of the WTA Stars

Today, Townsend, 24 and one of the rising WTA stars, holds no ill will against USTA about the body-shaming incident. But, she admits that she’s not that involved in the organisation. She brushed off the haters and officially turned pro for the 2013 season. By early 2015, she was in the top 100 singles. She struggled a few years after that, but she proved her potential during the 2019 US Open when she won over Simona Halep, a top-10 tennis player. By 2020 she opened the season with Muhammad with a doubles title at Auckland and another trophy at the Indian Wells Challenger Series tournament last March.

Townsend’s career might have had its ups and downs, but as one of the promising WTA stars, she proves to be resilient. She considers her pregnancy a blessing, and although she’ll be taking a brief pause on her career, she’ll get through it–just as she always does. The mother-to-be announced her pregnancy in a social media post in October. But, she already knew it last July during the World Team Tennis season. She was playing for Philadelphia Freedoms when she felt discomfort in her stomach. She took a pregnancy test and tested positive. 

It’s heart-warming to see the dedication that these female tennis players have, more so when motherhood is being celebrated in this sport. It’s not a hindrance to their career. 

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